Great Giveaway – WD-40 Winner

Weiners, Weiners… time for the weiners. 

Weiners of the WD-40 giveaway.  And like I said in the announcement post, the grand weiners will be awarded the Now&Then two pack of WD-40 and a baseball hat.  A hat that looks darlin on babies :) 


And the smaller weiners will be getting the No Mess pens.  It’s like a bleach pen but instead of ruining your blouse, it will degrease your squeeky doors.  and do 2000+ other things.

But I did lie.  We won’t be having two weiners for each catagory.  Nope.  Color me a big fat liar.  The truth is that we will have THREE weiners!   EXTRA WEINERS!  Everybody loves more weiners!

And now to tell ya who our SIX weiners are….and all the stuff they loved in a can.

our grand prize weiners are:


Jen N.  loves Dr. P….definitely.

Melissa who loves spray paint…no contest.

Elaine digs reddi whip and pillsbury croissants.  I am with you on that sistah.

and our no-mess pen weiners are:

My girl Cait loves her some Coca Cola Classic and then opens a can of SPF 45.   

Isabell can’t get enough Coke, corn, spraypaint and brown beans.  Interesting combo. 

And last but not least is Kylee who likes to be lubed up with Diet Coke. 

Be on the lookout for an email from me folks.  And yes, ten thousand points if you can tell me how many times I said ‘weiners’ without scrolling back to look :)  And a special thanks to the fine folks at WD-40 who made this giveaway possible.



  1. Randa says

    Hi Katie! I too love Anne Shirley & Diana Barry (slight technicality that only Anne-a-holics would know: Diana’s last name is actually spelled with an “a” and not an “e”)… that reference made me smile as well :)

  2. Jenny says

    Sooo I totally laughed when I checked your blog tonight and saw the cute Anne Shirley comment, I am such a nerd but Anne of Green Gables literally arrived in my mailbox today from Netflix ~ what can I say, my sweet hubby is deployed and I need some feel good movies! And I have the next few movies in the series lined up next! :) Thanks for making me smile bosom buddy Katie!

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