Lola Lola Mi Mola

Lola is basically the Angelina Jolie of Will’s baby friends.  Seriously…check out those lips.  Like twin sized pillow-topped mattresses!

I feel for her father…I really do.  Basically this little beauty is destined to have boys chasing her her entire life.  Jeff will probably be cleaning that shotgun around the clock.

Jeff is Lola’s dear old dad – and long time BFF to Jeremy.  They go way back.  Like one time they bleached their hair together….that far back.   Stop laughing – lemon juice highlights were hot.  for like a minute.

All that to say – let’s have a chat about the grand subject of photography today.  Lola – aka our baby model – will demonstrate to us normal non-walking baby activity…while I tell you some tips on how to capture said-non-walking-baby in action.

Tip #1 – Capture some details

I love baby clothing.  I love the accessories.  Especially the girl stuff.  I could seriously drop a cool grand in Baby Gap for girl’s clothing and I DON’T HAVE A GIRL.  It’s a problem – I’m getting help.  But the point is – baby clothing, although miniature in size and unavailable in a women’s size 8, has great details and texture and COLOR!  Capture some of your fav little person’s clothing or accessories to compliment the big picture shots.  (Having detail shots is great when you are making scrapbooks or online photo books!)  

Tip #2 – Don’t Put a Gargantuan Flower on Your Tiny Babies Head

Seriously guys…seriously.  That fake flower not only looks ridiculously fake but it is so huge, it eats babies for breakfast.  Switch it out for something a little less Land of the Lost.  Accessories – especially girl ones should compliment your kid – not swallow the kid’s head whole.  There are few exceptions to this rule…but in general, get majority of your pictures minus the hair-bow-on-steriods.

Tip #3 – Switch Sides

This may sound like a duh-tip…but it is amazing how sometimes you need a photo of the baby facing the other direction for your gallery wall and you don’t have it.  Plus – some tots actually have different looks when you shoot them on a different side – take this cute one for example:

And then I switched sides.  Not only did her hairline change for the photo but since I had to move my body, I raised up a little bit and got a fun new downward angle vs being straight across on her level.  It’s amazing how changing you can can change them!

Tip #4 – Don’t be afraid of the crop.

I usually don’t crop – I take the photos the way I want them (at least I try to).  But sometimes I have a great photo of a babies eyes or lips or feet or whatever – and I can bring more attention to that item by cropping.  Try it sometime.  It can take a so-so photo and make it great for rounding out the package of photos. 

Tip #5 – Feature the Features

If tip numero uno was capture the details of what they are wearing – this tip is about capturing the details of WHO THEY ARE.  Eyelashes, leg rolls, the way the baby sticks out their tongue or scrunches up their nose – this is what you are shooting for.  Everybody loves the sweet smiling shot with the perfect lighting – but the the personality shots are what you will want to remember.

Tip #6 – Up, Up and Away

I get emails all the time on how to get those big sparkly eyes.  It’s simple really – have the light source to your back and get their attention up above your head and away – like with a ball thrown up over your head or have mom & dad dance behind you.  Now is the time for parents to get their aerobic exercise in.   

Tip #7 – Let the child be a child

Demanding that children be perfect during a photography session is obsurd.  It’s like demanding a turtle to come out of his shell.  It’s just not gonna happen.  So bring out the balls and the candies and let them get a smidge of dirt on their clothes…cause when it’s all said and done – perfect photos are overrated.  Take this one for example – it makes me laugh because it looks like Lola is at a concert.  Cheering on Bon Jovi…or in her case, The Wiggles.

So there you have it – seven more tips that can help you mommas capture your little people! 

And special thanks to my little model – Lola.  I can’t get enough of that little sweet muffin.  And apparently neither can Will….




  1. says

    I am sad to see that there are so many women who hate the giant flower headband. I love love love it! I realize that it is a trend and that she may look back at the photos and hate them but that is the beauty of the few precious years that we have of being in control of their look! Anyway, now I am wondering how many girls are lying to me when they tell me that they love those photos…

    • says

      Remember Jill – it looks different in person than it does in a photo…soo your little gal might look a-ok in real life but photos capture things differently. I’m just glad to hear that there are so many folks on both sides of this thing – I love me a good debate :)
      xo – kb

  2. Megan M says

    Great photo tips! I actually used them this weekend while by boys were having a great time sliding down the slip-n-slide! I was proud of how much better my photos looked then my husband’s! Depending on the babysitter, teenage neighborhood girl-vs-teacher from the daycare center, $7-10/hour.

  3. Megan M says

    Great photo tips! I actually used them this weekend while my boys were having a great time sliding down the slip-n-slide! I was proud of how much better my photos looked then my husband’s! Depending on the babysitter, teenage neighborhood girl-vs-teacher from the daycare center, $7-10/hour.

  4. Amanda C. says

    I think that Will is just into Lola right now because she has hair and pretty Clara is still trying to grow hers! He will come back to his senses soon enough ;)

  5. says

    MY EYES!!!!!! AAAAAAAGH MY EYES!! And I thought your baby’s saggy diapey pix were darling. It’s wrong to eat babies right?? But I swear that little girl is not really a baby but is really a sweet little confection or plum bun of some sort.

    Oh you can add me to the NO BOWS. No bows ladies. Please no bows.

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