Hoppy Birthday

I think every mother wants to give their kids the biggest birthday party every year.  I know I do.  I would love for the entire world to celebrate Will…to open their arms to him, embrace everything he is, and be overjoyed at the fact that he exists.  And at the forefront of the celebration brigade, I would hold the baton – leading the way…shouting praises for such a wonderful gift…with tears of joy falling down my cheeks over the fact that I get to be a part of his life.  It’s a mother’s way.  and in my book, that’s called love.

All that to say, when Jeremy and I decided that this year’s birthday party for Will would be a small family gathering, I was kinda disappointed.  I blame the gift-giver in me.  I want to give him huge expensive Diddy style parties every year…but this time, it was a good reminder that sometimes bigger just means bigger…and that better means being present and giving him the best that I can….which in this case was surrounding him with people he absolutely knows and loves…

forgive me for all that mom-vomit…

with much excitement, here is Will’s 2nd very Hoppy Birthday party…

With his birthday falling on Easter this year, we decided to run with the springtime Eastery theme with a Saturday afternoon lunch.

I like how Will’s cake topper looks like a bunny crossing a finish line while holding up a 2 with his ears :)

As for food, we went with simple finger foods…turkey & ham pinwheels, veggies & dip (a bunnies favorite), sliders, and fresh fruit.  Oh and yes, those are peeps on skewers.    I also splurged on fancy soda’s – Stewart’s makes one mean Orange n Cream :)

The decorations were super simple – a couple yards of $2 a yard discount fabric with some cheap balloons and some chalk eggs (they were a gift from Will’s baby girlfriend – Clara.  I can always count on Sherry for decor help!)…

I also included a little white ceramic bunny that was in my Easter decor box, a photo of the main man (he was 4 days old there! Awww!) and a little dish of candies…because let’s face it, I wanted this party to be sweet.

Sorry – I have cheese flowing through my veins.

Oh and I made one of those egg garlands from old paint chips (mine were old Color Place swatches I had in my giant stash) and I just cut three eggs per strip and strung them together using yarn.  It was tedious but I figure I can use it for years to come.

Here is the birthday boy showing how old he is.  That’s how he does ‘two’….with ice slobber on his shirt…the number four requires him to take off his shoes :)

We ate outside under the deck on the patio.  It was absolutely perfect weather.

Also – I love this photo of my dad.  This is how he looks when he is content.  I’ve seen him stressed for many years (it’s part of being a small business owner and having a daughter like me)…so it’s nice to see him looking like he’s breathing :)

I always forget to take candid photos – but I love this one.  My mom in true Italian fashion talking with her hands…my sister laughing with food in her mouth…empty plates and full hearts.

After eating, I had arranged an Easter egg hunt for Will & Cole.  I color coded the eggs so that it would be more challenging for Cole.  And all the eggs had a little slip of paper inside so that they could redeem their number for a certain prize – coins, candy, or toys.

We were all shouting ‘over here’ and ‘look this way’ and ‘I see one!’ – it was hilarious and chaotic and fun.

Will had a serious look on his face the entire time…it was business time picking up these eggs.


After the eggs were redeemed and the money was counted and the grown-ups were exhausted from doing nothing, we headed down for some carrot cake action (it is a bunny-easter-themed party afterall – carrot cake is a must!).

I replaced the center peep with a candle…I also threw in a bunch more candles – because let’s face it – when you are two, blowing is REALLY fun.

Will enjoying ice cream and cake with his new matchbox cars.

Not to toot my own horn…but the cake didn’t stink.  I made it from a couple box mixes and just used cream cheese icing…and from a notorious ‘Burner’ – me and Betty Crocker did a mighty fine job.

After the hunt, the boys played with their cars and the bigger boys played basketball.


I did manage to snap a decent family photo….

Oh and then we opened presents.  Will got so many cars that I think I should start calling him Jay Leno.

Oh and because this is sortof birthdayish themed – let’s not underestimate the power of balloons…even half deflated ones.

They are probably more fun than any ‘real present’…same applies to boxes, packing peanuts, kitchen utensils, toilet paper and anything that comes in an aerosol can.

Happy Birthday Will.  And I promise that every single day I am that crazy lady marching out front pumping my baton in the air, proud to call you my son.  If you are thirteen and reading this – well, I’m sorry that I love you to a slow death of embarrassment :)  You are better than bacon my honey.  And your daddy and I love you.  We love you, we love you, we love you.



  1. Kristy says

    Did you come up with the egg garland idea? Because I have seen it on Pinterest from a couple different blogs. If you didn’t it would probably be appropriate to share your inspiration. I know it isn’t exactly a fine art, but I think it is important to respect people’s creative ideas and credit them. And if you did come up with it, that is awesome. Nice that you can reuse it from year to year too.

    • says

      I didn’t – I’m sure I saw it somewhere. I just don’t remember – probably pinterest. It was just in the recesses of my brain.
      xo – kb

  2. falynn gielish says

    Wow we had babies on the same day. Never realized that before. I read your blog while I was pregnant! Happy Birthday Will!

  3. says

    On Will’s actual birthday, it was feliz aniversário! from Portugal; today it’s ¡feliz cumpleaños! from Spain.

    What a beautiful party! Quinland, who is 13, grabbed the laptop from me right in the middle of the post and started ooh-ing and aah-ing and narrating the whole thing. She loves you, btw.

    Will is absolutely adorable; you are as cute as can be with your natural wavy hair; the peeps and the paint-chip eggs are my favorite decorations; and is that a fiancée we see in the family photos?

  4. K athy says

    Where is one of my fav bloggers this week? Hardly any posts. :(
    Hope you are out having fun celebrating with the little birthday boy.

    • says

      Sorry – just going through lots of transitions right now and working on some bigger projects…
      I’ll be back soon! I promise!
      xo – kb

  5. KB says

    My b-day is in early April and I’ll never forget the day it landed on Easter – I got a bunch of Barbies AND candy. It was wonderful.

    Anyhoo – the real thing I wanted to comment on is that those paint chip eggs are brilliant! Hope the day was great; looks like it was!

  6. Sarah L says

    love all the colors in this post-from the food table to your outfit!
    but mostly wondering what color gray that is on the wall? love it!

  7. says

    we have things in common….
    1. little boy who just had a second birthday…..3/12
    2. baby due in november…..11/8
    3. being Christian mommies……

    yay….found you through yhl.

  8. Karen R says

    I LOVE that you used skewer sticks on the cake. Me and my hubby have determined that there are about a million uses for skewer sticks (especially for home improvement projects) and I can’t wait to tell him about this one! We are up to about 46,355 and counting! Happy (belated) Birthday Will!

  9. Sara says

    What an adorable birthday party! I am the same way about parties and gifts, I love them all and want to give big gifts and do a party up :) I don’t have kids yet though, I save ideas all the time for when I can throw a party for my munchkin..this one is going in my files.

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