We are so happy to share with you our newest gift….

Weston Knox Bower was born November 18th, 2012 at 11:22pm.  He weighed 10 pounds 3 ounces and was 22 inches long. 

We can not even begin to express to you how blessed we feel.  We are all so in love with every inch of him. 

A huge thank you to everyone who shared with us the long journey.  We never dreamed how complete we would feel with Weston in our family.  It’s purely amazing!  And to everyone who encouraged us throughout the process of bringing Weston into this world…. thank you, thank you, thank you.  We read each heartfelt word aloud in the hospital from your comments on Instagram, email, Facebook and this blog.  It brought us so much joy knowing we had an entire planet praying for a safe delivery and healthy baby.  We love you guys.



  1. Julie says

    Handsome boy (just like the other 2 in your life). It was so great to follow along on Instagram; I stayed up until 1 am waiting to hear that you and the baby were okay. Rest and enjoy Weston and family!

  2. Joy says

    I read your blog religiously and for whatever reason never comment. I couldn’t resist this one….Adorable!!!!!!!!! SO happy for you guys.

  3. Elizabeth says

    So excited for your family, Katie! I know how wanted Weston was and I wish you all the best as you start back on your journey as a family of four. Oh, and congrats on the VBAC!

  4. Sarah says

    Congratulations on another beautiful baby boy, and a successful vbac!! I just had my third boy 8 weeks ago, and he was my 2nd successful vbac. I am such an advocate for vbacs! You did amazing!!

  5. Amber says

    Beautiful boy!! Thanks for keeping your blog family updated and for being a VBAC inspiration! Much love to you and your family.

  6. Genevieve says

    YAY!!!!! Oh happy news, Katie! He is gorgeous. You have been in so many of our prayers as you waited to bring him into the world. Beautiful. :)

  7. Melissa says

    Your site was taking forever to load, so I knew you had the baby even before it popped up! Everyone must want to see pics of beautiful baby Weston! Congratulations!

  8. says

    Congrats on your lil scorpio / dragon boy ! He’s dreamy!

    “Scorpio-Dragons are ambitious, charming, strong-minded and energetic.

    They are sentimental, but prefer to conceal emotions in public.

    They are an individualist and very imaginative.

    Passionate, tenacious, independent, loving, and strong are few of the many words that describe Scorpio-Dragons, but powerful is the one most used…”

  9. Margaret says

    Congratulations Bowers!!! He is so adorable. So glad everything went smoothly, I was checking your instagram like whoa last night in sweaty palmed anticipation!

  10. Kim A says

    Congratulations to the Bower family. I was visiting relatives since Friday (no AT&T cell service there), so I did not find out until Monday night about your new addition. Very glad to hear that both mom and baby are doing fine.

  11. says

    CONGRATULATIONS BOWER FAMILY!!!! So happy you had a safe delivery and a healthy mommy & baby boy! I just LOVE his name!!! Hope you all settle in at home & enjoy all those precious first moments with your new little one! Can’t wait to see more pics. :-)

  12. Ingrid A says

    Congratulations! Such wonderful news, I’m so happy for you. Weston Knox is the most beautiful name. Enjoy this very special time!

  13. Shelby Cash says

    Congratulations Katie, Jeremy & Will! Weston is a handsome 10 lb blessing. I enjoyed following his journey into the world, so special!

  14. Meg says

    Congratulations! He’s absolutely beautiful. :)

    (And congratulations to Will on becoming a big brother! My older son became a big brother this May, at 20 months old, and he says having a baby brother is the best. His latest thing is to get the digital camera and take pictures of his brother, going “Baby? Baby!”)

  15. says

    Congratulations! He is beautiful and it brings tears to my eyes remembering the births of my two boys. I remember thinking I couldn’t possibly love a second child as much as the first and then he was born and it happened! So happy for you and your sweet family!

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