LOVEly Wreath & Linky Party

Happy Valentines Day!

I am such a closet freak about valentines day…I love me some cupid.  C’mon.  Who wouldn’t freak out over a holiday completely dedicated to giving and receiving chocolate, flowers and sentiments of your love?!  It’s practically an entire day dedicated to estrogen.  And that is something my house needs more of.  badly.  So with that said, let’s first spread a little passion…a la Hey Girl.

Most of you have seen the Ryan Gosling photos on Pinterest that boast the ‘perfect male sentiments’….and then folks started converting them to their hubsters….well, I made this one a couple weeks ago for a friend (you might be able to guess who) with the little handsome man in our household for his baby girlfriend and I thought I’d finally share it….

That dimple is gonna be trouble I tell ya.  Big.  Trouble.


Okay – now back to my craftiness.  I needed a Valentines wreath.  Needed like a sinus infection needs a Neti Pot.  So I grabbed some stuff laying around the house to get my craft on because nothing says love like a free wreath….amen….

I had some yarn from my photoshoot with Weston.  I used one entire ball.

I also took the pool noodle from Will’s toddler bed.  We had it tucked under the fitted sheet while he was learning to sleep without the rail.  Thanks to you guys for that tip!  But since he is pretty good now without it, I snagged it for my wreath form.

I also used a bunch of Frog Tape and an X-acto knife.  I love the fact that two of the main ingredients for this wreath were from two of my loves :)  Destiny.  and Serendipity.  and Beyonce.  (that just seemed to fit so I threw it in there. nevermind.)

The first thing you wanna do is cut out a v-shaped chunk outta the middle of the pool noodle.

Then you can fold it in half to make a…drumrolllllll…..heart.  Boom.  or should I say Thump.

Mark where the sides are gonna meet in the middle and cut each end at an angle so that they meet up nicely.

Now that you have the heart shape, it’s time to tape it all together in place.  Then just wrap in yarn and decorate it with whatever you want.

I went with red and white and pink fabric flowers.  They take about thirty seconds to make and I pin them directly into the noodle.  Uber-simple.

I actually have added more flowers since this photo was taken.  You can’t blame me for getting flower happy.  This kind won’t even die.  And even love ferns die sometimes.  I like the fact that this looks like the heart is wearing a corsage.

It’s now hanging in my kitchen and Will now attempts to make heart shapes with his hands.  He’s gonna be a little Beiber.  Or maybe that is just my motherly eyes :)

I’d love to see what you made for Valentines day!  Did you do something crafty?  Make homemade valentines cards?  Or a homemade gift?  Something with loads of pink?!  I’d love if you shared it with me and the other fans!  Just follow the instructions below to join the fun….

Here are the instructions if you are a linky-party newbie…

  • click on the blue “Add Your Link” button at the bottom of this post – it has a blue frog head on it
  • add a link to your Lovely Craft project blog post in the url field (please do not link to your home page but the specific post page)
  • for “name” write a short descriptive name for your project (e.g. “Valentine Wood Art”)
  • if you would like to put the Lovely Crafts button on the bottom of your post, I’d love to see it there….basically it would be a Valentines present to me.  from you.  celebrating our love.
  • If you’d rather just link over to your craft in the comment section, feel free to do that – or even add a link to a free photo sharing site like Flickr with your pics if you don’t have a blog (remember to set the gallery to public so we can all see it).

Now let’s get to the party!  MUCH LOVE….and maybe a little kissing :)

p.s. This is a sponsored post brought to you by FrogTape for Bower Power’s Frog Tape Fridays. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.



  1. says

    I love the Ryan Gosling inspired sentiment with Will! Have you seen R.G. in Drive? Such a great movie. Love your wreath and those cute little flowers. I wish I knew about that pool noodle trick when my kids were little. Thanks for hosting, Katie!

  2. says

    Love your heart wreath! Hope you guys have a sweet day! PS – what a great tip about the pool noodle as a transition for a rail – I will definitely be using that.

  3. R says

    Can you tell us how you made the flowers for the wreath. I would love to make some like that to use for bows in my babies hair!

  4. says

    Adorable heart! Love the way you incorporated the gray into it.
    Thanks for hosting the party!

    Happy Valentine’s Day to the Bower clan :)


  5. Kim says

    I would love to see information on how to make those fabric flowers!! I have been trying to figure them out and just can’t seem to…

  6. says

    We use the title Tinkle King in our house quite often. I’m not sure my husband knows where it comes from. :)

    I checked on the blog as soon as I got up and was shocked and excited to see so many links already up! Then I remembered that I’m on the west coast and the day has already started for most of you. I feel like such a lazybones!

  7. Angela Kintner says

    LOVE the heart wreath!!!
    If you have a moment or two (does that ever happen?) I’d love a tutorial on the flowers. cute. cute. cute.

    And Will and Weston = cute x2

    Have a great day!

  8. Jamie says

    This is totally random but it makes me laugh… I live in Knoxville but love me some ‘Noog. The first time we visited we went to Clumpie’s and ate our little hearts out. Weeks later we were reminiscing about the ice cream but couldn’t remember the name so we started calling it Scoopie’s (close, right?). It’s been Scoopie’s in our minds ever since. Totally stupid but it makes me chuckle. Go VOLS!

  9. says

    I LOVE your wreath! I actually purchased supplies yesterday to make my own wreath (gray yarn as well – yay!), but didn’t quite get to it. My Ombre cake disaster took 5 hours too many! I planned on making flowers out of felt – but your fabric ones are even cuter (is that a word?). Would you mind sharing how you made the flowers? Thanks!

    And thanks for setting up the Love Fest party!

  10. Jane says

    omigosh that wreath is so adorable!!

    Katie , I have a question – Did you ever start rice cereal with will between 4-6 months ? Or was he just breastfed until 6? Did you buy any baby food at all like the pureed fruits etc. My boy is about to be 4 months and I am just interested in listening to lot of opinions…Since I work full time I dont know if I will be able to go 6 months with just Breast milk..

    • says

      If I remember correctly I believe I breastfeed until 6 months and then introduced about 2 new foods each month starting with rice cereal and some pureed. Will mostly ate what we ate…so if we ate sweet potatoes, he had them – same with all those other beginner foods.
      xo – kb

    • says

      Hi Jane,

      I know you were asking Katie and not me, but if you want multiple experiences…

      I have a full time job and had to come back to work when my son was 5 months old (such a luxury to have so much time). We stared our little guy on rice cereal at 4 months and, like Katie, would add a new food every 2 weeks or so. We added them more frequently as he got older, but 2 new foods a month is pretty good to begin with.

      When he started daycare, he was still having all breastmilk at daycare and then one meal of solids at home. After about a month, we slowly started sending some purees to daycare with him, basically paying attention to his cues and talking with his teachers who were really great about telling us when he was wanting more solids.

      I managed to keep nursing at home and pumping at work until he was a year old, but they have a mother’s lounge where I work, which makes it so much easier. Even so, my milk supply went down dramatically when I got back to work since my pump just wasn’t as effective as having my little guy nurse. I don’t think I’d have been able to keep him happy with just breastmilk after that since my milk production was never all that great to begin with (you might do better if you have a really great supply). Being able to send solids to school with him definitely helped!

      Good luck!

  11. Stacey says

    Love the wreath!! How did you make the flowers?

    Also..any chance for possibly a March 1st Pinterest Challenge? A spring fever one if you will…

  12. says

    Love your ‘Hey Girl’ of Will! I am SO on the ‘Hey Girl’ bandwagon. I linked up to the ‘Hey Girl’ party that Kelly is throwing over on her View Along the Way blog! You should check it out : )

  13. Sabrina says

    Love the pic of Will. He looks just like my son. Right down to the dimples. Handsome boys are going to be trouble! My guy has em on his tooshie also! I am going to be telling all his dates that haha

  14. Mary S. says

    Um, so I tried to make a yarn wreath for Christmas and it was a disaster and took me like 3 weeks to wrap it obsessively so that the styrafoam underneath didn’t show. How did you wrap the yarn so that it looks so good? I am a rookie crafter so maybe I just don’t know….

  15. says

    Love the way that pretty wreath looks in your grey kitchen- and YES! Must know how to do those pretty flowers. On a side note, I’m so happy to have the idea for the pool noodle in the kids bed! Woot!

  16. says

    Love it! What an awesome, inexpensive idea! I’m always asking myself why the hell couldn’t I have though of that?! Pass your crafty genes this way, please!!

    Will sure is going to be one little heartbreak ;) Are you prepared for this? Haha!

    Hope you had a fabulous Valentine’s Day!!

  17. says

    He’s a lady killer that’s for sure. Did you know last summer there was a pool noodle link party too? Yup, I made a noodle wreath for it, yours would of fit right in!


  18. says

    What an adorable wreath! I recently used a pool noodle as a wreath form, but I never thought to make it any shape other than round–SMART! Thanks for sharing your project and allowing us to share as well. Happy Valentine’s Day!

    ~Abby =)
    #194, 10 Days of Love

  19. NancyY says

    What a cute and simple way to up-cycle that pool noodle! Unrelated, but I’d love to hear about the exercise plan you referenced a few weeks ago. I’m feeling highly unmotivated to change my slovenly ways and would love to hear if/how you’ve managed to do the impossible and put together and implemented a plan. AND, that kid has some serious star power!

    • says

      Right now I have a very complicated plan…it’s just do some sort of exercise for thirty minutes every other day. Every two weeks I plan on increasing that ten more minutes till I’m doing an hour 5x a week :)
      xo – kb

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