The number of random nooks in this house is unreal.  If you added them all up, we probably have enough square footage for a new bedroom…or enough space to build small beds in drawers and tuck in numerous Japanese friends.  Name that show :)

The living room ‘nooks’ are shmancy with arched tops and flanking french doors that lead into the ‘reading room’ aka ‘the room that reading doesn’t happen in’ aka ‘the room that makes me wonder who the heck has time to read?!?’.   My mom suggested filling them with large tall plants.  I reminded her that my black thumbs have trouble with any sized plants.

The previous owners had pictures hanging in there…I did some stalking and have seen only one photo of this house with the previous owners stuff in it.  It was just a sliver of this room.  They had very different taste than me and there was a statue.  A large one.  Cherubs were involved.  So during the christmas break, I put Jeremy to work on making me some shelves.  The first thing we did was decide to have three shelves in each nook and we measured the space.

We had some leftover plywood from Will’s toybox project that was just sitting in our basement so my darling boyfriend cut it to the right length and then measured it to make the braces that would hold the shelves up.

Using the table saw, he ripped each brace that would be attached directly to the wall.

One dozen braces.

I was absent at the time of the “first attachment” as I was nursing my little golden child.  Note to all fans of Will…we call Weston the golden child because he literally looked ‘golden’ as a newborn and has blonder hair and is the spitting image of Jer (who was called “the golden child” by his highschool friends)….it has nothing to do with loving him more.  I would call him ‘my little favorite child’ if that were the case…that title is still up for grabs :)

Anyhoo…Jer attached the first set of braces and they were too low for my liking…so we just eyeballed that first shelf and then used that measurement to determine the rest.

So we drew a line where we wanted the brace to be and then used a level to make sure it was balanced.

Jeremy had started the screws in the brace before holding it up because then he could use the drill easier and faster and make sure it stayed properly aligned.

Then he drilled directly through the braces into the studs.

We cut a big board to be our measuring stick between braces.  Once one brace was attached, Jer put the measuring board right on top of the brace and then sandwiched it with another brace.  It saved a lot of time in measuring.

And here it is all attached to the wall.  We needed to countersink the screws a little because we would be spackling right over the heads.

The shelves just sit on top.  One then two then three…

Now it was time to hide the braces.   We picked up some standard cheap trim at Lowes – I think we bought two 6 foot lengths…and that was our only purchase for this project.  High five up top.

Using the little finish nailer and the air compressor, we (term used loosely) attached the fronts of the trim to the shelf.

See how under the shelf the brace is being hidden by the front trim?  It is just cleaner looking and makes the shelf look chunkier…which unlike thighs is a good thing.

Now here she blows…a nook turned shelving area.

At this point, I could already tell that I was LOVING it.  I always hated those wide open nooks and now I love the fact that we have built ins.

Next up…filling in all the holes, sanding and painting.

Honestly this was one of those jobs that I am sad that we didn’t do sooner.  The shelving itself took one night…including the trip to the home improvement store to get the trim.  And I can’t wait to show you the end result…literally it looks like night and day difference.  like shiny and shabby difference.  like hairless and my legs difference.  like lima beans and a double helping of ice cream with almond slivers and whipped topping and chocolate syrup difference.  Who else is now craving something sweet?  Raise your hand.



  1. Angela says

    I just recently discovered your blog & had to comment to tell you how much I love it & your writing style! You crack me up with your commentary! Oh & btw…as a mom of 3 (ages 14, 13 & a 9-sometimes-going-on-30 year old!) the title of “my favorite child” will get passed around pretty much constantly! ;)

  2. Lisa E says

    Looks really pretty and like the others, can’t wait to see the completed project. I know you have along list and was just wondering, what is your expected time line for painting the walls? I have a long list and am not always so motivated. I would be horrible at this blog business for that reason. You do a great job!

  3. ErinY says

    My brother and I are in our twenties and we still compete for favorite child. Openly I might add. My mom tries to avoid it by saying I’m her favorite daughter and my brother is her favorite son. But worry not, the title will be mine some day!! lol

  4. Sarah says

    They look so great already, I can’t wait to see how they look once they’re painted and styled! However, because of this post I have had “I did it all for the nookie” stuck in my head for 2 days!!!

  5. R says

    Shelves look great! I wish I had even some spaces like that in my house. Birth story part 3 any time soon? I’m kind of anxious to hear how it all went down.

  6. says

    Oh I love this! Nooks like this always stump me glad you have us all an awesome way to get rid if them! Can’t wait to see it finished so I can pin it for my future home inspiration!

  7. Arthi says

    Do i see a christmas tree at the back??? Hi- five… ive not got ‘em down too! :)
    I do like the storage…the shelves provide!! x

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