A Few June Pics

I’ve been working hard to be on top of 2013’s family yearbook.  For some reason (ahem20,000,000,000photos) I always get behind.  So this year, I have been making the attempt to do each month at completion.  Needless to say, I stink at it.  Like a middle school boy in a trailer after gym kinda reek.

I was wrapping up some June pics and found some favorites that I wanted to share with my in-laws (hey guys!  hope you are drying out!)…so this post is gonna be like Channing Tatum…not a whole lotta words but some of you may like to look :)


A happy little adventure in the woods.  We found a ton of mushrooms.  According to Will, if you smoosh them, you get your wish.  And we saw a huge pile of bricks that was ‘a house that a giant blew down’ and Weston discovered the joys of eating a biscuit…and a few small leaves….and a bug.   I figure he’s ready for Survivorman 2033.



  1. says

    So sweet! We are expecting our first little boy in August and I show my husband pictures of your boys and daydream that our guy will be half as precious!! A beautiful family!

  2. Lisa says

    Love the pictures! Both of your boys are adorable…but I especially am loving the pics of Weston. He’s just too darn cute and I can’t believe how big he is and looks.

    I read your blog pretty regularly and I don’t think you’ve mentioned it but I could be wrong – what is life like with two babes?!? I have an almost 15 month old right now. Not ready for another one yet but people are always asking us when we’re going to have another one!

    Also, what website do you use to make and print your photo books?

    • says

      Two babes is amazing! So much better than I could have ever dreamt. It’s awesome. And I love that Will loves Weston (and vice versa) to the moon and back. Will always says that Weston is his ‘fwend’ and his ‘bruddah’ which basically means I am a mushy mess most of the time :)
      xo – kb
      ps. I use My Publisher

  3. Rebecca says

    Love the comment about Channing Tatum. It’s pretty true for me — he’s pretty to look at but not the greatest actor. Cute pics if the family by the way!

  4. Stephanie M. says

    Such a beautiful and precious family you have. Both your boys just melt my heart with their cuteness! You are blessed. :)

  5. says

    Katie thank you for letting us share watching your boys grow up. They are both adorable and their pictures always brighten my day. I don’t blog, but follow several for the inspiration and information. Your blog has the added benefit of your wonderful sense of humor and the great pictures!

    Keep up the good work and I hope you much success.
    -Maria B.

  6. Teresa says

    I love your blog and your sense of humor cracks me up, especially this post. I teach middle school in a trailer!! OMG how could you be so insightful. I didn’t know anyone could imagine the aroma of middle school students sitting in a trailer after PE, except a middle school teacher. Thanks for making me laugh.

  7. Sabrina says

    Weston looks like a Precious Moment in that up close diaper only pic. So cute! Should I send you my daughters dowry now? lol

  8. says

    does it take 20 billion tries to get a picture like the log one??? I can’t believe the perfect faces you get on two little boys!

  9. Jen says

    I love reading your blog and your boys are adorable, like seriously they should be in commercials. I just wanted to mention the pretty purple flowers. Those are musk thistle which is a noxious weed. I live on a cattle ranch in Kansas and take my word for it that you want to dig up those puppies and burn them. Once they get started in an area they will take over. I spend over a month every year out in the pastures spraying and digging them so when I saw your picture I just wanted to cry a little.

  10. Meghan says

    I’ve been stalking your blog for-evah and I have to tell you, I scrolled through the pics and I seriously went back and re-scrolled at least 3 times until I figured out that “the boy in the blue shirt” was Wil! He looks so grown up!!

  11. Michelle says

    Does Weston have auburn hair also? They are both SO cute. I have two auburn-haired, brown-eyed babies, too. Where does the red hair come from in your family?

  12. Tracey says

    I don’t think it’s very nice to call someone who you don’t even know dumb in an effort to be witty or cute or whatever that was.

  13. Zoua says

    You might already know, but thought I’d put it out there anyway. Snapfish is having a photo book sale. Buy 1 get 2 free! Code: BDAYBOOKS, expires 7/21/13. It was actually supposed to end today, but was extended.

  14. Jessica Moroney says

    You need to get on the other side of that camera with those boys Mum!! Or should I write ‘Mom’?! Hello Aussie alert! haha! But seriously, time for a family photo shoot :)

  15. Emily B. says

    Your boys are very sweet! Does Weston have a reddish tint to his hair? My boys are the same age and my youngest surprised me with his red hair. Well…it shouldn’t be a surprise since I’m a redhead too unlike any of my family members!

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