Boy favorites – Crazy 8 & Carter’s

I know.  I know.  Some of y’all are shaking your head in frustration because I am still posting about little boys clothing.


I like it.  I like window shopping.  Especially when it involves my three favorite things in the world….W1, W2, and Visa.  So just back off.  I don’t judge you for hours of online perusing of the perfect sexy Halloween costume and your extensive research to add to your nipple ring collection and your countless pinning of exercise motivational photos and pictures of people’s manicures.  Yes Pappap, I am talking to you :)

Like I said before…this post is for my fellow boy-baby-mama’s who are yearning for their little gents to wear something other than “Mama’s Dino-mite!” with a huge picture of a T-rex.  This time these threads are found at Crazy 8 (which I just recently discovered) and Carter’s…which I generally abhor.  But thank you baby Jesus, they are finally coming out with stuff worth buying.

*oh and it goes without saying that these are not sponsored posts.  They don’t know me.  I don’t know them.  I just like my boys to be photo-ready…because let’s face it, I am kinda obsessed with cataloging their every move.     

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OMG – that is a raccoon doing karate.  Or Tai Kwan Coon.  and that cheeky robot guitarist?  so cute.  Thank god they didn’t ruin it with a word bubble that says “HEAVY METAL” (get it?!) or “My brother pushes my buttons”.

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We own the Boy Genius shirt.  Funny thing is, Will already had that tattooed on his chest.  Guess this is perfect for when it gets cold :)

p.s.  Apparently online they sold out of the Boy Genius shirt…still available in stores though!



  1. Ruthie says

    Awwww, so adorable!! Next post idea- What about specifics outfits that would be great for pictures? Like 1st Birthday pics? Or sibling coordinating outfits without being too matchy matchy?
    So, is numero 3 going to be boy or girl? What’s your maternal instinct?

    • says

      I’m guessing girl…Jer guessed boy. We will wait and see!
      as for photos for pictures…go with texture and no words on the shirts! look to make a cute color scheme with corresponding colors…and look to mix up patterns!
      xo – kb

  2. Traci says

    You tell ‘em Katie! I happen to be a mama of 1.5 boys (the newested one due in December) and I like these posts. It’s hard to find something cute for the little guys on the 1 single rack of boys clothes found at just about any store…so I appreciate new ideas for places to shop.

  3. Lori says

    I don’t mind your boys clothes posts. Even though my boy is 30 years old!

    But inquiring minds want to know….how are you feeling with your pregnancy? Are you going to find out boy or girl or be surprised?

  4. Liz H says

    I, for one, love these posts. After having a girl to clothe for 5 years, and then having a boy last fall, I have found that cute girl clothes are pretty easy to come by, but cute boy clothes are a lot harder to find. H&M is my favorite by far. I haven’t looked at the older boy stuff, but the baby boy things are so freaking cute.

  5. says

    Karate raccoon!!! LOVE IT!!! I’ve never stepped foot inside a Crazy 8, but given that price and the cutey patootey stuff, I’ve got no choice but to now! High five to all the mamas with lil’ boys!

  6. Andrea Kay says

    Yay! I LOVE these posts too! I also have two boys and it is HARD to find cute things without something snarky written on it :( I also wasn’t a big fan of Carter’s for just this reason with my boys, but may I just say that I just had a little girl (FINALLY!!!!!!) and they have absolutely ADORABLE girl clothes (although I suppose everyone has super cute girl clothes…lol). They just seem to have more options without the sayings on them. Anyhoo… Thanks for another super cute and helpful post :)

  7. says

    Did I miss the newest Baby Bower gender reveal? Hubs and I are TTC for baby #2 and I keep gravitating towards little girl frocks even though I’m a boy mom through and through. Can’t wait to hear what’s in store for your growing family!!!!

  8. Nancy50 says

    As the mom of two boys (ok one is now a man) I wish I had spent less money at Baby Gap and Hannah Anderson and more on their 529 college plan. Even being able to recycle the clothes to the younger boy, it was still way too much money spent. Be warned…college may seem like a long way away but it’s not.

  9. Elaine says

    I don’t have any kids (and don’t plan on them for a loooong while) but these are great/helpful posts for friends who ARE having kids. I’ve noticed while hunting for baby shower gifts that things for boys are WAY harder to come by so thanks for the helpful hints on where even to begin looking!

  10. says

    Oh great, Katie, just what I needed–another kid’s clothing store for me to give all my money to! I had never heard of Crazy 8s but I just checked it out. Cute stuff…this could be dangerous. I agree with you that Carter’s is generally not the look I am going for (I prefer the “baby Gap” look, rather than just the plain “babyish” look), but I was surprised how much cute stuff they had for toddlers this fall. I think me and you are one in the same when it comes to shopping for our kiddos, and the same addiction to photographing their every move. Man, it is so hard to be a photographer and a momma AND have the most beautiful baby in the world. I can’t reign myself in. And of course, their outfits need to be photo-ready at all times. A vicious cycle ;)

  11. Tirsa says

    See now you’re gonna make me whip out the american express. I didn’t know about
    Crazy8! Thanks for these posts. Yes, it is very hard to find cute clothes for boys. :) Even at full price there are usually 10 racks for girls and two for baby to teen boys. Grrr….

  12. Neyir says

    Katie, your visa is not going to thank me for this (or maybe it will!). If you haven’t already check out Next (kinda like British Gap but more funky), they deliver to the US now. I loved them when we lived overseas and got tons of maternity clothes there as well as things for my boys. You have been warned ;-)…

        • Fran says

          I love Next too. My son is three and I buy a lot of his clothes on there. The prices are reasonable for the quality and so many options without the obligatory dinosaur and tacky wording. I’m a sucker for the old man elbow pads on sweaters (jumpers as we call them in Australia!).

  13. April says

    I appreciate all these boy clothes posts. Thoughts on buying boys stuff second-hand? Do you shop at consignment stores for any of their clothes? Just curious. I love buying gently-used and then fill in with new stuff.

  14. says

  15. says

    My son Max is a couple months older than Wes. He is finally fitting into 12 months which means much cuter clothes. I never heard of the first place so I’m psyched to have a new spot to buy him swagtastic clothes. I usually hate Carters too for their corny phrases but these are really cute (especially those plaid pjs!!)


  16. Alexis says

    Love you. Love your blog. Hate your repeated typos. PLEASE. It’s “cannot” — all one word. Please (for the sake of this English teachers sanity) stop writing “can not” in your posts!

    • Kelly L says

      Both “cannot” and “can not” are acceptable, and can be used interchangeably. Cannot is just a more recent form of the spelling.

  17. Sara says

    I love these posts, so keep ‘me coming. I can’t have my little man looking all uncool, and as a new(ish) mom I can use all the help I can get. :-)

    • says

      Haha! I did! I have another couple posts with boys clothing…unfortunately I am not combining them. But I could with these two and so I did! You rock friend!
      xo – kb

  18. Lori says

    Just out of curiosity, why do you abhor Carter’s? I’ve always loved Carters, at least for baby clothes for my boys (I have 2 also). Their clothes last, they’re soft, comfortable and cute. Are Carter’s clothes lame and I don’t know it?!

    • says

      I think it’s because when I was pregnant with Will every single baby item had giant animals or writing on it. I just wanted plain, soft, zip-up jammies. I don’t know why…but that was my unicorn. And you are right…they are soft and super comfortable (at least I imagine they are), but the style wasn’t me.
      xo – kb

  19. Caitie says

    Hey girl! Just wanted to recommend that you take a look at Zara for baby boy (and maybe baby girl- they just came out with a 0-9 month line) clothes.. You’ll thank me :)

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