Workroom Mania

If you have an aversion to mess…

or if you are recovering hoarder…

or if you are a professional organizer…

it’s time to avert your eyes.


Everyone else….prepare your eyes to be assaulted.

This is our basement workroom.

It’s bad.

Like three-week-old-dried-deodorant-on-the-pit-hair-of-our-house bad.

We haven’t done a lot in here since moving in except throwing stuff back in the room after we are done with a project (sometimes literally throwing).  There is no organization.  In fact, I believe that somewhere hidden under some plywood and thinset there is probably a lost DIYer.  I can imagine it now….some poor tool junkie followed the scent of wood glue, wandered into this dark and dreary room, saw a power cord and had to know what tool it was attached to.  In they went…never to be seen again.

The real issue with the space is that it was actually hindering us from doing any kind of DIY projects.  That is sad.  It’s frustrating to have dreams about what to do or tackle or create but you can’t find the right jigsaw blade or the outlet covers are MIA or the primer has gone missing.

Even sadder than that…this space got worse after these photos were taken.  In fact, it got so bad that there was no room to navigate.  I could not walk.  There was no way.

The good news is…we found the missing DIYer.  He was wearing camo which contributed to the problem.

Oh the room!  Oh the space!  Oh the ability to breathe without inhaling massive amounts of sawdust!

Major props go to Jeremy.  I didn’t do a whole lot in here…my entire job was opening cans of paint, identifying if they were still good, closing cans of paint and then organizing the ones that made the cut.  That’s it.  It took forever.  Oh and watching the kids…they are kinda important too.

We still have a long way to go in here…we want more storage for paint, for wood, for tools.  In fact, this is probably only half the tools that we currently own…because while the workroom was so messy, we ended up creating little pockets of equipment around the house.  I have a couple stashes in my office…one in the hall closet….some in the garage…there’s a pile in the kitchen that has lived there for the past six weeks…some upstairs next to the guest room and the master bedroom.  It’s probably really anti-productive to live like that but at the time, it was the only way things were getting done.

This year we are gonna solve that.  I promise.  I promise to myself and for the love of all things DIY.

But first…let’s finish up that laundry room.  Because dang if this mama ain’t tired of walking on plywood….