Number Two

It’s Back!

The Bower Build Off is back and we are thrilled to tackle two more projects in our home!

Bower Build Off

Last time during this challenge between Jeremy and I, we were able to accomplish two projects in our house in such little time.  Nothing lights DIY butts on fire like a friendly competition between spouses.  That’s right.  If you don’t already know the rules, we both think that we have the best ideas…so out of our extreme competitive spirits, the Bower Build Off was born.  Basically Jeremy and I go head to head in masterminding the projects….we get to pick our own DIY projects (things that are useful to us so that we aren’t wasting time or money), make the decisions on aesthetics, basically run the show till the final results get churned out.  Then we take photos of each project and put them in front of you so that YOU can make the decision and choose the winning ‘idea’.

Of course, this wouldn’t be a competition without rules.  So our rules are this – we each get to pick a parameter and must stay within those guidelines.  This helps keep the project on the same playing field – it’s not really fair to wage a DIY craft against an entire new garage.

When we battled it out last time, Jeremy created a great set of DIY light fixtures out of old thread spools

Bower Build Off

That post has a great tutorial for wiring pretty much anything with lamp kits you can buy at your local home improvement store.

And I made a DIY bench for our “mud room“….

Bower Build Off

Although both projects have been really useful, Jeremy’s won the vote last time and now I am out for BLOOD!  (hey it’s Halloween week, I can say that, right?!)

And this time around we have new parameters and a whole new awkward video for you!  This time we tried filming it with the big camera so tell me if you can hear it better….

Okay – so parameter one is that it needs to be a project on a wall.  And parameter two is that it needs to be a blog knock-off.  Personally I think that is a genius parameter because it takes the brain-work out of it….and you know that we are just like all you other parents-of-babies out there….we need to save those brain cells for important decisions….like “Does this diaper got another thirty minutes in it?” or “Should I try this peaches and peas baby food?”  Which by the way…the answer is no.  Never try anything with the peas.  Trust me.