I’m A Curator

Never in a million years did I ever think I would call myself a blogger….much less one that would have a curated collection.  To be perfectly honest, I didn’t know what curated actually meant until Joss & Main came around…but alas here we are and curated is actually a word.  Who knew?!

Let this vocab-poor blogger start at the beginning.

Joss and Main came to me and asked me to pick out stuff on their website that I love.  I did.  And then they put a brand new pricetag on each item and put it in a collection and handed me the key to the curator’s break room.  It was really that simple.  These items represent me and my home….everything from a white slipcovered couch to faux fruit branches to dark metal pendants.  This is me.  but better…because I know what curated means.

This is really fun because now you got a sneak peek of my wish list.  A bunch of stuff that is currently included in the sale is stuff we are planning on purchasing…things like chunky leather sofas, an animal hide rug, a beautiful tufted headboard…you better duck because I’m about to throw my wallet at Joss & Main right now.  The sale actually becomes live at 9pm.  Don’t be late because you might miss out – the number of items at these prices are limited.  So if you want to head on over and take a look then we can drool together….nobody likes to drool alone :)  Here’s how it is done…if you are already a member, just CLICK HERE TO SEE THE SALE.    If you aren’t a member, you need to join.  It’s free and easy and you get access to their sales which is extremely important.

And I swear on everything holy if you buy that blue and green landscape before I get my hands on it, I will hunt you down.  LIKE A DOG.