Halloween Catablog

I don’t call this real blogging.  I call this ‘catablogging’.  It’s making an entire post about past posts….a catalog of blog posts if you will.  Admittedly, it’s a cheap and easy way to do this job….but since I have over six years of Halloween posts and nobody has the time, patience or will to live after six years of my corny jokes (candy-corny jokes is more seasonally appropriate)….I thought I would take out the grunt work and just list some highlights from years past.

Side note….today I went to Michael’s and every Halloween item is 70% off already.  I was super excited and got some new spooky stuff and some other goodies that I know that I can keep for the future (spider themed cupcake liners, pumpkin garland, etc.)  I’m not saying that because Michael’s told me to….it’s because I legitimately LOVE a sale….especially ones that include candy eyeballs.  You can quote me on that.

On to the projects!  Here are some of year’s past favorites…

Make an easy mummy vase with a ripped white sheet and some black construction paper

Spooky décor (click here for more photos)

Skipping Halloween and just going for easy fall décor?  Here’s what I did way back in the day…click here for more fall décor

Will’s first Halloween and we carved an owl - it was one of the creatures we featured in his original nursery!

Barely Halloween tablesetting….it’s perfect for an understated meal (see more details of this tablesetting here)

Speaking of understated….this neutral colored mantelscape is easy to create (see more fall décor here)….by the way, is mantelscape a word?!  It kinda sounds like male grooming.

I love using black frames to make a crazy Halloween gallery wall….and you don’t even need a level!  (more pics here)

A baby keepsake – must remember to do this again with LJ’s little footsie (there is a little poem that goes along with it available here)

3 ingredient pumpkin bread….what?!  Shut your face.  (get the full recipe here)

How to make a spiderweb rug and a fun pumpkin spider by clicking here (this was featured on THE TODAY SHOW!)

Each year we make a family fun list for the changing seasons….it reminds us to get out of the house! (see 2011’s list here)

See more on how we did this studded pumpkin

Full tutorial on how to make a glow-in-the-dark mummy wreath

Spider art for toddlers – it’s great for the little ones that want to get their craft on.

Stores charge $3-$8 for a black skull….these were $1 plus craft paint!

If graveyards are your thing – you can make these cheap headstones & crosses for cheap!

I can’t be 100% sure but I think that this pumpkin is watching me.

Happy late night reading!