Golden on the Fourth

This is a sponsored post brought to you by GoldenAgeUSA.  All opinions are my own.

It’s technically still June.  And yes, it is the 30th.  not the fourth.  But let’s face it…this week it’s all about the red, white and blue holiday. 

Are you gearing up for it? 

I am.  Big time.  I am ready to fourth the heck out of July. 

And I am starting right now with a little independent window shopping with GoldenAgeUSA.  Last time I gave a shoutout to this sidebar sponsor, I gave ya five different looks to work with…and this time, I’m doing a roundup of FOUR of each of their categories.  (what does four lights have anything to do with Independence Day?  nothing.  you’d be hard pressed to see anything patriotic here and now…but this is a special bonus Sunday post so workwithmepeople.)

Ready to window shop?!

Here are some of my favs… 

  • totally wanna see this in a nursery for a little boy
  • ooohhh….purty!  and reminds me of snow globes!
  • traditional and a perfect contrast for over a square dining table
  • oversized….maybe I need this in my vaulted living room….like yesterday

  • Pass the chocolate.  I’m in love.
  • How masculine and feminine in one!
  • I am obsessed with this lamp.  Like I may marry it.
  • How cute would this look in a guest room with fun bedding?!

Now time to share!  What’s your favorite!?  I wanna know!

Modern Citrus Tablesetting

A lot of you ask where I store a lot of my table setting stuff.  Well, a lot of it is just stuff from around the house.  Its a vase from the living room, fabric I intended to make into throw pillows, random decorative objects from the guest room.  I do have more table setting stuff than the average Jane, but even if you don’t have numerous sets of dishes, think outside the box for everything else.

That being said…I really wanted to do a funky and fun setting.  Something with a modern edge and still make it youthful.  And nothing says modern and fun like a fun citrusy color scheme.

It began with this bright green giraffe print fabric.  I got it at a discount fabric store for a photo shoot but ended up never using it.  I stocked it away because I knew that I loved it enough that one day I’ll get to use it for something.  maybe a poof or floor pillows?  Anyhoo…after I had my ‘tablecloth’, I decided to make a cool modern runner out of round mirror chargers (they are called candle dishes at Hobby Lobby) and stack a set of three vases…one with flowers, one with faux artichokes, and one with faux oranges.

The place settings are actually serving dishes that have stands but I just removed the plate for a simple and modern clean-lined dish.  The simple napkin (with silverware rolled up inside) is another clean-lined way to present a dish…and it doesn’t hurt to have another splash of pattern.

I have a lot of fake fruit.  It’s weird.  My mom has it too.  I like it because its always fresh looking.  It’s never surrounded by fruit flies and still can add color in a very natural and organic looking way.  Yes…fake fruit can look organic :)

A good price is a dollar a piece or less…and you absolutely must be picky about how it looks.  You can get fake fruit for a buck each and it looks crazy fake…like straight preschool play kitchen fake….so be picky and look for texture and color variation.  My favorite spots to find winners are Pier 1 and TJMaxx.  Sometimes Hobby Lobby and Michaels has good stuff but its rarely on sale.

The bouquet was again…another Walmart set…I took out the crazy flowers that didn’t go with my color scheme.  The church gave this one to me for Mothers Day so it’s especially beautiful :)

that lemon is not fake.

Oh and here’s one more way to think outside the box…hold up objects and try to think of ways that it can be used for a table setting outside of it’s normal use.  The napkin rings I had were bright pink (a West Elm gift from a friend) and I wanted a little more pink in the rest of the table, so I tested out various candles to find that they are the perfect size for mini votives too.  If I was serving hard boiled eggs, I could balance the egg on the pink napkin rings or use them as a cuff for a bunch of flowers.  It’s all about using what you have, right?!


Okay…so this was my fifth and final table setting for this week…so glad table setting week is over and I got to share these with you.  If more table settings are your jam, there is over twenty more in the table setting gallery.  AND today is the linky party day for table settings!  Hooray!  If you took the time to blog about your own table (either in the past or just this week), I would absolutely love to see it.  Here’s how we do it…

  • click on the blue “Add Your Link” button at the bottom of this post – it has a blue frog head on it add a link to your table setting blog post in the url field (please do not link to your home page) for “name” write a short descriptive name
  • If you’d rather just link over to your table in the comment section, feel free to do that – or even add a link to a free photo sharing site like Flickr with your pics if you don’t have a blog (remember to set the gallery to public so we can all see it).