A Very Super Birthday

Who am I to say no to this face?

Especially when he is a war hero…

As you can imagine, my little guy requested a very special birthday party in celebration of turning four.  We told him that we didn’t plan a big birthday party for him this year (we usually do a ‘friend’ birthday party every other year and a small family party on the other years) but he asked over and over.  Since it was a last minute decision to throw a bash, we didn’t really have time to send out real invites like we usually do so we sent out an evite to his friends and family and crossed our fingers that someone would show.

Will decided that he wanted a Superman party….and Superman means superhero to all of you that don’t speak ‘four’.  It actually includes Superman himself…but also Spiderman, Iron Man, the Hulk, Captain America and Batman.  And any other costumed figure that could be heroic…or evil.  It is basically like asking for Coke in the south….you could basically be doing the Dew or drinking the real thing.  You never know.

The party was just two weeks after LJ was born so I put pretty much all kid activities in the hands of Jeremy.  We had grand plans to do a “HERO TRAINING CAMP” with a grand finale of water-ballooning a very evil villain but in the end, Jeremy convinced me that we should take the easy road and just rent a bounce house.

I thought it would be a small one.  Jer had other plans.

It was a huge wet slide that you hooked your hose up to and the way we had it angled in the yard, it created a splash pool at the bottom.

The kids obviously hated it.

It was right after church on a Sunday so we served a late lunch.   I love seeing the kiddos around the giant table down on the patio.  It really has served us well during big parties.  I honestly think it’s one of our most useful builds.

When it came to decorations for the party, I wanted to keep it super simple.  I decided that I would create a streamer wall…which would have been a great idea but there was a slight breeze that day which thwarted my plans.   Those cupcakes never stood a chance.

We served chips and hero sandwiches and pizza.  I had also prepared plates of finger foods like cheese and crackers and deli meats as well as twelve quarts of strawberries that never got served…because I was apparently sleepwalking.  Seriously…sleep deprivation is real and new moms should have personal chaperones so that they don’t attempt to drive heavy machinery.  Because every new mom wants to drive a front loader after giving birth to their own front loader :)

Thank goodness the whole super hero thing is popular these days because all the stuff we used was easy to find.  The plates and the cupcakes were from Walmart…as well as the favors.


I used a few of Will’s toys as table décor…because what is a hero sandwich unless there is an actual hero nearby, right?!

The favors were little cups from Walmart filled with candy and temporary tattoos.  I thought about getting the kids real tattoos but ya know…that could have been weird later when they outgrow their fascination with Dora and monster trucks.

Even though it was a fairly simple party (if you call taping ten thousand pieces of streamer to a wall simple), it was very fun.  I loved the low key-ness of it all.  In fact, I told Jeremy afterward that I think I learned a few party-planning lessons….like kids will find a way to amuse themselves…and they don’t NEED a hundred theme-centered, parent orchestrated games to keep them occupied.  At least not when there are inflatables available.

And Will loved it too.  He even told us later that he was gonna have another birthday party next week.

Oh and the presents?  They were pretty awesome.  He got so many that we returned the duplicates and he got to go shopping with his own ‘money card’ and it was like a birthday all over again.

Oh and did I mention that his present from Mommy and Daddy and Weston and LJ were a bunch of superhero costumes?  Yeah.  He and his neighborhood buddies all dressed up later for a mini photo shoot and it was one of the most hilarious things ever.  The sound effects were my favorite part.  They would have scared even the most evil villain away…or maybe a squirrel or two :)

Now my little guy is officially four.  It seems like just yesterday that we were hosting his first birthday party.  My how time flies….just like Superman :)