Christmas Trends – Pallets

Trends exist because they are a general inclination….or tendency…a fad…sometimes just a course or direction.  We have them in our clothing, our homes, our hairstyles (raise your hand if you had the Rachel!) and even the way we cook, exercise and live.  Some folks probably hear the word trend and think….oooooohhhhh baaaaad!  But I dare those people to rethink things.  Classics were once trends.  I mean….the little black dress didn’t exist in the 1800’s…it was a trend at one point.  So that is something I would like to touch on this month….christmas trends.  Patterns, tendencies, general direction of the masses toward Christmas.  Some of these probably will pass away in a few years….some maybe not.  Either way…it was fun to scour Pinterest and find all the different twists on these trends.

Today’s trend is something that is near and dear to my heart.  Pallets.  I think back to almost five years ago when Jeremy and I decided to hang pallet wood on Will’s nursery wall.  At the time, it was crazy.  Pinterest didn’t exist.  I had never seen anyone do it.  I just was cheap and wanted the space to look cabin-y and masculine.  Now it is so mainstream that everyone has one.  Dogs have them in their wee doggie houses.  I think I saw a sloth on Good Morning America with a pallet wall.  I love me a good pallet.  And apparently so does Santa because pallets are all the rage this season.


(source from top left to bottom right –  1   2   3   4)

Pallet art is so great….you can do cut outs, signage, indoor and outdoor artwork.  It is really flexible and usually only requires a pallet, some tools and some paint.

(source from top left to bottom right –  1   2   3 (unknown – HELP!)   4)

For years, I’ve been telling anyone who will listen that pallet trees are the next big Christmas thing.  It’s irony in it’s best form.  They are great for commercial uses….inside businesses, churches, etc. and are basically indestructible.  When I went to the Country Living Fair here in Georgia, they were HOT.  I mean like everyone was buying them up sooner than you can say ‘distressed finish’.

(source from top left to bottom right –  1   2   3 (unknown – HELP!)   4)

Here’s my pallet wild card category.  It basically is just a few inspiring shots of different holiday items built with pallets.  I love rustic wood dishes and bowls…and that pallet wood centerpiece is perfect because it is so flexible to be so many things to so many seasons. The pallet snowflake?  Perfection.  It would be great for outdoors….to replace a big seasonal art piece….hung over a doorway or even just leaning on a buffet during a cookie exchange.

You may be wondering….shouldn’t the gray tree be in the pallet christmas tree category?  Well….yes.  But see how they added hooks?  It looks like it can be an advent calendar too.   Wouldn’t that be so cute?  Hanging all the little presents on the tree?  Adorable.  And that last angular pallet tree is just kick-reindeer-butt-awesome.  It’s perfect for a backdrop on a blank wall….behind a bunch of baskets in an entry…the possibilities are endless.  Love it.


So I hope to have about four of these Christmas trends to share with you this month.  If you want the original sources to any of the pictures….click on the links.  Tell em I sent ya.  And how awesome they are.  If you want to follow along on any other Christmas trends I see on Pinterest, click here.  Now I have about seventeen rolls of Christmas lights I need to untangle…pray for me.