Mustache Bash

Who stole my baby?

Seriously.  I must have blinked really long because a thief took my infant and left me with a one year old.  Who does that sort of thing?!  Filthy animal that Father Time.  I refuse to work with him anymore.

So in honor of my little man, I did what any loving mother does for their babe’s first birthday…I threw him a party themed after his abundant fake facial hair.

Let me just start out by saying that this was supposed to be the world’s most low key, smallest get-together ever.  And then the night before the party, I had a partial anxiety attack because I wondered if Weston would look back at pictures of his first party and compare them to Will’s first birthday party….the farmyard fun that was complete with hayrides and puppet show.  As a parent, I never want any of my children to feel like I don’t do as much as I can to celebrate their sheer and utter awesomeness.  Us moms overanalyze.

So I stayed up till three a.m. blowing up balloons and hanging streamers.  I was in a full party-blitz mode.  The next day, when folks got to the party, they were greeted with our grooming station.  It’s where they could pick up a ‘mustache on a stick’ or a stick-on version that I scored from the Dollar General.  I also asked folks to write their names on a spare paper mustache so that I could make a little art for Weston later…a little piece to commemorate his big day.

We decided to host the party on the first floor (that’s kind of a first for us!  It’s crazy convenient to have a basement big enough for entertaining) and I ran with the black n white theme with a splash of green thrown in for fun.  Our menu was really simple too…hot dogs, chips and a chili bar.  (fun fact…the makers of Will’s paci is Chill Baby and he is very particular about what brand….so “Chili” baby it was for the menu!)

I made his smash cake again….just like I did with Will…but this time we topped it with a chocolate mustache (here’s a link to the mustache mold I used).

One of my favorite things was the mustache brownies.  They were actually REALLY simple.  I just baked a couple pans of brownies like I would normally and after they cooled, I simply used a cookie cutter to cut out several chocolatey ‘staches.

Overall, I could tell that Weston was really excited about the hotdogs.  They are his favorite.

And here is the main man after downing all of his lunch….sans the mo.  He still eats a lot of those convenient baby food packs (like the mixed up veggies and applesauce) so he had a dog with his sauce :)  Oh and for posterity sake…he calls all food and drink “NANA”…which thrills my mother who goes by Nana to no end.

I was really excited about the cake smash.  Will had a great time eating through and destroying his cake so I naturally assumed that Weston would do the same (he’s generally a little bit more hands on when it comes to things…loves knocking things over and throwing food…)

I don’t know if it was the green sugar on top or if it was just too much attention but the kid was totally confused.  It’s like he decided that messy wasn’t his thing that day.  His hands went in…

He tried the icing at one point….only to lead to a face of utter disgust.  It was kind of ironic because this is the same kid that cries if I don’t let him put dirty shoes in his mouth.  This same kid will put the grossest things in his mouth if I am not on top of him….only to watch him not eat CAKE.  It’s pure irony.

He did like feeding Jeremy and I….which is nothing new…the kid likes feeding others.  Will liked kissing other people…Weston wants to give them food.

Some of the boys with their facial hair…I have no idea why but all the kids loved keeping their faces completely stoic when sporting the mustaches.  It was actually quite comical.

We played a couple games…like Pin The Stache On the Baby.  I printed out a colored picture of Weston (it was really hard for me to find one that was front on without the paci – ha!) at Office Max and then slipped it in a post frame so that the little staches would easily remove.

The kids all really enjoyed it when the stache would end up like a uni-brow or a little black hairdo.

After that we played a little ‘shaving’ game with balloons and shaving cream and razors (we just kept the protective shield on the razor ends).

Little Nicky was the funniest.  He tried really hard for ten seconds and then loudly announced that it was too messy.

I figured out half-way through that it was really helpful to have a bucket of water available for rinsing the razor.  The kids had a tough time flinging the shaving cream off the ends of the razor but amazingly enough, the balloons got relatively clean.  Natalia got the award for the best job….I would trust that girl to do my facial hair anytime :)

Then Weston got into the opening of the presents…which translates to a one-year-old as ‘throwing the paper’.

His favorite gift….a couple of balls.  Oh the joys of babies.

Afterward we snapped a little family photo and talked about the irony of Movember being our little mustache man’s birthday month.  Maybe that means he will work in men’s health awareness!  Or cure cancer!  I guess we will give him a few more years till we push for that one :)  Until then, we will just keep on loving our little guy and celebrating him like the stud he is.

Happy Birthday Baby Weston.  I love you more than you will ever know.  No matter how big you get…you will always be my Munchkin!