Monthly Report – May 2013

May was one of those months.  One of those really good months.  It was in a small way, a turning point in my life.  In my social life, my home life, my mental life.  Is there such a thing as a mental life?  Well if there is, I turned it around in May.  I have always struggled with things…like most people.  Small things.  Tiny in the grand scheme of things.  But significant enough to add up to bouts of sadness…ruts of insecurity…times of over-questioning, doubting, sinking.  But May, that darling month that promises flowers and sunshine, it was a gentle refreshing wake up call.  A call that I answered with happiness and desire to move forward.

I know none of this makes sense.  But it does to me.  And I am just glad that I have so many special people in my life…like friends, and my Jeremy, and my mom (who coincidentally I got to celebrate this month)…and so many blessings.  It’s overwhelming at times.  And a big responsibility.  Afterall….to those whom much is given, much is expected, right?!

All rambling with rose-colored glasses aside, we had a fun time with May.  Here’s what we talked about this month…







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