Watermelon Fountain

Of course, you guys wanted to know how to make a watermelon fountain.  I know you did. Don’t deny it. 

Well, I must admit…my sister is one smart celebratory cookie…and she is the one that gets all the credit on this fruity fun fount of pleasure.   All I did was suckle the heavenly goodness that flowed from the watermelon’s spout.

And of course, I documented the ins and outs of this creation for future reference :)  So, here are my notes:   

First you get a watermelon and set it on it’s cutey-patootie.  It should sit upright on its own.  Lori put a plate under it just in case.  Decide on a rather large hole on the upper backside.  The hole needs to be large enough to get your hand with a spoon down in there.  Scrape and remove the innerds.   

Determine the location of the spout.  You want it low enough that the drink comes out but high enough to get the cup under there.    Lori used a regular faucet that you can get at your local home improvement store.  And while you are there, you might want to pick up a locknut that fits the end of the spigot too.  Next, you jam a screwdriver through your location.  Create a little hole.  Move the screwdriver around until the hole is a tiny bit smaller than the spigot.  Then you screw your fauct in…use that grease from your elbows here peeps!

On the inside, fasten the locknut to the other end to make for a snug fit.  Now take the watermelon scrapings and puree them in the blender. 

This puree is going to help make the pink lemonade drink for the inside.  Instead of water, use the watermelon juicy liquid as the substitute.  Lori made one gallon.  

The rest of the watermelon puree she froze into icecubes to make sure the drink was icy cold and refreshing.

And boy was it refreshing!

Lori, you are a genius.  And pretty.  And talented.  I say that out of sisterly love and devotion.  And out of a desire to have thought of this fun craft first…or googled it first.  And also out of a lifelong attempt and subsequent failure at being your equal.  Which I could never be.  You are superior to me.

The question is  – how did you get so smart and your head size is only a fraction of mine?  I should have a much bigger brain…right?  I mean, I have the space to store it.  I practically have a…well…a watermelon sitting on my neck.  Lori – answer me the truthfully…was I the inspiration for this fountain?  Were you subliminally saying that I am full of sweet tasty goodness?  (please say maybe, please say maybe!)



  1. says

    This is freaking brilliant! I am totally stealing this for next 4th. Or not, because it looks like a lot of work to scrape out that watermelon. How bout i just come to Lori’s next 4th of July Party?

  2. says

    OH. MY. GOSH! That is SO freakin’ cute! I’m definitely going to bookmark it and use it. (Where’d she get that hair?? I’d give a toe for curly hair.)

  3. Adriana says

    love your humor in all your posts. and i must say, i don’t think ur head looks like a watermelon at all! :)

  4. Mandy says

    oooh THANK YOU for posting this! I was patiently waiting/stalking for this post, this will definitely be making an appearance at my next summer get-together!!! : )

    • says

      Hi Guys – I am so so glad you like this project. When I saw that she was prepping the melon…I literally said “oh shut up”…that is my phrase for “I am so excited”.

      Hi Nikki – she is. both pretty and great :)

      Hey there Melissa – really?! Awesomeness. I am 99% sure that Lori doesn’t get the Food Network Magazine but since it features this kinda cool projects, it might be a great gift for me to get her! YAY! Thanks a bundle for keeping us informed!

      XO – Katie

  5. Jill Stigs says

    LOL……….I say SHUT THE FRONT DOOR……….cool project.

    Ummmm, I don’t think you have a large head at all.

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