Wedding Week – Paper Trail

Our basics were determined of who, what and where and now we were off to make sure all our ducks were in a row.  Not literally.  I promise there was no ducks at our wedding. 

Moving on. 


So now I am back for wedding week to highlight the little bits of paper and ink that made our nuptials news to the world.

First we start with our save-the-date.  Our hold-that-day-right-there-to-celebrate-with-us-reminder was actually a photograph that we printed out over 400 times and attached to sticky faced magnets.  The magnets we ordered online and then DIYed it by adhering each silly photo montage ourselves.  The photos were actually taken by a local photographer who traded me all of our engagement photos for my time.  I know it sounds crazy but we thought it was well worth it for our two sessions with a pro if I just laid down my pride and did a photo-noir inspired shoot.  I am still recovering.    

After we had the date officially saved, it was only a matter of time till we knew that the big invite would hit the mail-waves.  We ended up getting a little more creative and a little less formal when it came to our invitations.  The design in the upper left hand corner is a silhouette of wreath (perfect for our fall wedding) and a big shmancy “B” just in case anyone forgot the first letter of the last name I was about to inherit. 

Accompanying the invite was a little reply card for the guests to let us know if they were coming.   Again, the wreathes made an appearance – this time with a little overlapping action – which reminded me of two rings (everyone AHH! with me now.)  I really loved the invitations because they were letterpressed…so those little twigs and berries on the wreaths made this cool textural element to the cards. 

Along with the invitations, I also designed some updates for our wedding party with a bit more information such as attire specs, locations, and contact info.  There was even an update with a timeline (for my gals who were in the need-to-know when it came to prep times, photo times, and all the other must-have info).

Finally – the last paper product was the program that was oh-so-easy with a printed outline of each member of the wedding party and a rough outline of our ceremony for the guests.  After all, you don’t wanna get up to take a bathroom break in the middle of our ridiculously awesome processional….

Speaking of which – tomorrow turns the tables to see some of the nitty gritty details that made my big day, well, hugely personal.  Stay tuned!



  1. Sadie says

    could we get a close up of the details on the wedding party updates… I think it’s a fabulous idea and I am planning an Oct. 2010 wedding… thanks!

  2. Kayce says

    Happy Anniversary to you! Marriage rocks, doesn’t it?! I am so happy for you and Jeremy. Your invitations were incredible. I am loving Wedding Week. Thanks for sharing.

  3. says

    Such a great idea to provide the wedding party with a document full of all the needed info – a one stop shop bridesmaid/groomsman FYI. SO much better than sending out 20 separate emails, which has been my experience as a bridesmaid so far. I am filing this away in “things I want to do when I plan my wedding.” No, I’m not even engaged but it never hurts to plan ahead, right?

  4. Focipresley says

    KB! Love it all! I have never known of a bride & groom to be so organized with their wedding party! I love that idea! Fantastic! Exclamation! Exclamation!

    I’m excited to read all the details! Thanks for sharing. How fun. Cheers

  5. says

    I am dying to get married, if only to design my own invites, etc.! I love all of your stuff…the updates you did for the wedding party were a really cool touch!

  6. says

    I love your newsletter idea! Do you have a larger version that I could read? I’m getting married in 39 days and would LOVE to be able to do something like that for our wedding party! Thank you!

    *ps- Love your blog!

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