Bower Family Vacation

August meant only one thing here in the Bower household: VACATION!  A break from the norm was long overdue.  Since the only days my poor boyfriend had taken off this year were for the birth of his son…I knew that he was dying for a relaxing week at the beach.  When his dad (who I call Pastor Dad) & stepmom (Nurse Vicki) generously offered to book the place and take care of planning the getaway, we did the happy dance while singing Beach Boy tunes.  Now that we are back from the vacay, I couldn’t wait to download the photos and get this post up, up and away.  

Note: there are a ton of photos…which if viewed at work, could leave you crying under your desk in the fetal position wishing for a vacation, the weekend or even a coffee break.  Also, the beach made Will look even more adorable than normal…so please use caution because your voice could be strained from excess awwing.

The five hour drive to our destination was not exactly something I was looking forward to.  It would be the longest drive to date for Will…not counting the True Value pacifier debacle.  But surprisingly, it went really well.  We just made sure to give him lots of blanket time (outside of our fast food pit stops!).   

Will’s face says it all.  And if you can’t read his eyes, then his shirt is pretty straightforward.

We stayed at the Amelia Surf and Racquet Club.  It was beautiful.  I would show you photos of the condo but really, is there anything more important than this:

Yup…he loved it. 

 At first, he wasn’t so sure.  But Jeremy dipped his toes in the ocean and he couldn’t open his eyes wide enough.  After that…we didn’t hesitate to let him roam wild.  Granted, he can’t walk yet and is barely tripoding, so roaming wild is loosely interpretted.

Three generations of William Bowers:

So most of our days were the same as they are when I am home…lots of napping, breastfeeding and excuses why I can’t make dinner.  There were some differences…like Jeremy got to experience his first ‘Dad-load’…you know…when you completely load the dad down with beach chairs, umbrellas, towels, blowup floats, and 1.7 million absolutely-necessary beach items.  It’s official honey…you are now a dad :) 

and you still make me weak in the knees. 

Speaking of knees, I wish that mine were still poolside.  That was probably my favorite part of the vacation…slipping away with Jeremy to the pool.  We got to do that a couple times.  As well as a couple tennis matches and even a few beach walks. 

Oh the beach.  It was glorious.

Perfect for strolling.

And shell collecting.

and playing :)

and we even brought Will…of course, he enjoyed the beach from the stroller.

The beach really wore him out…his naps were pretty good everyday (whew!  after worrying that not being at home would be an adjustment, the little guy did awesome).  He would wake up so happy…it really helped me relax. 

I will say this…taking a non-walking baby to the beach is not as fun as one might think.  You have to hold them the entire time.  And you are stuck under an umbrella because you don’t want their perfect little skin to get all burned up. 

We used one of these beach ‘huts’ but Will’s back would tucker out from working so hard to keep his head up.  So we always ended up holding him.  Oh well…next time we will know better…

I had this genius idea that we would take family photos while there.  We all planned what to wear and I brainstormed the best way to take the photos while still being IN the photos.  And then when we got down to the beach, it was ridiculously windy.   

Our hair cracks me up. 

Even though the family photo session didn’t exactly work out the way I thought it would, I did sneak Will out one morning to snag some beach baby pictures. 

He’s such a doll.  He puts up with me constantly taking his photo. 

Oh how I love that little guy.  It’s hard to believe that he is 5 months old already.  He’s so good.  The first three months he had really bad colic…but now he is sooo good.  Makes me want another baby…almost.

Ok…back to vacation.  It was really nice to have these guys around:

They were constantly offering to hold him and push him in the stroller and even sit in the condo while he napped.  It was quite an adjustment for me to have someone else around…I mean…I am so used to just me and Jeremy…and getting Will ready and happy everyday for someone else was more emotional than I anticipated.  I told my darling boyfriend that I sometimes just wanted to keep him to myself so that I could have all the happy moments…because those happy moments keep me going through the crummy ones.  Jeremy said that I didn’t need to focus on the moments I was missing…but the moment that I got to see him again…because he bet that Will would smile bigger than ever at that very second…and I would feel like I didn’t miss anything at all.  That night we went to play tennis and you know what?  He was right.  Will smiled and everything was ok.  I guess that is my first momm-letting-go moment.  Man, was it tough though.     

One of the last days we were on the island, we went to Fort Clinch State Park. 

It was really fun.  We went to the walking and fishing pier…and walked the entire thing. 

Then we visited the fort itself. 

It was really fun.  The restoration people had made each room in the fort to look like it did in the 19th century.  I had fun walking around taking photos and seeing all the old timey stuff that was still classic and chic today. 

My favorite part of the entire vacation?  Getting one good family photo.  Sure, Will isn’t exactly looking at the camera…but hey, it was our first family vacation (hopefully many more to come!) and one that allowed us to stretch and grow and learn.  Or maybe that was just me :)

It was the perfect way to end the summer.  I couldn’t have asked for a better place to go…Amelia Island really was beautiful and quaint.  I am just glad that Jeremy got a little break from the norm…makes for a happier husband to complete my DIY To-Do list :) wink wink.  

So did you go on vacation this summer?  Or are you saving your days off for the winter holidays?  Perhaps you treasure your first family photo as much as I do mine?  Or maybe you wanna share your first momma-lettin-go moment?  Personally I am glad that summer is so close to ending…I am ridiculously ready for fall…my favorite season.  Goodbye summer…see ya next year.



  1. Kate says

    I just need to comment on the carseat. lol. I dunno if u know this (cuz i didn’t up until recently) but when u put ur lil one in the car, you’re supposed to click back the handle. (so it’s behind their head) cuz if a wreck happends (God forbid) the entire carseat flips up to the backseat…instead of it hitting the handle and not doing its job.

    hope this helps and u learn something new ever day like i did! (i’m a nanny)

    xoxo Kate

    • says

      Hi Kate,
      Thanks for this info…I definitely assumed that it would act more as a roll-bar if we got into a wreck so your comment lead me to more research…which is good because I learned that most companies test the seat with it up AND with it back. You are right about it being good back – that is recommended if you own a carseat that has not been tested with that bar up and down.
      Thanks though for your comment…I really appreciate it.
      xo – kb

  2. Beth says

    I loved seeing your AI pictures! I lived there for 10 years and I just moved away from the beach to Charlotte.

    I miss that place, but apparently, when you’re married, it’s a good idea to live in the same state as your husband.

  3. says

    Ok get outta here. Im finding we have even more in common. My dad, brother and nephew are all…hold onto your hat…William Bowers’ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Our name has the S at the end but still…a big coincidence:)
    These photos were fabulous! My two faves are of Will with his grandparents reading a book(SO precious) and your first family photo together.
    We just got home from our first real, big, huge, flying in planes for the first time, Disney world family vacation. There were a total of 10 of us and my two girls(5 & 6) had the time of their lives:) We’ve been home for…oh like 4 days now and Im already wishing I was going on another trip!

    • says

      SMALL WORLD Sarah! That’s totally crazy. It’s nice to meet another set. I always like to say that the world doesn’t have enough William Bowers :)
      xo – kb

  4. Z McGrath says

    Recently came across your blog. I totally dig it, sister! By the way, I’m about half an hour from Amelia Island. I hit it up a couple times a year for the Ritz spa… wanna come with next time?

      • Z McGrath says

        Hello hello, busy lady. I’m guessing you are enjoying your holidays with Mr. Will and decorating the Big House, so a spa visit with a stranger is out of the question now. I will go this month without you, but you are there in spirit. (See how I’m having an imaginary friendship with you… it’s pretty fun if I do say so myself.) :)

  5. Z McGrath says

    Sweet! Ummm… so how do we do this? Is this a make believe, virtual lady date or a call-me-when-you-are-in-the-neighborhood kind of date?


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