Wedding Week – I’m Trippin

On our first anniversary, we went to Niagra Falls.

On our second anniversary, we went to Dominican Republic.  Ok. ok.  So technically it counts as an anniversary trip and a babymoon.  Two birds…one all-inclusive stone.

This year, we really wanted to do a trip but we were struggling with a couple things.  One…we couldn’t leave Will.  Since I am still providing his main food source, we knew that whereever we celebrated our anniversary, it would have to be a baby friendly place because he was definitely coming too.  Secondly, we really wanted to be able to squeeze in a couple days visiting my grandparents (who hadn’t met their great-grandson yet) and some friends that recently moved to Ohio and some other friends in VA.  The problem is that Jeremy didn’t have enough vacation days to do a multi-state visit and an anniversary trip.  So we decided to combine them for one killer road trip. 

visiting 3 different families.

seeing 2 babies. (hint hint, one of them has a furbrother named after a fast food item!)

covering 9 states. 

lasting ten days.

over 27 hours JUST driving.  (not counting stops or breaks)

and Will cut 2 teeth on the trip.

it was exhausting..and fun…and momentous…and something we won’t ever forget.  Thank goodness it’s over.

I put together a little video/photo mashup of our moments in the car…and even though it is for personal use I thought you would like to see it.  But then I decided to not share it…honestly it is because I am feeling sensitive right now (probably because of the lack of sleep) and don’t wanna deal with any potential semi-rude comments.  I know you guys understand.  Perhaps I will share it later this week when I feel brave.  and rested.  and can respond to those comments without pulling out my potty-mouth card.  Anyhoo…all that to say that I was very excited to see our friends and have a little surprise for you guys later :)  Also…I have one heck of a fun giveaway in honor of Wedding Week so keep your eyes peeled for another post later!



  1. says

    I already think you are brave for taking such an adventure with Will in tow. I can’t believe people are rude!? I don’t think my blog is big enough for the mean comments yet. Get some rest, and your supportive readers will be here when you get back!

  2. says

    Don’t read any rude comments, Katie Bower! You only read things that say, “You’re pretty” and “You’re perfect”. The rest? Delete.

    We took a similar road trip when my son was 6-weeks old. We wanted to introduce him to our extended family and the only way to do it was one loooong road trip from Houston to Tulsa to St. Louis to Columbus, OH and back again (with lots of stops to nurse the baby and let the dog go potty, but not nearly enough stops for the Mama to take a break!). I’m glad we did it, but even more glad it’s done!

    I can’t wait to hear details of you seeing friends who must have a dog named French Fry! ;)

  3. says

    I am so impressed that you took such a long road trip with Will! Way to go!! My son is 7 months old and the farthest we have gone is 4 hours up to Dallas to visit family. And that stresses me out. I can not imagine 27 hours in the car! I hope you guys had a great time and I can’t wait to hear more about your trip!

  4. says

    FINALLY- the betrothed infants meet at last. :) Can’t wait to hear all about it!! You are super brave for taking a roadtrip- we are going to be brave (or crazy) too and are planning a road trip for when our unborn babers will be about 4 months old. I hope you tell us more so that I can get some pointers for traveling with little ones!
    And don’t listen to rude comments- those people are just jealous of your awesomeness. ;)

  5. says

    Ooohh!! Little Clara got to meet her main man? I can’t wait to see it!

    Congrats on teh road trip- no rude comments from me, just crazy praise for your bravery!!

  6. says

    Did they wear the bride & groom outfits?? Burger could be the ring dog!

    My husband and I have driven from San Diego to New Orleans and back at least 5 times in the 3 1/2 years that we’ve been together. That’s about 27 hours EACH WAY. So I can understand how things get nutty. I certainly wouldn’t want people to see our snippy attitudes as we drove across country

  7. Noelle says

    Katie, I want to see the video!!! :) Please reconsider posting it. We love your blog and your sense of humor! That’s why we keep coming back! And please ignore the haters…envy is a sickness. :-p

  8. Ben says

    Is it funny that I’m excited for a BP / YHL crossover… like it’s blogs sweeps week or something?

    And I don’t get the point of being rude to someone on their own blog. It’s their blog. You no like? You no read. Problem solved.

  9. Emily says

    Katie! I can’t even imagine anything rude that anyone would have to say to you! Please don’t let them get to you, you are the sweetest!

    Also, can’t wait to hear about the babies meeting :)

  10. says

    Post that video whenever you are ready! Those that mind don’t matter, and those that matter, don’t mind! I have been a quiet reader for well over a year or so, and it’s your sense of humor and hysterical whit that I can’t keep away from. You are doing an amazing job, keeping up with this blog and being a first time mother. Can’t wait to hear about Will and Clara’s first blind date.

    Love from Jersey…keep it up;)

  11. Kelsey D says

    You are a brave women! I too would love to hear about how you made it with Will in tow! With a peanut on the way we are lucky enough to have most of the family in the same state, but my sister just announced a move several states away so I see a few road trips in our future too!

    Like the others have said don’t let the rude comments getcha down! I know we can all get in a funk and take the pettiness of others to heart, but its so silly! You know who you are and LOTS of readers love you for your sweet goofiness! :) Keep up the great work and try your best to ignore the haters because they are way outnumbered by those of us that will stand up for ya!

    Ooh and I am SO excited for the deats on the meeting of the little “couple”!!

  12. says

    Wow, I can’t even imagine how exhausted you must be right now. But I would love to hear more about your advice/must-haves for long car trips with a baby. And, of course, I’m dying to see a picture of the betrothed!

    I totally agree with Ben’s comment about rude readers. I just don’t get people sometimes.

  13. says

    Woo hoo! Looks like you were out in my neck of the woods: Cincinnati. And at long last: Clara and Will. Can’t wait to hear all about your trip! :) And hopefully that video too. Isn’t it funny how we sometimes need a vacation to recover from vacation? Hope you’re getting lots of good rest now. :)

  14. says

    Sounds like a whirlwind trip! Can’t wait to here more about it! And I’m sorry you’re dealing with rude commenters. Some people are unbelievable. You rock Katie!

  15. Felicita says

    Aww… don’t let those RUDE people/comments get to you. Don’t change who you are for them. They have nothing better to do with their lives!

    I enjoy your blog and read it everyday!

  16. Rachel Z says

    I would love to see the video and I promise I have no rude comments lurking! :) Hope you get brave and will post..I’m looking forward to it!

  17. says

    I just wanted to share a little encouragement with you. Here are my top 3 favorite BowerPower blog posts (I have forwarded them to others because I thought they were so good). You’re hilarious, a great writer and you share straight from the heart — which is rare.

    “Eye Lift” –
    “Letter to my boyfriend” –
    “Year of Photos” –

    And speaking of Year of Photos… how do you do that when you are on the road? That would be some masterful photoshop!

    Anyone else have a favorite that we can go back to and enjoy?!

  18. Kristi says

    Awww, you have way too many good readers to worry about the few nasty people out there in Internet-land. Don’t let the mean people ruin it for the rest of us! I get rude comments on my blog sometimes too, and so I know how upsetting it can be. But just remember – those people have to be unhappy in their own lives in order to find joy in writing nasty comments or making someone else feel bad. Because that’s just not something a happy, confident, and secure person does. So when you think of it that way, it almost makes you feel sorry for those people. Anyhow even if you don’t want to post the video, at least share some photos with us. You can’t tease us with a post like this and have NO photos. :)

  19. says

    I got tired just reading that itinerary, and two teeth, wow you are basically super mom!
    And who would leave YOU rude comments? That’s like punching a kitten (so wrong)

  20. says

    You are brave! I don’t think I could do a road trip with a baby!

    It’s hard to ignore rude people. Don’t let it get to you, that’s what they want!

  21. Emily says

    This is my first comment even though I’ve been reading your blog for well over a year now. I just want to say that I think you’re great! Funny, witty, silly, and a fantastic writer. I look forward to each blog post. Keep up the good work and to anyone who feels the need to make nasty comments: BOO. You suck.


  22. Amy says

    Hi Katie!

    I discovered your blog through YHL a couple of months ago and loved reading through some of your old posts (and now the new ones!) You are both part of my daily blog check while having a morning coffee at work :O)

    I absolutely LOVE the stuff you write about – and gosh you are so funny and clever with your writing!

    I am usually an ‘observer’ on these blogs, don’t know why – but i never comment. However i just wanted to let you know you are definitely an inspiration to me and i love the way you live your life!

    All the way from Australia,

    Amy x

  23. says

    Eek! What a fun trip!!! I LOVE road trips. I’m glad you guys had fun.

    I can’t believe anyone would ever be rude to you. You are seriously like one of the nicest people I “know” (okay, that’s stretching it, but I do read your blog!)

    I hope you post the video soon. I’ll come give you lots of nice positive mojo. ;)

    ~Allison @ House of Hepworths

  24. Kate says

    Katie, to join in on the mean people bandwagon…my complaint about your blog is this: I wish you had time to write more. That’s it. That’s my only complaint. I look forward to reading your blog everyday. You are so funny and are a talented DIYer. Keep it up! You’re doing great. Sorry I don’t comment more to let you know that. :)

    • says

      Aww thanks Kate. I give you unlimited complaint priviledges :) I wish I had time to write more too. You guys have no idea how many posts have been eliminated because I just don’t have the time. We are constantly moving here at the Bower house and the wait time on some of these projects to hit the blog is ridiculous. Maybe one day I will just write one HUMONGOUS post that is like four million words and catches us up to speed.
      xo – kb

  25. JoDi says

    We’d love to see the video! Your blog is one of the few that I always read. I never miss a post, and they all make me smile! I love the blend of home and family stuff over here. It’s nice that it’s not just one or the other.

  26. Sarah says

    So, I read your blog all the time and couldn’t help but notice the Steelers gear. So I concluded that you must have Pittsburgh roots…which brings me to my slightly stalker like question. I was in Pittsburgh this past weekend for my husband’s high school reunion. Does your hubby’s father live or did live in Sewickley, PA at any time? We were out at a bar and I saw a man who I SWEAR could be an older version of Jeremy. I almost asksed him, but then wasn’t sure how to start the conversation? I’m really not a stalker, but I was fixated on this man who may or may not be related to you!

    • says

      Hi Sarah,
      We are huge Steelers fans…but Jeremy married into this obsession…so to answer your question…no, Jeremy married into the Steeler Nation…he was not born into it like I was :) Half blood if you will.
      And it’s funny that you were there this past weekend…we were there just last week! Go Black & Gold!
      xo – kb

    • Jess Hindmarsh says

      Maybe it was Jeremy just looking a little worse for wear? hee hee.

      Love your blog katie. I’ve been a silent reader for more than a year….maybe 2? sheesh that scares me. I’ve also read every blog post on YHL! (also scary)

      Both blogs make my lunch break at work awesome.

      • says

        I assure you Jess…Jeremy never looks bad :) If anything Sarah saw me and thought I was the old man!
        xo – kb
        p.s. so glad that your break includes ABP…you have no idea how happy that makes me.

  27. says

    Ha! Just returned from an 11-day road trip through New England with my boyfriend. We spent a heck of a lot of time in the car too, seeing 5 states. But we giggled the whole way. My boyfriend is the king of silly and corny jokes. It was so much fun.
    But I think you guys take the cake, pulling off a trip like that with a little one in tow!

  28. says

    People are rude here? What on earth is there to be rude about? I agree with the others–delete rude comments like you’d delete spam comments, because neither of them have a place here.

    Your trips sound fun! You are a better woman than I am for going on a road trip with a baby, or maybe for going on a road trip at all. I hate being in the car and get nauseated after a few hours so travel doesn’t happen much around here.

    BTW, I love the compliments at the top of the blog; they always make me smile.

  29. says

    No idea where my post went. Nevermind.

    I was saying that maybe you were around my neighborhood on your second anniversary trip. :)

    We love road trips, and we’ve crisscrossed Europe a few times, and will as many summers as we can. We have our eyes on a road trip across the West Coast sometime in the future.

    Have fun in your trip!

  30. Jamie says

    I would love to see your video. I feel like you’re part of the family so of course I’d like to see it, but I know how sensitive private stuff can be and I wouldn’t want any negative drama for you. I wish there was a way you could show the video (and other stuff too) to only people who love you and care about your sweet little family (and as such wouldn’t make you feel bad) and leave all ‘others’ out of it!
    Wishful thinking right! Haha. Oh well, I’m so glad you guys had a wonderful trip.

  31. says

    Just started following your blog – love it! I also love that you guys did a road trip! My husband is trying to convince me to do a cross country roadtrip for our next vacation – but I dont know how I feel about it yet. Seems like you guys had a good time! Anyways, I look forward to more Bower-blog reading! :-)

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