Wedding Week – The Present Time

The way into my heart is easy.

1 – laugh at my jokes…even if they are ________(insert corny, awful, or unfunny here).

2 – give me presents.

It’s that easy. It sounds like I am this materialistic person…but the gift doesn’t actually have to cost any money. You could literally pick a blade of grass and tell me that you thought of me when you saw that little sprig of green…and I will melt in your hands. So obviously with my love language being gift-giving, my darlin’ boyfriend knows that he can show me how much he cares by giving me a little anniversary present. So I thought I would do a recap of all three years of anniversary pressies Jeremy has presented (heehee) to me…

The traditional gift for your first anniversary is PAPER.  Hello nice to meet you Mr. Boring.  It’s pretty obvious a man came up with this one.  A girl would have said diamonds.  But my boytoy didn’t really stick to the traditional meaning of this anniversary gift.  As in, he didn’t buy me a reem of 8×11’s and call it a day.  On our first anniversary, he surprised me with paper in the form of airline tickets.  That’s right, he flew me to Niagra Falls…

(you can read all about that oldie post here)…and then he gave me my Canon camera.  I kinda figure it’s like two gifts that are paper related…one is more direct (the tickets) and the other is a little more creative (cameras take photos which are printed on photo paper….a la Kevin Bacon…TAHDAH!).  So maybe that is a stretchin it a bit but regardless, I felt very loved. 

Then for the second anniversary, the traditional gift is cotton. 

And you probably read all about our trip last year to Dominican Republic.  Well, while we were there, this suite and the glorious king-size-bed would have been enough cotton to keep me happy. 

But then on top of that…Jeremy purchased me my own spa massage (we had one couples massage too) and a facial.  And yes, he took that photo of me right before our ladies with the magic fingers came in.  And no, I have no qualms about taking photos in random places.  And yes, I was slightly drooling even before the massage started :)

What does a massage have to do with cotton?  Well, here is a photo that explains how I looked afterward. And if that doesn’t say COTTON = bliss, well, then I don’t know what does.

This year, we took more of a creative approach when it came to our anniversary gifts.  You kinda have to be creative when it comes to leather.

Instead of buying something that is made of leather, we decided to get something that is traditionally made of leather…luggage.  We had always had mismatched carryalls (plastic bags from Kroger…a duffel bag that was a gift from my work…a open tote we got for our wedding).  And for trips we simply borrowed from various family members (like the ones below in a photo from our honeymoon):

So this year, we discussed it prior to our big day…we would look for matching luggage (with rolling wheels that actually roll).   I found it at TJMaxx.  We loved this Samsonite luggage for multiple reasons.  First, it has the swivel wheels which comes in handy now that one person’s hands are full-time occupied with Will.  Secondly – it has those little orange stripes (which makes it a little easier to identify in the sea of black airport bags).   Third – it has that heavy duty exterior and a 10 year warranty.  Even though it isn’t leather, we think of leather luggage when we see it…so it totally counts.   

And honestly, I have to hide a smile everytime I see that little Samsonite plaque on the front.  I think you know why…  

Swim? Swammi? Slippy? Slappy? Swenson? Swanson? Oh yeah, it’s right here.  Samsonite.  I was way off! (name that movie) 

So tell me…what has been your favorite anniversary gift that you received?  Any luggage people out there?  Camera’s?  Trips?  You know what…it doesn’t have to be an anniversary present…it could be any gift…just tell me all about it.  Telling me will be like a gift from you to me.  And I will feel loved :)  



  1. says

    How WEIRD!! You know, I totally just recently did a 2 part post about “packing light” & discussed my choice of luggage there… And then shortly after posted about my OWN 3rd wedding anniversary gift shopping adventures!! Funny how much we have in common Katie B! Those things in addition to being southern belles. ;-)

  2. Mary Lou says

    So funny! My husband and I went to DR for our honeymoon and we also indulged in a couples massage. We stayed at a Hilton and they also draped us in a single towel. I thought it was our resorts policy to use a towel, but maybe it’s the DR massage industry that doesn’t teach the draping techniques they do here?! (have you had a massage here with all of the sheets and only the part of the body they are working on is out) : ) I was like, what is with this small towel? But it was lovely anyway.

  3. says

    Dang girl! You get some sweet prizes!

    We try to make our anniversary gifts and for our one year anniversary he made me a shadow box filled with wedding and honeymoon pics and momentos. So sweet!

  4. Amanda says

    Wow! I’m only… 3 months in, but I’m already thinking of 1 year presents! I hope we get to hear what you gave the boyfriend~

  5. Anne says

    We went to Jamaica for our honeymoon, and so for our first anniversary, my husband gave me an appointment at the salon to get highlights (a big splurge for me at that point) so I could get back the look the sun gave my hair in Jamaica… and I gave him some Jamaican rum. The next anniversary will be #5 – and I’ve been (not so subtly) been hinting that this would be a good time to do the Jamaica themed gift again – in the form of a trip back to Jamaica! Though I don’t need to be picky – Mexico or anywhere in the Caribbean would certainly do too…

  6. says

    dumb and dumber!!!
    we don’t usually do gifts, we just go hiking/camping for a little vacay.
    but on our first anniv. i was interviewing for a new job, and he got me these really great earrings from one of my fav. stores Sundance. and then i stopped at the apt office on my way to the interview for a package, and it was flowers!!!! it was a great lift me up, and i got the job!

  7. Kelly says

    We follow the traditional gifts rule for our anniversary, too! I love your ideas!
    #1 – I received notecards with my name and address printed on them and also the envelope was lined with fancy paper he picked out.
    #2 – A J. Crew sweater
    #3 – A Coach bag
    #4 – Fruit/Flowers…was only 2 months ago and I cannot remember! But, we’ve had a crazy year with new jobs, buying first house, and first baby coming in a month!

  8. says

    Your hubby is SO sweet and creative, you’re a blessed lady. I’ve only been married for a year and we really wanted to get a painting for the bedroom…but times are tough so we’re waiting on that one. BUT I totally understand your luggage bliss. When we were engaged I bought a 4 piece luggage set online that’s brown with pink polka dots and I love love love it! It makes traveling more enjoyable for me.

  9. says

    That’s one of my favorite moments of Dumb and Dumber. See also: “We got no food, no jobs… our PETS’ HEADS ARE FALLING OFF!” :)

    Looks like some nice anniversary trips you had there. I’ve got my first coming up in March. Not sure what we are doing yet, but I’m gettin’ excited! WOOT!

  10. Lindsey says

    The boyfriend really knows how to do presents right. My love language is presents as well, but the hubs is doing things for me(building things, cleaning things and yard work) so since our anniversary falls in January and my birthday is in Feb. we normally don’t do or give much for our anniversary but he did give a wonderful lemon tree one year and planted it for me! We will go out for a nice dinner. My favorite present ever was last year for my birthday and he gave me my Canon camera!

  11. says

    So cute! We do the same type of thing! For our paper anniversary, we got a membership at our local zoo (kind of a stretch). Our cotton anniversary was this year, and my husband surprised me with a trip to Las Vegas. How is this cotton? The progression went like this: cotton-cotton candy-circus-circe du soleil-in Las Vegas! haha, so much fun!

  12. says

    For our first anniversary we did something similar. We purchased plane tickets to fly to Europe and then took a Mediterranean cruise. Like you two, we like to go off of the traditional idea, but certainly aren’t afraid to stretch that a little bit!

  13. says

    We don’t really follow the anniversary traditions, maybe if you stretch the meaning pretty far? Last year for our first anniversary we bought a house (and signed the closing papers, but that was a little early) and then on our actual anniversary we bought tickets to see a home game for our favorite football team. This year our anniversary present to each other was an ’81 CJ-7 (there may be cotton in there somewhere? the seats?).

  14. Nicole Marie says

    My sweet husband has given me some terrific gifts since we’ve been married. For our anniversary, we went to Vegas, and he treated me to a wonderful massage and a manicure/pedicure. He also gave me a diamond anniversary band! Can’t wait to see what year 2 brings!

    By the way, what did you give him for your anniversary?

  15. says

    We go the traditional route, but for those we buy them together (like you did the luggage). Then we usually get each other something small that’s not the traditional gift.

    1- anniversary pictures and monogrammed stationary
    2- Egyptian cotton sheets

    I’ve already started thinking about what we will do for year 3….

  16. Mag-Pie says

    My sweet hubs framed our wedding invitation for our first anniversary. For our second, he bought us a set of unbelievably soft sheets. And when I found out how much they cost I promptly returned them and bought another only slightly less luxurious but far more budget friendly set. He said he had never loved me more! I also get “Half-aversary” presents….you know, halfway through the year. He’s a keeper, I know.

  17. says

    I’ve only been married for a few minutes, but of course I’m already thinking about anniversary gifts! My husband is not so creative in the gift-giving department, so I know he’d like to have the traditonal gifts as a starting point. Maybe I’ll just happen to leave this comment section up on the computer to give him some ideas, haha.

    I’d love to hear what you gave Jeremy over the last three years!

  18. says

    My husband and I buy a postcard wherever we go and then write the date and what we did on the back. We started doing this when we got married and realized that no matter how many pictures we took, most of them would always live on the computer and not get printed out. After two years, we had a small pile building up. I had my friend at Boom Box bindery build me a custom box box to keep all the cards in and gave it to my husband as our 2nd anniversary gift. The cotton? It’s in the material she wrapped the box in.

    Here’s a photo:

    Our third anniversary is just around the corner, so I need to start thinking! Thanks for sharing all your gifts throughout the years. Love the airline tickets for paper!

  19. says

    For our first anniversary we did “gas receipts” and took a road trip down the the Florida Keys with our furkid.

    I may be skipping ahead on the leather gift because we need new luggage so, so bad. I have been researching what kind we want for Christmas. It sounds boring but luggage can make the best gifts!

  20. says

    Gift-giving is totally my love language too! Giving and receiving. It’s a simple way to show you care. Love your twists on the traditional gifts.

  21. says

    You crack me up! I can’t hear the word “Samsonite” without thinking of Dumb & Dumber. Nice! I wish my “boyfriend” was as good at giving gifts as yours is. That’s my love language too. Maybe I’ll have to be less subtle in my hints. Apparently leaving magazine clippings in his stuff isn’t working :-)

  22. says

    You got some awesome gifts! That luggage looks wonderful, we only have duffle bags, we also haven’t gone many places either.

    For our first anniversary my husband got me 1/4 caret princess cut diamond earrings. I had wanted nice metal ones that wouldn’t bother my ears, but small enough that I could wear everyday. We had been looking at earrings while we got our rings cleaned and then he went back a few days later to buy them. Our second anniversary is coming up in a couple weeks and I think we are going to decide on something big together.

  23. says

    My fiance is actually really really good at gift-giving (as in every anniversary, holiday, birthday etc I spend weeks pondering over what I can get to possibly compare with his), but of all the amazing gifts, my top favorite would be the 2nd two-year anniversary gift. You can read the entire story here: The shortened version is below.

    He gave me 2 gifts – one I couldn’t open until later when he told me it was okay – as in I had to sit around for 5 whole days, shaking and squeezing the box, and eventually hiding from myself until he gave me the go ahead. On a Thursday night, he called me when I got home and told me the gift was in my car’s glove compartment and could be opened immediately. Inside were 3 paperback novels – The Pearl, Girl with a Pearl Earring, and The Good Earth by Pearl S. Buck. There was a special note inside the first one and when I went inside, there was the boyfriend down on one knee with my dream pearl and diamond engagement ring. :)

    • Alisha Landreth says

      You’re fiance is very similar to my hubby. He always gets these awesome gifts for me and I can’t find what in the world I could get for him. our birthdays are 10 days apart and that makes it even harder, since he got me a bamboo tablet and I got him clothes not expecting this amazing gift 10 days later. He also puts them in bags or wraps them days ahead and sets them out or next to my side of the bed. It just taunts me until I have to hide it from myself as well!!

  24. Kristin says

    My hubby and I have definitely not done the traditional gifts…but we have made some big purchases around our anniversaries. Our first, we bought a 100 year old house and our second we bought a pure bred black lab to train and hunt with! So now for our third, we’re going to have to be creative :-)

  25. Erin says

    For our first anniversary, we took a trip to Victoria BC. It was probably the most fun vacation we’ve had together, topping even our honeymoon to Maui!

    Our second anniversary this past June, we got each other a baby! And she’s the best gift we could ever ask for. :)

  26. LauraC says

    I can’t get over how much Will looks like Jeremy! Such a cutie! I think of you often because our Jonathan is all of two days younger than Will. We just started cereal a week ago, so I thought, “Will is probably doing this too.” :-) Jonathan is on the verge of crawling (much earlier than his big sister did) and gets up on his hands and knees, then doesn’t know what to do next. So cute!!! As for gifts, we never have followed the “guidelines”, but we had very special #3 and #6 (this year!) anniversaries. Last year we went to a very nice B&B, but it wasn’t too fun because I was sick, sick, sick! But this year I wasn’t pregnant so I enjoyed our anniversary much more!

  27. says

    Best movie ever. I also say that every.single.time I bust out the luggage, which is quite often (I travel fairly frequently for work). It never gets old.

  28. Alisha Landreth says

    For our 2nd year anniversary of just dating he bought me my Canon. Which has therefor lifted off my business.

    But for our first wedding anniv. he got me some books I had been pining after but not willing to actually buy. And I got him a fancy faux leather journal for all his accounting number crunching he loves to do. We also gave each other our original wedding vows too. I love all of your presents! He’s a smart guy!

  29. says

    We tend to follow tradition (albeit sometimes more years than others) just because it makes it sooooo much easier! That and you almost *have* to be creative. And seriously – what other “occasion” gives you a cheat sheet for buying gifts?!? It’s perfect!!


  30. says

    I’ll be honest, we don’t really give anniversary presents…we just feel blessed to get a date night the day of! However, one of the best gifts my husband gave me was a Nalgene bottle on Mother’s Day. I absolutely fawned over it until he told me to look inside. The “real” gift were plane tickets to see a very good friend in California who I hadn’t seen in ages. It was an amazing gift because it was so unexpected and so very thoughtful.

    Thank you for sharing Katie! I loved reading this post!


  31. Lori in OR says

    (OK, the “Modesty Oval” just about killed me…)

    My tall boy is not a gift giver. It’s disappointing, because I looooove getting gifts, but the man does not speak that language. His love language is acts of service.

    My favorite anniversary “gift” he gave me was for our fifth anniversary. We were traveling in Europe, and I’d just miscarried in my 11th week and gone into shock from blood loss. The hospital would not let him stay the night, so he spent it sitting in a Belgian hotel room scrubbing the blood from my sandals, since he knew they were the only shoes I’d been able to find that I could wear comfortably.

    Touched my heart and broke it, all at the same time.

  32. says

    Today is my twentieth anniversary. We don’t really give each other gifts, but I think he considers the newish washer/dryer and fridge/stove purchase presents for me. He’s soooo romantic!
    And if I am ever in your neck of the woods, I am totally dropping in on you.
    “If I know Katie as well as I think I do, she’ll invite us right in for tea and strumpets.”

  33. says

    bahaha! My sister and I almost watched Dumb and Dumber this afternoon.

    I’ve loved both of the anniversary gifts I’ve received (we’ve been married 2 years). For our 1 year anniversary, the husband gave me the Twilight series (paper), and for our 2 year anniversary (this past June), he gave me a Twinkle Living ZigZag pillow from CSN (cotton).

    But I’m like you ~ laugh at my jokes or give me a present and I will love you forever! :p

  34. Erin says

    For our second anniversary my husband gave me the best gift EVER: my daughter! Yep, we found out we were pregnant! She’s 15 months now and I could not be more in love with him or her! :)

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