You guys asked for it. 

I don’t know why you would care what I read when it comes to this:

But ask and you shall receive.  Here are SOME of my favorite photography blogs & sites:


A go-to site for digital photography tutorials: Digital Photography School

My favorite source for free actions & tutorials: The Pioneer Woman

My other favorite source for free actions & tutorials: The CoffeeShop Blog

More free actions: MCP Actions

Uses photoshop actions regularly: Marisa Hugonett Photography

Provides tutorials for photoshop: Elizabeth Archibong Blog

Some general questions answered: Bob Atkins Tutorials

Five minute video tutorials: Shelton Moore

Some more tutorials for newbies: Modern Prairie Girl

Fun blog with a couple tutorials: Sideoats + Scribbles



Natural light photographer I wish I had skills like: Pear Blossom Blog

Baby photography that I would hire: Chubby Cheeks Photography

Provides amazing tips in the text of posts: Annie Tao Blog

Favorite photo blog for B&W’s & sepia tone edit jobs: Sharstin Miller Photography

Family photog with an eye for children’s portraits: Jess Bishop Photography

Newborn photographer with uber-clean editing: Lisa Russo Photography

Great child pictures & captures multiple subjects wonderfully: Karen Baker Photography 

My fav senior portrait photog blog: Ann Mays Photography

One of my favorite wedding photography blogs: Simply Bloom Photography

Captures the everyday life of her girls: Enjoying the Small Things Blog

Great use of color: Beth Wild Photography Blog

Captures great landscapes: Kerinsa Marie Photography



  1. says

    Holy smokes, what a great resource. I totally bookmarked this. My method has been to just take a billion shots and pick one or two that don’t look heinous. It’s the ol’ throw noodles at the wall and see what sticks method. Thank you for rounding this up.

  2. Jen says

    Hi Katie! I’ve never commented before, but I love your blog – I think you’re hilarious!! When I saw this post on photographers, I had to brag a little on my friends Natalie and Dan – they are AWESOME photographers located in Knoxville, TN. They’re specialize in portraits and wedding photography…you should take a look at their website/blog at:
    I promise, I’m not biased – they’re super-talented (and super-fun) people!

  3. Julie says

    Hi Katie,
    I found your blog while perusing YHL and have continued reading due to some shared interests (same camera, interest in photography, first time mommy of an 8 month old, home improvement…). This is a little random, but I was wondering how you carry your Rebel. As a new mommy, I find myself dragging around a diaper bag and my own bag with my camera crammed inside. I’m a bit of klutz, so my purse sometimes gets thrown around…(with the camera–yikes!) I’ve considered stashing it in the larger diaper bag, but with my luck, baby stuff would leak all over it. And of course, wherever my little bean goes, my camera is close at hand. Do you have any tricks for a traveling mamarazzi managing baby/mom/camera clutter?

  4. says

    Awesome! I was just thinking yesterday, “I need to learn more photoshop tricks!” And then here’s a list of a billion tricks. Thanks!

    p.s. the pioneer woman link is bad.

  5. cate s. h. says

    Hi Katie…LOVE your blog! I can relate to so many things you post. Thanks for doin’ what you do!
    I’m not sure if you’re aware, but each of your posts lately shows up twice in google reader, FYI. They didn’t used to do that, so I don’t think it’s my personal settings.

  6. Jessica says

    Love Love Love Simply Bloom!!! Check out Feather Love Photography too!! I stare at their site all day long. And drool. In fact I check their site ALMOST as much as I check in here;) Keep it up! Your photog skills are fabulous!

  7. says

    Hi Katie!

    I was wondering if you knew of a specific post or site that has tips and advice for photographing a newbord, and/or one that gives tips on children too – posing, how, if at all the parents should be involved, time of day (after feeding? napping? etc.), location, props (baskets seem to be popular), and how the usual session will go – whether outfits should be already planned by the parent, etc.? Maybe you have advice from your experience? I just bought my first DSLR (Nikon D3100) and had a photography class at the community college. So still just starting out, but want to start offering up free sessions to family and friends, but wanted to be a little more professional so things run smoothly – esp. with kids! Thoughts?

    • says

      Hi Lauren,
      I don’t know of any specific site…but if you look at most photography websites, they will outline what to expect somewhere. As for my experience, here is what I plan for newborns:
      …parents can be involved if they want to be…not absolutely necessary but most moms want at least a couple photos with the baby.
      …newborns should be photographed within the first 6 days of life. This is when they are most bendy and past the baby acne phase.
      …children should be wellrested, fed, and allowed to play. Also it helps to have snacks or treats on hand (provided by the parent).
      …parents should plan baby outfits accordingly. Usually most people try to do 2-3 and then some naked shots.
      …newborn sessions typically take anywhere from 2 to 4 hours A PIECE. This is so that you can cover the awake periods and those deep sleep periods while allowing for breaks for nursing or meals.
      …I bring the following to newborn shoots – a boppy, a small squishy beanbag, a spaceheater, a burpcloth, a blowdryer, 2-3 blankets, a sheet, a 2-3 yard piece of fabric for addt. backdrop, a basket, a wooden bowl, a bag of ribbons and various seasonal props. Sounds like a lot but when you have a limited time (I get time crunched because I bring Will to all my shoots), you tend to be overprepared.
      …I tell the parents to bring the following for newborns & children shoots – clothing, special blankets or stuffed animals, snacks & treats, stocked diaper bag, favorite rattles & toys, seasonal items, diaper covers (bloomers), and any special items that they would like to be included…like headbands, butterfly wings, etc.
      …the time of day for any shoot depends on lighting. I am a natural light photographer so I only shoot early in the morning or right before the sun goes down. Babies usually do better in the morning so that is when we do it. The exception to this rule is cloudy overcast days and shooting in the shade.
      …location is usually at the person’s home or a nearby park or playground.
      …posing is usually a photographer’s choice. You can choose to be the “say-cheese” kinda photog or you can choose to get to know the child a little better beforehand – understanding what that child does, looks like, etc…and then allow them to naturally be themselves while you capture the essence of that child. That is what I try to do. It seems to be working for me :)
      Hope this helps & let me know if you have any other questions!
      xo – kb

  8. Lacey says

    So glad to hear you love my wonderful friends’ wedding photography business, Simply Bloom Photography. They are simply amazing ;) Thank you for sharing their blog with your readers!

  9. Sara O says

    Please link this post to your Photography page…I like to look at the links you suggest and always have a bit of trouble finding the page (probably because I can never spell paparazzi correctly, lol)…Thanks!

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