This is Robyn.

I have the distinct priviledge of being friends with her mom, Kristin and her grandparents, the Lilleys.  And so when I found out Kristin was pregnant, I was overjoyed.  Kristin didn’t think she would be able to get pregnant.  But then…this little surprise found her way into the world.  She is soo sweet.  and was extremely patient with me during this photoshoot.  I need a lot of patience sometimes.  Just ask Jeremy.

She has one of those smiles…it lights up her entire face.  It definitely helps when you get some mommy-love.

I went to visit and Kristin didn’t really know what she wanted at first.  Then we talked a little and she came up with an agenda…she first wanted some fall photos of her firstborn. 

I love how you can just put a pumpkin hat on a baby and all of a sudden, it’s fall photos.  Have you all done your fall photos with your babies yet?  Or your big kids?  It’s never a bad time to photo document…you’ll never get these moments back…or a ton of chances to embarrass your child!


Then we stripped her down to the diaper. 

Robyn wasn’t so sure about being naked.  Her mama taught her well :)

I seriously couldn’t get enough of these feet.  the spread toes.  the poker straight legs.  the wrinkled bottoms.  sooo sweet. 

Okay…and then Kristin whipped out these wings.  I about died.  Literally.  I almost choked on my excitement and died.  Oh…and the other thing you need to know about this photo is that Robyn does not sit up on her own yet.  Yeah.  So it makes the fact that she was balancing with these beautiful wings on her back so much more special.  It only lasted a second…and that’s all I needed. 

I did the white sheet background again…it works great ya’ll.  This time we just used a white sheet and a couple chairs.  And you would never know that we were inside Kristin’s dining room. 

Almost as sweet as those toes are these fingers.  I love watching babies watch their fingers.  It’s like the world is being born.  It’s like you are watching someone experience a miracle. 

Even though Robyn looks just like Kristin to me, her beautiful skin tone is definitely a gift from her dad.  In different lights it looks different…sometimes a rich mocha, sometimes a velvety brown, sometimes a warm tan…with no weird red spots or splotchiness.  She was a joy to edit…mostly because I didn’t have to erase out any imperfections (there were none) and her eyes really popped without any additional help.  

We also got a couple of Robyn in her Christmas outfit. 

Her big sister got home from school by then and was able to make her smile big time.  All she did was call her name – which affectionately was “Rah Rah”. 

okay…that’s enough of the baby photos.  I know I slammed you guys with them lately.  But we are gonna head back to our house and catch up on posting some of the renovations that are underway lately.  Believe me…there are some big ole fatties waiting to be posted.  xo – Chunkster



  1. says

    all of the pictures look great! but my favorites are the first picture (she looks like such a little lady) and the swaddle picture (the fabric looks great against the background and her skin). i bet i know what your big announcement is…. ;-)

  2. Robyn says

    Oh, I love that first picture! Doll baby! Of course I love her name. I thought how cool, all my nieces and nephews call me Aunt Rah Rah!!

  3. Ami says

    What a doll! Love these photos, Katie! Lilley is my maiden name, so maybe there’s some distant relation to all of that cuteness! :)

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