Great Giveaway – Ready(Ratcheting)Wrench

Remember how last year Jeremy got a cool stocking stuffer? It was a ReadyWrench


And remember how he said that it wasn’t a cheesy tool?


Remember that?

And how I said that there was nothing wrong with being married to a cheesy tool…remember?

Well, this year, the fine folks at Black n Decker sent us the upgraded version (for free!) so that we could do a compare/contrast/review…it was the uncheesiest untooliest tool of them all….the Ratcheting ReadyWrench. 

Dude.  If you can’t remember anything else from this, I just want you to remember that if you have a leftover home improvement store gift card…or a bit of Christmas money…or if your Dad’s wallet just happens to be sitting unguarded, that you want to make your way to the Ratcheting ReadyWrench aisle and get one of these.  (By the way, I do not endorse stealing your parent’s money…but if you happen to use Pop’s card instead of yours, he does get the rights to borrow this tool and for that, he will thank you.)

And this year, we put this sucker to the test…we gave it to my brother to see if he (being the wrench-weilding type) would give us the lowdown. 

What does Tim do that makes him an expert ratcheting-wrench-judger?  You see that trailer behind his truck?  Yeah…he uses wrenches all day every day as he works with cars.  Yeah…he’s one of those things-with-engine-lovahs.  I don’t get it but whatever.  He doesn’t understand ceramic birds…it’s amazing that we are of the same bloodline.   And whenever I say ‘bloodline’ I think of being a vampire…and then I think of Edward Cullen….not the actor who plays Edward…my imaginary version of Edward…which is actually Jeremy with sparkling glitter-skin and a black trenchcoat.

Anyhoo…Tim, being a man of very few words…said the following of the Ratcheting Readywrench…”very cool”. 

Did you catch that?  Yeah…two TWO words!  I don’t think he said that much when I told him I was pregnant with his future nephew.

And then he went on (!!!!)….he liked “the weight of it” (which I don’t really get) and how the socket sizes were colorcoded…AND how it was all-in-one (hello convenience!)….wrench and socket set.  And then he ran off to tinker with it….which by the way is very different than tinkling with it :)  

And Edward, err….I mean, Jeremy told me that the ratcheting action made it super easy to use.  And that it was perfect for those folks who don’t need an entire socket set…just the standard 16 sizes.     

So why am I telling you all this? 

Well, the fine folks at Black N Decker want you to have one…so they picked us to host a giveaway (time to break out the pop-n-lock-bootie dancing!)  Here’s how you can win:

PRIZE : Ratcheting Ready Wrench

DESCRIPTION:  The new Ratcheting ReadyWrench promises to make your home improvement, remodeling or DIY project a cinch, thanks to the 16 socket sizes contained within this one amazing wrench, now with ratcheting action. Black & Decker designed the wrench’s SureFit Technology with DIYers like you in mind.  It’s guaranteed to fit all the most popular standard and metric socket sizes to help you complete your work more efficiently and ultimately save you time.


TO ENTER : Leave a comment with the phrase “I’M READY”.  And just for fun, tell me what needs tinkering around your house?  A bathroom?  A kitchen?  A car?

PRIZE SHIPS : the lower 48 states

NITTY GRITTY :  This giveaway ends on Saturday, January 8th at 8am EDT.  Only one contest entry per email address.   The winners will be chosen using and announced on Monday, January 10th.


Good Luck and Happy Wrenching! 


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  1. Vanessa L says

    I’M READY! How about we use this to put together the garage cabinet we’ve had sitting around for 2 YEARS!?

  2. Cordia says

    “I’m Ready”! Let’s see- toilet could use a tightening, old doorknob is loose. Let’s face it- I live in a house built in 1930. There is plenty to tinker with around here!

  3. says

    I’M READY! <— reminds me of spongebob squarepants, lol

    The bf and I are always trying to fix up things around the house so this will come in handy!

  4. Rachel says

    I’m ready!
    Our very irritating boiler furnace could use a little tinkering right now. It turns off each time the temp drops very low, which seems backwards to me…shouldn’t it be just getting started?

  5. says

    “I’M READY”! My husband and I just bought our first house and there is plenty of “tinkering” to be done. Especially in our downstairs bathroom.
    Great giveaway, thanks for the opportunity.

  6. Melissa says

    What in my apartment DOESN’T need fixing? That’s what calling maintenance is for but it would be so nice to have this!

  7. says

    “I’M READY”… to tackle some fence repairing in the front yard. A white picket fence which isn’t white any more stands out. Unfortunately. AND I want the fence to match my gorgeous new solar lights I got from the hubby this x-mas.

  8. Kristin says

    I’M READY!!

    My bathroom sink only has cold water. And it has been that way for almost a year now…

    It is the only bathroom in the house, the faucet was dripping, so my hubby shut off the hot water. Problem solved… (not really) Now I have to wash my face every morning in freezing cold water. Did I mention its the middle of winter in WV?

    Maybe this ratcheting-wrench would inspire my husband to fix it! Or maybe it would inspire me to fix it myself…

  9. Linda says

    I’M READY!!

    What doesn’t need tinkering in my house? There’s so much, I don’t even know where to begin!

  10. Annapolitan says

    I’M READY! Pretty much the only place I use a socket wrench set is for my car. I hate that socket wrench set. I’d gladly exchange it for something I could hold in one hand and which doesn’t need its own case.

  11. says

    I’M READY!
    What DOESN’T need tinkering around my house?! Bathroom tile, floor tile, wood floors that need to be refinished…the list is seemingly endless. But luckily nothing NEEDS to be tinkered with, it’s all just aesthetic.

  12. Angela says

    I’m Ready! We are working on everything in our older home. We have the upstairs bedrooms painted and we are working our way down. There is plenty to do.

  13. Margaret says

    “IM READY” ! We have lived in our house 27 years and needless to say it is showing some wear and tear. I have a whole list of improvements to make starting with our downstairs bathroom…so this tool is definitely needed!

  14. Chatelaine B says

    I’M READY! Our plumbing is whistling……. bet a ratchet won’t help huh? but I’m going to drain the pipes and see if the pressure valve is set to high or something.

  15. says

    I’M READY!

    We’re slowly renovated our old house, so we could really use a tool like this for all kinds of things around the house! Thanks for the giveaway!

  16. Stephanie says

    I”M READY!

    Where do I begin? How about I include all and say almost everything in my house needs tinkering!

  17. erika says

    I’m Ready. I’m really not and would love this. I’m trying to create a tool kit. I would love this if it would work to turn of my gas line in case of an earthquake here in So Cal.

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