Hobby Lobby’s Knobbies

Phase one is complete.  What was phase one?  Well, it’s when I turned the little $7 Goodwill sidetable into a cute bed side table with a little paint. 

Yeah…this is like one of those Topanga moments…do you remember that show Boy Meets World?  In one of the earlier episodes, the girl Topanga comes out with different hair one time and all of a sudden, the boy Corey is like screaming, “I’m totally in love with you because of your straight locks!”    

This is that moment.


Are you screaming at your computer screen “I’m in love with you because of your white coat of paint!”

It’s okay.  I did it several times already. 

But as much as I love it…there was something that struck me ‘sterile’ about the knobs.  The stainless steel pulls didn’t really go with the rest of the room which was full of warm hues…


See what I mean?  The freebie knobs just weren’t pullin’ my taffy, if you know what I mean.

Enter Hobby Lobby.  I have been scouting out their new hardware since day one waiting for the 50% off sign to go up.  Then a couple weeks ago, it finally happened.  I may or may not have yelled “I’m in love with you because you have hot knobs!” as I entered the store.  A store clerk may or may not have thought I was talking to them. 

Armed with my iPhone and attempting to keep Will’s pacifier from the floor, I snapped some of my favorites. 

Isn’t that airplane just darling?  Makes me wanna redo the Tinkler’s room nautical-style.

And do you know that little store called Anthropologie?  Yeah…they carry similar melon shaped glass knobs for twice the price!

They even carry handles that are chock-full of personality.


They carry big knobs (perfect for dressers) and small ones (hello mini drawer) and even ones that can personalize a space.


The great part is that Hobby Lobby has more creative styles than most local home improvement styles…and if you can’t wait around for the 50% sale, then you could always print out multiples of their online coupons (I think it’s 40% off!) and just make separate transactions for your project hardware.

psst – isn’t that last inky knob amazing!?!  

So you wanna see what I finally chose to warm up the basement bedroom nightstand?

It was this wooden-inspired knob.  I love how it looks carved and pieced together at the same time…and the finish is rich with all it’s different colors of warm browns. 


And at only four dollars for both new knobs, I’d say this makeover is finally complete.  Phase two – a success.

Let’s all pull our computer screens a little closer….and yell together…




  1. TheOtherKTBower'sMom says

    Pictures with my blanket! Woo Hoo!!! Hope it keeps him warm on your outings!
    I Love Hobby Lobby, but for different reasons than knobbies. YEP, my aisle is the

    • says

      Seriously OKTBMom…Will sleeps with it every night and we take it everywhere with us…I can’t thank you enough. Actually I should but lost your envelope before I had a chance to send you a thank you note. Maybe you could email it to me? I want to thank you and gush over the blanket properly (and hopefully convince you to let me purchase matching ones for my future babies!)
      xo – kb

      • TheOtherKTBower'sMom says

        With everything you have on your plate (boobie reference there),
        you did send me a very gushy thank you note. I am so happy
        that Will uses it. *Did i here a hint of another baby there?


  2. Hannah says

    Hi Katie!

    I read this post when you first put it up but at the time had no reason for knobbies, I am pleased to say I know do…I got a brilliant bargain wood dresser today for 10 pounds (We are stationed in UK) which I plan on painting up and changing the knobs. Anyway my problem is that since we are in UK I can’t just pop into hobby lobby – can you suggest any online dealers that sell knobs?


  3. SheilaG says

    Hey, I read this when you first posted but didn’t comment then. I have a question, though. I bought some knobs at HL probably a year ago, but the bolt part is attached to the knob- it has a nut that screws onto it. I haven’t put them on because the attached bolt is way too long for my cabinet doors- did you have that problem? What did you do? I know I could cut it shorter (somehow), but sounds awfully difficult. Is there a trick? Or maybe yours weren’t like that?

    • says

      Hi Sheila,
      We didn’t have a problem with the bolt being too long…it was a bit longer than perfect length but having it stick out a little didn’t bother us. I am guessing that if it really is a deal breaker for you, you could try to cut it with a sawzall? I’d probably have to google it to give you any other ideas :)
      xo – kb

  4. Jennifer says

    How often do they do the 50% off knob sale? And when they have the sale can you order on line and still get the 50% off?

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