First Floor Photo Tour

My house feels left out. 

I tried to explain to it that we haven’t stopped loving it.  That it’s okay sometimes to share the limelight.  I even attempted to make it understand the magnitude of being on The Nate Berkus Show… but no, no, no.  It feels ditched.  desserted.  dumped.     

I don’t want it to feel like that little Spears sister so I decided to focus a little harder on making it feel special.  Do you mind?  Do you think that maybe we could bring the excitement over the new house and the new photography business venture down a few notches and give our current home the thunder it wants and needs?  Do you think that it would be weird to really savor the last few weeks in this house by just givin’ it our all? 

Is that so hard a request?  to milk this thing?  to show you every nook & cranny?  to dive into it like a wrongly accused convict who escaped from prison and had to plunge off a cliff into the raging ocean below narrowly escaping dogs, police and a shower of gunfire?  (man I gotta stop watching so many movies…)

I am going to assume your silence means yes…you would love that.  So here we go – let’s do a little photo tour of our first floor.  Maybe I’ll just ramble about whatever comes to mind with that particular room.  That’ll be fun.  Funner than a Tina Fey movie.  again Katie…put the remote away.  and try to remember that nothing is funner than Tina Fey.  geesh.

Here’s the dining room…

It’s been so long since I showed you some of these rooms that it kinda makes me teary eyed!

This one is especially fun to show you because this room is really only used for special occasions and parties.  It’s not everyday that we go into this space…so the memories I have in here are sooo positive.  The fun showers, the gatherings, the times we told friends that we were pregnant, the time that we have romantic dinners…this is where all that happened. 


Currently we have a bunch of clean blue and woven stuff going on for the table and buffet.  I thought it was nice for the fresh new year.  You may also notice that we kept the lemon branches out.  I don’t know why I love them…but I am still diggin’ the color yellow…I know it’s kinda been on the design-radar for a while but I don’t care if it’s old-news, I love it. 

Moving onto our first floor bathroom.  Not much to say in here.  I still love the striped towels and the crisp palette of neutralness.

Here’s an angle you haven’t seen before.  Yes – I had to cram myself into the corner to get this shot.   It probably would have been easier to just change my lens but I like a challenge that involves small spaces and my large youknowwhat.

On the other side of the room is our little bathroom cabinet.  This is one of my favorite transformations.  It’s amazing what white paint can do!

Okay…keep going in the house and you will probably find yourself in the kitchen.  Do you realize that we laid those hardwood floors?  Did I ever tell you that?  Sometimes I am so impressed with myself.

And the curtains are new.  Originally I bought the fabric to make a nursing cover.  Then the dangpeople (that’s one word) over at Udder Covers sent me a discount code.  So the fabric was turned into curtains. 


I love how open the window is now. 

Did you also realize that we did EVERY thing in this kitchen except for lay the countertops?  And the only reason we didn’t do that was because the installation was included…

man, I feel so impressive that I should probably wear a badge that says WATCH OUT – I THINK I CAN DO IT!

I would like to see the reaction to such a badge.  Especially in public restrooms.

Here’s a little seen view of our house…kitchen to den.  yup.  this is where I live 90% of my life.  right here.

And the angle from the other direction.  Amazing to think that when we bought this house, there was a wall of cabinets that separated these two rooms, huh?  It’s true.  I tore into them on day 8 or something like that.  Right after throwing a bridal shower for a friend.  It was luau themed. 

The den had to say goodbye to the Christmas tree.  I probably would have cried if I wasn’t running around like a rabid dog screaming Nate Berkus! 

I redid the mantle.  I love it.  I was going for a modern-esque-meets-old-world look.  eclectic.  but classy. 

And our coffee table got a makeunder – I just placed the antler on there.  Will is mobile thus Will grabs whatever is on said coffee table thus one item is easier to move thus one item is on said coffee table.

You see that hole in the wall?  The hole that most would call a doorway?  Yup…that is the reason that I said that they keep free books at the library.  in front of an audience.  and Oprah’s designer.  and a million people. 

It leads to the living room.

Did you realize that this room right here shows my biggest design delimma?  You see that couch?  yeah.  And you see that next room through the hole?  The one where I put two chairs?  yeah.  Do you realize we used to have two couches?  side by side.  with a small wall separating them.  And I didn’t know what to do.  So I got rid of the one in the den and started over.  But yeah – when two people (each with a couch) gets married, this is what could happen.  Consider yourself warned.

This is Jeremy’s favorite view. 

Also, I switched out the ottoman covers for ones that had green piping. 

Cute huh?

I get lots of questions about our couch.  We love it.  We would definitely recommend white couches with slipcovers that are washable.  To date we have removed chocolate, blood, Kool-Aid, Gatoraide, soda, barbeque sauce, chili, mexican, and poop from it.  yes.  I said poop.

We also put our spring time pillows back on there.  I love that each one is different.  it makes me happy.  And yes, we love having lots of pillows on our couch…usually we end up fighting over at least one.

We also have found the easiest way to keep our coffee table decorated but baby-proofed is with this tray.  Since it is easily removable, we take it and put it higher up for when Will is practicing his cruising. 

Our green chairs.  I love them.  They are like the Kate Spade of our living room.  I also think I should sew some easy slipcovers for them…don’t know why but that just inspired me…hmm….maybe in a white linen with a pleated edge….

So that is our first floor photo tour (and some random information).  What do you think?  Anyone miss Christmas decor?  I do.  Maybe I am just getting nostalgic for it because it will probably be the last one we ever see in this house.  (weepweep!)  But it’s nice to have a house that is seasonally neutral enough to show to potential renters or buyers (psst…we had one come through today!). 

okay – so let’s chat….about anything…ready set go….



  1. says

    I’ve always loved your house, especially those green chairs and all the colorful pillows. I just LOVE green & navy together. And no, I’m not missing Christmas decor, I’ve so ready for Spring to arrive!!!

  2. Jen D. says

    Katie, thanks for sharing the pics. I love how you’ve put thought into every inch of your house. Very random, but the little light above the bookshelves on the left of the TV – where did you find that? We live in a dark rowhouse and I love this idea to add some more light. Thanks!

  3. julie says

    I’m wanting to knock down a wall in my kitchen and add a peninsula/breakfast bar like yours…can you tell me how much overhang you have? is it 12 inches?

    • says

      It’s about 9 inches…which is shorter than normal but we did that because we wanted it to not block the doorway to the deck but also wanted it to be centered on the hallway doorway that leads to the foyer.
      xo – kb

  4. steph says

    Hi, no but seriously, I need those window mirrors! And they’re not on your source list. In fact, that nook doesnt even make it into the picture of the den! Details, please!?

  5. Christina says

    So I’m sure I’m not the first person who’s ever asked, but do you mind answering ONE more time? Where is your couch from? I love that it looks so comfy, yet not so casual that it looks sloppy.

  6. says

    Your house is beautifully decorated. I started following your blog recently and really enjoy it. I used to live in Atlanta and miss it so much. I should move back and buy your house. Now I just need to convince my husband that is a good idea. Can I ask what color you have on the walls?

    • says

      Hi Brenda,
      You can see the colors of our house on our source list – it’s linked to under the Our Crib tab…it has everything :)
      xo – kb

  7. Allie says

    Oh Katie, this post really made me fall in love with your blog all over again. I absolutely love your house and would be in line to buy it if it were in my neighborhood. But I so love your style. It was the first house I saw in the blog world that I really thought, man, THAT is what I’m going for. Not a copy…but the feel and everything. I will miss this home, not as much as you I’m sure, but wow, you’re new house is sooooooooo different and GI-HUGE-ANT! I think I’d be a little intimidated, but if anyone can make that huge house a home, it’s you. Best wishes.

  8. Collette says

    Ok, so I KNOW I commented already, and I KNOW you have told us over and over again where the couch is FROM…but do you know what “style” it is through PB? I am looking for just such a thing and don’t see a similar style in the current catalog. Thanks!

  9. says

    Umm where on earth did you get the rug in your kitchen? I love it. Let me guess years ago on some random sale. Always my luck but, I hope not this time.

  10. Mari-ann says

    Hi Katie, I have been reading you for awhile now, and this is my first ever comment. I love your design style…classic, simple, pretty! I need some help. We have a (not so beautiful anymore) light blue sectional. Due to a skylight in our condo, a dog and 3 years of use, it is now a dirty, gray, splotchy mess. And I would love a slipcover for it. Any hints on where to find one that won’t break the bank? Help please

  11. says

    Hi Katie! I love your house so much…and I totally get the weird feeling you get when you are moving on from something that it might feel “lonely” or whatever. I hate it when inanimate objects emotionally blackmail me!

    Anyway, we are starting a kitchen redo at our house, and your happens to be very close to my vision. I am on the fence about painting my existing cabinets or staining them…yours look quite lovely left as natural wood! I think I might try that look first and then paint after a while of living with it.

    SO I was looking at your backsplash. What made you decide to go with white grout with your white tile? Is it hard to keep the white on white clean? have you ever gotten pomegranite juice on it? what are your thoughts on contrast grout with white subway tile?


    • says

      Hi Angi,
      It’s from Shades of Light. I think it was called Green Trellis…don’t know if they still have it, but you might want to give them a call!
      xo – kb

  12. frank says

    Im in love with your house! it is absolutely beautiful. great job guys! I really like your family room, it looks classy but also very cozy. Did you guys have an inspiration in your mind when putting the room together?

  13. Katie Miller says

    I love the decor! They all have such great coloring and decorations! Thank you for all the great tips. I found this giveaway for home decor that i cant help but share with my favorite blogs! Sarabella Giveaway

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