Katie & Natey

I saw the tape!  That’s right!  I just checked it out and embedded it for all you folks who might have accidentally left for work without setting your DVR. 

Things to notice:

  • I said I love cuddling up to my fireplace.  hello burns nice to meet you.
  • Nate touches my arm.  actually it was more like a hold.  Sherry – that was for you :)
  • How the very first question was about Will.  Little thunder thief.
  • My hair.  Obviously I didn’t do it.  It looks nice…but who has time to curl that huge sphere of a head?!
  • I slouch.  In photos it’s good to lean forward.  On television?  Notsomuch.
  • I pause awkwardly when talking about drywall hole….because I could hear Nate’s earpiece buzzing.  Yes.  My hearing is ridiculously good.  
  • How the crowd has a very delayed response to Nate’s question of “very Southern hospitality…isn’t it great?”

It just proves that some people are made for television…and me?  not one of them.



  1. Sue says

    Katie, I watched the segment in February and remembered the nursery. I am re-doing the farm house I grew up in an my 16 year old son would like a “barn” look. I remembered the pallets from the nursery and re-watched the episode. Can you tell me how you went about putting the pallets on? How did you clean them before putting them on? Do you seal them with anything. What a great idea!! Thanks for your help!!


    • says

      Hi Sue,
      Go to the Baby Bower tab…and under it is the accent wall link…it’ll tell you all about how we attached the suckers to the wall and how we sealed them!
      xo – kb

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