Outside my Dreams

So here’s the thing…I’m feeling a bit thin lately.  Not literally.  Although that would be nice.  Just worn thin. 

It might be the overwhelming number of posts that I have up my sleeve…or the fact that I sliced open my foot and feel helpless right now…or that my brain is participating in Spring…because wowza, it feels in full bloom.  I could talk about anything and everything and have literally a list of posts that I want to write that is longer than that wall I keep hearing about in China.  In order to get it all out there, I figured that maybe my posts don’t have to have quite so many words…or thirty plus photos.  Maybe some posts can be just a slew of pictures…with no words…(actually that would be one thousand times one slew if you believe that saying about how photos speak).  And maybe some posts can be one picture…or just words.  Who knows what you will get around here?!  But I figure, that way my brain can get some relief.  AND…that would mean that I could post more often because I won’t feel like each post has to be big ole beefy.  or porky.  whatever you prefer.

Oh and there is one other thing I was gonna ask ya.  If someone asks a question in the comments, I try my best to answer…but sometimes it is a real time-suck.  Soooo if you are one of those people that is bored at work and knows pretty much where I got all the stuff in my house (or don’t mind looking it up for other peeps) and knows the paint color or has some insight on whatever, I would absolutely love it if you felt free to answer each other’s questions.  It would be great.  for me.  and you get ten points per answer…so we both win.


Now onto the post.  Here’s our outside (oooh I am wanting to do an outside the Dream house post soon – there’s a deck and holly’s and some killer landscaping!)…    

The brown’s haven’t been doing it for me.  I asked Cole what he would name the color and he said the trim is “Dried Mud” and the front doors are “Dog Poop”.  I believe those are actually the correct names.  Look for them on your paint deck.

With the help of photoshop, I jazzed it up a bit.  All dreams.  But the doors might have to happen sooner than later.    

Besides changing the Dog Poop & the Dried Mud, I also added some potted ferns, some shrubbery in the front, darkened the lights. 

Hey, a girl can dream, right!?!  What are you dreaming outside right now?



  1. says

    I’m dreaming about some time off from work so that I can trim the bushes on the front lawn, and do weeding among my spring tulips. We bought a new, electric weed wacker recently and I always try to find a time to use it. It is so much fun!
    You’re house looks beautiful, and Cole’s paint color comments crack me up!

  2. Shea says

    The color you xhose would look BEAUTIFUL!! I’m not really a fan of the doors being red because if the gold on the inside of the glass panels, but I think white, black or some sort of blue would look awesome! Just my opinion. I’m NO expert! I really hope your foot is okay! Big hug from CA :)

  3. Reagan says

    I love the photoshopped dreams! Every time I see a red door I think of the line from Steel Magnolias when Dolly Parton says, “I’m going to paint my door red and change my name to Elizabeth Arden!” I’ve never commented on your blog before, but your words bring such a smile to my face. It’s currently “snow-flurrying” where I live and I’m so tired of it! I’m looking forward to warmer days in general, just simply being outdoors, planting/walking/fresh air/beach days…good luck with everything in your new home! Keep the wonderful posts coming!

  4. says

    I definitely know how you feel! I’m the mom of a ten month old and I’m quite impressed with the amount you accomplish. I swear I feel like I only half complete everything! BTW, you should check out the cover of Parents magazine..there is a baby girl that looks like she could be Will’s sister.

  5. Anne says

    You’re allowed to post however you like, whenever you like. This is still *your* blog, you’re just kind enough to let us in :)

    LOVE the photoshop exterior, looks real good :) cannot wait to see it come together & I hope your foot heals up quick, my hubby busted his up pretty bad the other night & it sucks.

    ~ Anne.

  6. Kristina says

    Please get to the door when you feel like it and then maybe I will get to mine when I feel like it as well.

  7. says

    Looks like the same boring, ugly brown my front door was painted when we moved in last year. It’s now a crazy teal color! It will look awesome when you paint it, and it’ll really make it feel like home.

  8. Jenni says

    here’s a suggestion for another post topic to add to your mile long list….would LOOOOVE to see a tutorial on how to do this in photoshop!! I’ve been struggling for literally months to try and figure out how to photoshop my house exterior colors because I want to have it painted this spring. I can’t find any tutorials out there! Or maybe I just don’t know the right search terms to look for, I don’t know. Help?!

  9. Ali says

    I totally understand you feeling a bit “thin”! I think prepping a home for sale, packing, moving, making a lot of permanent decisions that are expensive (ie picking out a fridge, dishwasher, carpet, etc), maintaining a marriage, extended family time, friend time, unpacking, and being a Mom of a “little one” is A LOT!

    Don’t feel like you are obligated to post every day or even mega post! Feel free to post 1 simple picture! We’ll understand! Most of us who read your blog have been through or are currently going through the same busy exhausting stuff! :) We understand! Be sure to give yourself LOTS of GRACE!

    Love your mad photoshop skills! Amazing after with photoshop! :)

    ~ Ali

  10. says

    PS- I appreciate your commitment to this blog even when you feel stretched!! I am a mom also and understand what you mean about that. So thank you for all your hard work:) Blessings on you!

  11. Kayla says

    I’ve never posted before – so I’m one of those “stalkers” you read about. :) I just wanted to second all the posts before me… this should be fun, give yourself grace, and we love it all!

    Love the after, too.

  12. says

    The photo shopped exterior looks great. Would you ever try a black door? I think the contrast might look nice with your brick. Red doors are always fun though. Decisions, decisions!

  13. Focipresley (Bon) says

    Hi KT – I’m happy just knowing you are alive and well… (minus the cut foot – what the heck! If it makes you feel better, I recently lost my two big toe nails from frequent running… I’m a ‘new’ runner, so it totally freaked me out…until I asked my Boston-marathoner buddy and he said that’s totally normal and that he was very proud of me… straaaange). Anyway, ya, if you’re not up to adding dialogue to a post and just want to share your pictures with us, I am very receptive to this… your pictures are so lovely. I think if I ever become pregnant/have a baby I’ll drive all the way down from Barrie, Ontario to have our pictures taken by you :) Seriously!

    Finally… sorry for the long comment… it’s been way too long since I left a comment… haha… I LOVE the photoshop change of the exterior.

    Happy Friday!!! :)

  14. says

    You rock.
    Now for the unsolicited advice- it seems counter-intuitive, but my experience has shown that the older your child gets, the less time you have. Not as many naps. More interactive. Can’t put them in a bouncy seat for 30 minutes while you blog.
    You are so amazing- give yourself plenty of kindness.

  15. says

    Great timing on this post. I am a work-at-home mom of a one year old and had my own little “feeling spread too thin” moment yesterday. We are all human and have to make priories with our time. We (the readers) understand and are just glad you let us along for portions of your ride. Thanks for everything. Reading your blog is a bright spot in my day or week or whenever you post!

  16. Abercrombie Wife says

    Oh my…..just changing the trim color makes it look like a different house. I L.O.V.E it!!! And the red door…i have always had a soft spot for those.

    You are doing a great job on the blog and you really don’t need to give us super wordy posts…although i do love them. I even enjoy a 1 picture one sentence from time to time…typically one of will :)

    Hope your foot heals quickly.

  17. Hayley says

    So much better! Can’t wait till you do this.

    And I love short snappy posts. Just a quick update on what you’re doing is all I check in for. Although I do love pics too!

  18. Krista says

    Hi Katie! I follow your blog along with a few others and appreciate the long posts but from time to time would also appreciate shorter ones, as well! I don’t think anyone would be upset if you changed the format up a little bit and hopefully it’ll be easier on you! :)

  19. charlotte says

    Katie your photoshopped dream looks beautiful! I am trying to do the same thing in my kitchen but can’t figure out how to turn my cabinets from knotty pine to white without straight up erasing them! How did you do that to your columns?

  20. says

    Ugh, I’ve hit a brick wall too and am very unmotivated and struggling. We get it! We are your fans!

    Love hte original house, but I like the photo shopped verson too.

    Whatever you post, I will be reading =)

    Hope your foot feels better.

  21. says

    I’m dreaming of painting our front door and shutters changing them from the builder grade green to black. Hopefully that will modernize our nest a bit. Loving the idea of the red door though!

    I think your posts are like bacon to your readers– we love it any way we can have it! I mean, who would turn away from bacon, in any form? It’s sheer awesomness, much like you. :)

  22. Lauren says

    I always love a red door! The new trim color will really freshen up the outside of your house along with some greenery that comes with warmer weather. Is there much going on in the flower beds now or does it all need to be re-done? It’s hard to tell from the pictures. Maybe you’ve mentioned this before and someone else can answer my question for you ;-)

    Keep up the great work!

  23. Jenni says

    I love the photoshopped trim and red doors!

    I’m dreaming that the crusty, nasty, dirty, frozen ice snow will go away (for real), and that we won’t have any April blizzards this year! It just snowed on Wednesday (after the weather had been in the 50s the weekend before). Blah, I hope that God will quickly bless us with green grass and flowers, and stop teasing us!

    I hope your foot is okay!–?? That sounds super nasty.

  24. Christian says

    The red doors and the taupe/gray/lighter trim look 100000x better! I know you guys said you were just going to take it easy and not jump right into the projects but this project would be so worth it!

  25. JoDi says

    Love the red front door! Not totally sold on the new trim color, but it’s definitely a step in the right direction!

  26. says

    Like the red a lot; but what about a shade if gray-ish green? That would tie in with all the greenery around…or charcoal/faded black OR whitewashed gray on ALL the trim
    ( columns, windows, etc) and then that brightly colored door ( red, bright green, pale yellow, or even that “color of the year” deep pink ( I know!)…
    Do you Feng Shui at all? Door direction has an influence on door color;
    East= greens and browns; North is blue/black ; West would be whites/silver/metallic/grays, and South demands fire colors like red, orange, hot pinks…just another wat to pick colors :)

    • says

      Well, ours faces South West…does that mean we could choose?
      And we are considering a charcoal for the trim – that was our original thought…but we are just gonna have to wait and see :) It’s just dreaming for now…
      xo – kb

      • says

        southwest? that’s the love direction ♥♥ you have an Earth house…so you feeling for red was spot on!( Oh and the stone is an earth product, color doesn’t matter)

        here are some color ideas from my fave Feng Shui chick- Katie Weber


        you can look up the house direction then it “calculates” the best colors etc. Its a fun tool. My only “thing” with FS is that I don’t do the idea that knickknacks will change your life, :P, but I do like its message of no clutter, being present in everyday life, and being in harmony with nature and one’s surroundings ( house, apt,…etc…)

        The Red Lotus Letter Color Calculator

        Your personalized auspicious color report for a House facing the Southwest direction.

        Good/auspicious colors:


        Avoid these colors:

        Blue – Green – Brown – Black – White – Gray

        Earth houses are best painted in “earth” or “fire” colors. A perfect example of this is the house that is painted light beige with darker beige trim and a red door!

        Special Note: It’s always fine to paint your trim white.

  27. Wendy Hogan says

    Hi! I have been catching up on your year! The place is great…you guys are too! As soon as I saw this post I thought, It just needs mascara! I love the columns’ photoshopped color, but the windows seem lost. And they are too awesome to get lost! Have you seen homes with a darker or deeper window trim? I think Sara Richardson has done so a time or two and I know ivevseen the technique featured in Southern Living. The trick is spot on in bringing curb appeal to a home. Anyway, for all this way-behind-reader knows, you’ve already moved past this, but I couldn’t help myself. :) Mascara! It’d look great with the lipstick your door is wearing! Ha! ;)

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