The Washer of Dishes

That would not be me. 

That would be our dishwasher.   I loved our old dishwasher.  It was stained on the inside and the upper rack wasn’t deep enough for half of our glassware, but man, did it clean.  It could have blasted week-old casserole leftovers off a dish, freckles off a small child, and been a very cheap alternative to laser hair removal.

So obviously, when it came time to look for a new dishwasher, my only requirement was that it needed to clean.  oh and it would be nice if the control panel wasn’t accessible to babies.  And my darling boytoy wanted a stainless steel inside.  Since he did the majority of dishwasher loading at the time, I thought I should give it to him.  You read right.  I cook it, he cleans it.  Recently, neither of us have been doing a whole lot of either though.  Thank goodness for the dollar menu and lunch meat and SuperPreztels. 

Like I mentioned in the ‘we got a cool fridge’ post, we went to HHGregg to purchase our appliances.  That’s not to say that we didn’t shop around first.  We went to Lowe’s, Home Depot, Best Buy – and in the end, the best prices were for the most part at HHGregg.  We probably could have spent days looking at different online sources or other dealers, and maybe we would have saved a little extra – but like I said before, our timeline was quick & dirty.  And we needed a fridge and we needed it yesterday.  We narrowed down the hundreds of refrigerators during the great hunt for stainless steel…and now we needed a dishwasher that also met our checklist (afterall, these appliances need to last for a very long time!).

The obvious choice was a matching LG.  There were two different styles available and in the end we both knew that the higher priced, LDF6920ST, was the one that won over our hearts both in design (it has an extra deep top shelf & doesn’t sacrifice an ounce of space on the bottom one either.  In fact, I can wash our extra large man-cups in the top and our cookie sheets in the bottom…that’s something I could never do in our old DW!). 

It boasted the stainless steel interior (which apparently helps speed drying and draws condesation away from your glassware), a very quiet motor, hidden control panel, higher efficiency than even Energy Star requires, and the best part….a built in food disposer…so that I (err…Jeremy) don’t have to scrape…just pop it in and it comes out uber-clean.


How much did we pay for this pretty little thing?  Well, after shopping around (and checking Craigslist for comparable deals on semi-new appliances and Consumer Reports for rankings and all that), we talked the HHGregg guy into quoting us for the fridge that we loved with the top two dishwashers.  One was the lower model and one was this fancy shmancy model.  When it came down to it…they were only about $50 different.  And even after he quoted us, we asked if his manager could shave just a little more off the top.  Hey – we have learned to hmm and haw and then ask for a little more…it works. 


It was still a quite a bit of moolah…but both Jeremy & I felt confident that buying new was the way to go (that way we could get a warranty to cover anything that could potentially-knock-on-wood go wrong).  And although we ended up paying roughly $2600, we figured that the retail price was a total of $3500 (saving us $900!) and the best price we could get at any other place was $2790 (still saved $170).  PLUS, we got next day delivery and installation.  And that is music to this timeline’s ears…or bacon to the tongue…depending on how you look at it.  And that my friends is our dishwasher detties…



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    I like the cost break down, and love the reminder to always ask for that little bit extra off. When our range arrived with a dent *on the side), I called the store and they offered $30 back. Not good enough. I walked into the store, and they offered a replacement. I said I’d rather have a little cash back (hoping for $100, ready to push for $75 but figured we’d settle on $50…) and the guy at the store said “Oh! Ok, [type type type… I waited waited waited] “Ok, I’ll give you $109.99.” I tried not to look TOO excited, but quickly agreed!

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    Love the new dishwasher! I just started reading your blog…so fun.

    This is a little off topic but…where did you get that runner rug in your kitchen? I’m on the hunt and I really like that style.

    Enjoy the new appliances!

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      Hi Kathy –
      Shades of Light was the maker of the rug – they called it the Trellis rug (I have no idea if they sell it anymore but sometimes I see similar stuff on Overstock!)
      Happy Shopping!
      xo – kb

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    Those prices are amazing! What a super discount. I just bought a new camera for $2500, so getting a super fridge and dishwasher for just $100 seems like a steal to me!

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    Great choice! I’ve heard a lot of good things about HHGregg’s prices/etc, and we found that they have the best in prices for tvs, so when we can afford a new fridge (already have a new stove and dishwasher) we’ll probably end up there. Until then I will live vicariously through you, haha!

  5. luckyjayne says

    Thanks for this post! Negotiating is not my strong point – it is definitely my husbands. And now I know that my older son has his knack for negotiating. I was couch shopping with my 6 year old yesterday and he told the salesman, “that is not a very good price.” I had a very proud mother moment and was hoping he would say somthing like “is this your best cash price?” But instead the stinker said, “You know, my parents are not rich and they work very hard for their money.” I wanted to crawl under the couch, but at least the salesman was very amused!

    When we remodeled we got a stainless steel interior dishwasher. We love it and can actually watch television while it is running. Our old one worked but it was horribly loud!

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    I can’t wait until we can get a new stainless DW! The one that came with the house is probably 5-6 years old and is white.. which doesn’t match our stainless appliances we’ve been replacing the originals with. We found a great product on called “Dishwasher Magic“. I’m not sure if it’s very eco-friendly, but our dishwasher when we moved in was pretty grimy – although we just thought that coloring was the way it looked. It didn’t look dirty, per se – caked on grime made it have a hue when the inner workins’ should have been straight up metal.

    Well, we ran the dishwasher magic (a 1-time use bottle) and WOW! What a difference it made!

    Soo.. if your new DW gets the grime, try this guy. I didn’t even know dishwasher cleaner existed until I found this stuff. Thanks for the tips on stainless interiors – had no clue.

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      Cool! I have some friends that have a white dishwasher and they were just telling me about the build-up issue. I’ll have to tell them :)
      xo – kb

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    Just wondering if your new dishwasher dries as well as your old dishwasher(if you use that cycle)???
    We got a new stainless steel(Ge Profile) dishwasher after moving into our new house a year ago. It washes nicely and is super quiet, but I noticed that the dishes didn’t dry as well as the old one. I had a repair guy come out(free since it’s under warranty) and he explained that to get the “energy star” greater that the manufacturers were putting in smaller heating elements. GREAT more towel drying!
    Anyway, I’m still not convinced. If you pay that much for something EVERYTHING should work.

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      Hi Tad,
      Actually I was P to O’ed when we first brought it home and I ran it the first couple times. The thing washed great but the dishes were all soaking wet. Enter JetDry. Now it works like a dream. Maybe that is your issue? I know that we couldn’t figure it out at first but Jer was the genius who thought of trying it.
      xo – kb

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    A food disposer in the dishwasher? SHUT UP! Guess Im behind the times since I didnt even know those existed. Ive always said our food disposal in our sink is my favorite “appliance” of all time. No stinky leftover foods rotting in the garbage bag.
    It must feel like Christmas in your house right now:)

  9. Tim says

    We don’t have an HHGregg…yet. It’s in the process of being built. Having never heard of the store, could you explain how they work as far as negotiating prices down? Most stores give you the price and that’s it. Do they work the deal? Did you work it?


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      Basically just ask the sales guy who is helping you if you can get quoted the best price…they ask their manager…come back to you…and then you basically ask for more :)
      xo – kb

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      Hi Victoria,
      It’s from Shades of Light – and it was the Green Trellis rug (I have no idea if they still have it though!)
      Happy Shopping!
      xo – kb

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    I love your appliances!

    By far, the best place I’ve ever found for appliances in Georgia is Brandsmart USA. They don’t waste time getting your purchase completed and loaded onto your truck, and they do installation for cheap. I’ve been totally happy with how quick and easy they make it. I actually bought a fridge, dishwasher, and stove in less than thirty minutes including arranging delivery. This was also during the great rebate rush in 2010, and they helped me fill out all the paperwork and file it too!

    I’ve gone to HH Gregg as well, but found that the haggle was more of a time-waster than a help. They pad their prices because you’re supposed to haggle, but in the end, I found that Brandsmart was cheaper without having to negotiate or spend the extra time trying to convince the clerk to match the price I found online.

  11. Funmilayo says

    well how about that! I didn’t know that you could negotiate prices at Hhgreg? I wonder if we have one here in Dallas..I love to negotiate and barter prices! nice!

  12. says

    OMG! They took the knobs off the cabinets, too?!? Seriously, who were these people?! You’re lucky the left the cabinets behind!!!

    Super glad you got the appliances you wanted, though!! In my opinion, having happy appliances is a super good thing.

  13. says

    Oh this makes me wish we owned a house rather than rented…someday. In the meantime, I enjoy the tips for buying appliances. Mentally storing them away for a future date!

  14. Amanda says

    Does your new dishwasher lock when it’s running? Just curious, because I had a run-in with one of those concealed control dishwashers once… It was very sleek (actually was built to look just like one of the cabinets!), and suuuper quiet, which all sounds awesome, except that no one ever knew that it was running and it didn’t lock, so people kept pulling it open to put dishes in the dishwasher when it was running! Sploosh, water spilling and the cleaning interrupted. I think we eventually devised a system of hanging a handtowel off the dishwasher to signal that it was running.

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      Hmm…I have no idea. I have started it and then realized that there was that one elusive cup…and quickly opened it up to put inside but the cycle had just started…so no water yet or anything like that…now I’m a little nervous to try too! I’m off to either find out or mop my floors :)
      xo – kb

  15. Bethany says

    We are in the market for a new fridge and are considering this one. Do you still love it after a year?

    • says

      This was our first french door fridge so we don’t really have much to compare it to. But comparing it to a side-by-side…it’s pretty great…especially considering I loved our side-by-side. I think that the water and ice dispenser thing is weird – why can’t they just make it come out the same spot, ya know?! but in general, it’s very easy to clean and we’ve had no major issues. I am definitely glad I got the biggest size available :)
      xo – kb

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