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I’ll Take Strip-ers For $200

2011 June 6
by Katie

That’s stripers…not strippers.  Mom, stop shaking your head.

You can imagine what this post is about….stripes.  I am a stripes kinda girl.  A stripes meets polka dots gal.  I’m not great choosing florals or damask or perisian print…but stripes?  Oh yes…I can wrangle me a stripe.  So it comes as no surprise that when I saw this bold striped navy & white rug at the Pottery Barn outlet over Memorial Day weekend, I was gungho-bring-it-on-die-hard excited about the notion of bringing a nautical striped rug home with me.  Here’s the tan version listed online:

And you can imagine my excitement when I realized that after all the holiday discounts, this baby rang in at around $200 including tax!  That’s a savings of $260 off the original online price.  And it’s big.  Like 1988-Oprah-hair big.  And that my friends had it’s own moon.  I swear there is still a lost Astronaut in there.

Okay – so maybe the rug isn’t that big.  But it does measure 9×13 which is perfect for our living space.  Remember how we recently rearranged things in there?  Well, I felt like the lack of rug in the space made things un-kid-friendly.  That floor was just one big bully to Will.  Constant scraped knees from the uneven boards, splinters, and the occasion trip on the warped planks made it pretty hard on the littlest Bower.

Jeremy, my sugar-lump-lump, disagreed with me about the rug choice.  He didn’t like the bold look of the rug (he thought it clashed with the stone fireplace) and the style (flatweave)…but in the store, he told me that he trusted my opinion (okay it took us a solid thirty minutes of talking for him to get to that point but we were there eventually).  He also confessed that as much as he liked the look of the new family room layout, it stifled his movie watching style.  In short, he wanted to be directly in front of the tv.  And since he was willing to compromise, so was I. 

Back to the former layout but with a few twists and our new striped rug.

Now Jer feels at ease for all things reality tv.

I also switched out the playtable rug…the previous muted green version just didn’t work with the new bold navy and white.  Since the playtable rug was red, I decided that red would be a great accent color.  Sure, it’s very patriotic…but since it is summer and I’m American, I don’t mind. 

It is still nice to have the two side chairs in the room…and I also liked the armless dolce chair in there to balance out the arrangement.

Oh and I whipped up the little quilted style pillow for the corner chair outta old clothes and some scraps…

Obviously this room still has things that need to be tackled.  Those back built-ins need shelves for books (I hate the cluttered look!).

And the coffee table needs a couple coats of paint (actually this has already been done and I can’t wait to reveal it!).

Oh and that back wall needs a shelf and art.  Like yesterday.

So there you have it…our living room switchup. 

Anyone else buy a cheapo rug lately that changes the way you live?  This puppy makes me so happy.  And it really is the best for Will.  When he trips, I don’t have to worry that he’ll get a shard through his hand.  Although it’s still perfectly a legitimate fear during anytime I give him those pallet scraps to play with :)

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  1. Ashley permalink
    June 8, 2011

    Oooooh I love love this! I wonder if i can talk my hubby into getting one for our living room. The bold pop of color is sooo good and my mother in law would be so proud (and that is always worth it!).

  2. June 8, 2011

    I’m so late on my comment! Not sure you’ll find this one, but! A few years ago, I wanted a run and found a 9′x12′ at Pottery Barn on sale. I had a gift card for $75 and found a free shipping code online. I got a $800+ rug for just under $200!

    The bummer is, that when we lived in a modern apartment it was perfect. Now, in our 1923 house, the rooms are too small. BUT I am saving that baby for our next house!

  3. Morgan permalink
    June 8, 2011

    I love the new rug! It makes your living room look so bright, airy and beach…and it just looks so much more ‘together,’ too. So inspiring!

  4. June 9, 2011

    ummm I LOVE the new rug!! It really ties everything together and makes the feel seem chic, yet inviting. Well done, my friend! :)

  5. Sandra permalink
    June 10, 2011

    Jeez, I was wondering when the Katie mojo for this room would kick in…I luv the white/blue/red/summer/beachy vibe! Yes, it is patriotic, but not in your face. The rug was a great inspiration (and a DEAL too!). And, as much as I hate to admit that a man might be right, I think the sofa’s real home is facing the tv and fireplace (focal focal focal), that’s just the way it is (as Bruce H. said). Loverly!

  6. Danielle permalink
    June 10, 2011

    I just wondered over here from YHL and I had to say, I love the transformation that rug makes! As soon as I scrolled down and saw it, I thought “oh my god, so awesome!” :)

  7. Kristin permalink
    June 11, 2011

    katie, that rug looks amazing in your living room! makes such a huge difference! seriously beautiful! and i love those chairs…i need to find me some chairs like that :-)

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