Shut the Front Door

Strike one off our To-Do list ya’ll.  It’s the first of hopefully many many many. 

In fact, I would be dancing in my pants if we got to complete everything on our To-Do list.  Which is much better than me dancing OUT of my pants.  You don’t want to see that.  It ain’t pretty.  I know.  I tried it one time for Jeremy.  Let’s just say that it ended up with us both laughing up a pair of six-pack abs at my attempt of ‘sexy’. 

Anyhoo.  I really wanted to paint the front door.  I also want to paint the back doors and the side doors and all the trim…but that’s not today’s story.  Today is about the front door.

Remember when I told you guys I was dreaming of an exterior makeover?  Right after my 6 year old nephew Cole told me that the colors of our house were “poop” and “dried mud”.   I even made a little mock-up of my dreams.  Red front door, oil rubbed bronze light fixtures, urns with ferns (hey that rhymes!) and some landscaping… 

Well, we tackled the landscaping already and we bought some urns (they were these ridiculously priced ones that I just HAD to have)…

I even took the time to plant some little $1 annuals just for a little color.  BUT THE DOOR!  It is hideous.  That color!  UGH.  It’s nastier than some of the acts on America’s Got Talent.  And some of those peeps put the Gah in Gross.

So I decided that something must be done.  We removed the door handle that we just installed and pulled on our painting clothes.   

Around the door handle, there were some areas that were obviously a little rough. 

I asked the guy at my local Lowe’s what I should be using for that…and he recommended steel wool.  But then he pulled out this pack of pads.  I was kinda confused, but when we wiped down the area around those holes…it all became clear.  For one, this is kinda like steel wool, kinda like sand paper…and nothing like either.  That might not make sense…you’ll just have to try it out to see what I mean.  You don’t have to wear gloves, but I would recommend wiping down your doors after using these 3M Between Coat Finishing Pads so that you have a nice clean surface to help the paint stick to.  

Speaking of paint, you may be wondering what we decided for a color.  As I was in Lowe’s, I saw the cool new palette of colors provided by Allen + Roth.  Bend me over and call me Lucy, I’m in love.  And when I randomly pulled the swatch in red up to see if it would be a good match for our front doors, the name won me over.

It’s too perfect.  I actually recruited my mom to help me with this project (while Will snoozed his morning nap)…and she is like the master of all things paint.  Since it was a primer & paint in one for exteriors, it worked out just peachy…

Here she blows after the first coat.  Bear in mind that paint usually dries differently than when it is wet. 

And here they are after two coats…

(okay, you can imagine me yelling THE RED COATS ARE COMING repeatedly here…it’s true…it happened)

After we put the hardware back on, I was pleased as cherry punch.  So was Will.  The only thing I don’t like is the gold on the inside of the window.  I might actually have to take it apart to see if I can darken it somehow.  Note to self – buy a sharpie.

Oh and since I’m always nervous about certain decorating choices, I asked Clara.  I figured she has got more decorating talent in her genes than I do in my entire being.  I am interpreting her reply as YUM. LOVE it!

So that’s what we did…a little red door revamp. 

How’s your exterior activities going along?  Anything new outside lately?  Anybody paint exterior doors lately?  Anyone wanna come over and paint my trim? 

p.s.  For all you door buffs out there, our current door is ThermaTru brand.  And I went online to see how much replacing just the windows would be…no such luck…but I did find a little browser that lets you see a bunch of different doors.  I love the ones with big panes of glass…maybe one day…like when one of you gives me a winning lotto ticket :)



  1. says

    I love my old wide front door. I considered painting it red but it is actually surrounded by a sun porch that has black and white tiles so I went for boring black for the door. But am inspired now! The only exterior thing I have going on right now is fixing some dry rot…sad…

  2. Nicole says

    If you guys take those doors apart to darken the gold—PLEASE post that project—I HATE the gold in the panel of our front door and right now it is cost prohibitive to get a new front door (2 teachers—one about to get a 10% pay cut due to education cuts)…but hey–aren’t we ALL trying to save mula on projects by DIY-int??? Thus, why I read your blog—and the YHL…
    : ) THANKS!!!

  3. says

    Hi Katie! Your doors look AWESOME!! Just wanted to let you know I shared part of your Master Craft closet makeover on my blog yesterday. :)


  4. Carey says

    Great transformation! I follow your blog and love all of your design and diy tips. This inspired me to paint our front door black. and I love it!
    Thanks and great blog!

  5. Jay Walker says

    Fiberglass doors seem like a new thing, but they’ve actually been around for a while. Therma-Tru, a pioneer in the fiberglass door business, started manufacturing fiberglass doors in 1983. therma tru doors offer the strength of steel and the warmth of wood without the drawbacks of either. Wood warps, splits and cracks. Steel dents and rusts. Fiberglass doesn’t have any of these limitations.

  6. Ashley says

    So funny…I just happened to stumble upon your site because I googled about painting if painting my back exterior doors the same red as my front door would be dumb or not. Because yesterday I just so happened painted my front door ‘front door red’ as well! I love the color so much I thought it would be a great pop of color on the back as well because currently we have French doors that are a hideous yellowish tan color. What do you think?

  7. says

    My hubby just brought home a paint sample of Front Door Red! We’re going for it! And would you believe we’ve got the same gold trim window pane thing going on? Not a fan, but oh well!!

  8. Jackie says

    So has anyone tried to paint the gold window trim? I’m currently trying to replace the abundance of gold/bronze in my home and I’ve been eyeballing my front door!

    • says

      I generally use water based just simply because it is safer (and I am always pregnant! ha!)…but if you want something a little harder, you can also try an alkyd paint which is water based but acts like an oil based.
      xo – kb

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