Oops I Painted Again

Do you remember our dumping ground?  No…not THAT dumping ground :) 

The one that would be called our dining room…if there was any chance of actual dining with all the mess…

And you may remember that we took the time to hang a light fixture.  Which basically just illuminated the mess so that we could see all of it.

And then we switched out the dining room table and chairs…and consolidated the mess into the back of the room.

Well, I am happy to announce that the room is officially painted. 

And it only cost us 8 dollars. yup.  not a bean more. 

How’d we do it?  well, it’s called being cheap. 

We were trolling the aisles at Lowes…it’s a favorite pasttime…and I made my way to the Oops paint section.  Have you been there?  It’s totally a luck thing…sometimes there is nothing except flat paint that looks like the secretions of a squished lizard….and sometimes, you will find a can of Eggshell (my personal favorite) in a No-VOC Olympic Can (also a favorite) marked down to $8.  And then you see that the color is totally workable – and then you break out the happy dance…while singing Oops You did it Again as you bounce the baby on your hip.   And then someone asks you if you ever been told that you look like Britney Spears….again.

I actually was wavering on what room this paint should go in…but after a couple sample swatches on the wall, it was decided…the greenish gray was perfect. 

Little Debbie came over to help me on this one…she can’t wait to start painting the basement but until we patch the weird hole pass-through thingie, I’ve been coming up with other projects to do.

And because she will inevitably say that nobody wants to see a photo of her (which is wrong MOM – you are a bright shining Bower Power Star!) – here is another photo of the cutest member of the painting crew…wifebeater and all. 

Honestly – this paint was dreamy.  I have always loved Olympic – and this test of “will it cover the deep red?” was a doozie.  But I am proud to announce that it did great.  Since it was a paint and primer in one, I highly recommend it. 

Cutting in was the WORST…mostly because they painted one of the ceiling trays too…so it doubled our cutting in time.

And yes, I was terrified on the ladder.  I almost cried at one point when I started getting dizzy…I never used to be afraid of heights…and then you go and tear your ACL realizing your mortality and all of a sudden, ladders make you sick to your stomach.

Note the awesome footwear.

And are you ready for the reveal?  This is the best paint color choice I’ve made in this house so far – and I didn’t even make it.  It was stranger paint.  Okay – here she blows:

I love how it makes the room seem so much calmer and brings out the warm tones in the chairs.  And to borrow the words of Sherry, the color is so dynamic.  It really is.  Sometimes it looks chalkboard gray, sometimes a little olive, sometimes even turquoise blueish…it changes with the light and the walls and the time of day.  And feels so much CLEANER to me. 


Oh and because you might be wondering if we drywalled over the light sconce boxes on the wall – um, no.  We simply painted over them to make them disappear for now (until we decide what fixtures to throw up there!).  hee hee…I said ‘throw up’.  And that my friends is why God gave me a baby boy :)

I also painted over the vent that was high next to the molding…helps it blend in a little better in my opinion.  And we switched out the old white cabinet for this dark brown dresser….which holds my plastic ware and chargers so it really needed to be with the dining stuff anyway.  Plus, I feel like the dark wood helps balance out both sides of the room.


The last thing we did was slide the old basement rug into the space.  Since it is a super-flat weave (with a few faint waterspots from flood 2009) it is perfect for in here…I mean, we spill stuff, so a rug that already has blemishes won’t be a huge deal when our child inevitably will shmear food into it.  Plus, since it is kinda rough and flat, the chairs sit perfectly on it. 

What do you think? 

Improvement, right?

Worth $8?

Like it ain’t George Clooney yet but it is definitely a step up from it’s former Nick Nolte, right?! 

p.s.  my apologies about not knowing the specific color name for this paint but I did attempt to see if I had an Olympic swatch that was close in color – and it is most close to Sprig of Ivy.  Hope this helps and happy painting!



  1. Cindy says

    After I wrote my comment I went back and read everyone else’s. I kept laughing at those who said, “The paint makes it look so much cleaner.” The reason the room looks cleaner is because they moved all that crap out of there! tee hee! ;)

    QUESTION for KB or anyone who knows: Does Olympic no-VOC paint do well when painting furniture? I have primed an IKEA island and have picked out a color but haven’t bought the paint yet — wondering if I should consider doing a color match. Thanks.


    • says

      I do not believe that the VOC-ness affects the quality of paint. In fact, I heard a rumor that soon every paint company will go No-VOC and then eventually it will be the norm for paint. Sortof like when all paint was lead-based.
      xo – kb

      • Cindy says

        Thanks. We have enough stinky chemicals coming at us anyway. Can you imagine how happy the Youngsters will be if the rumor you heard ends up being true?! :) Happy hump day. xo

        • Tiffany says

          Cindy we just painted a dresser using the Olympic no-VOC paint and it worked perfectly fine! Hope that helps!

  2. says

    I love, love, love this color!! What a wonderful change. I just found this same paint section in our Lowe’s last night. Unfortunately the color selection was more like clown car than lizard secretions, but I will definitely be checking back. I’m glad to see you had such great success.

  3. Cheryl says

    Beautiful! How close is the color to the aqua/green color that’s going on in the rest of your place? It looks a little similar, but I can’t tell if it’s just my monitor…

  4. says

    WOW!! *Massive* difference! I love how paint has the ability to alter the perceived size and mood of a room. That red just didn’t scream “Bower” to me from what I’ve seen of your style and I’m so glad you changed it – it was beginning to hurt my eyes. :) You’re making great progress in your new home. It’s hard to get everything done when you’re a new mommy and don’t have a million bucks!

  5. says

    Wow – it is so beautiful! I love the change so much. It’s not that I think red is a bad color by any means, but the energy in the room is so much more calm now. That is a great color – and I love that it changes in different light. Way to go on this paint job. Total upgrade…and on the super cheap!

  6. Theresa says

    Amazing what some paint will do! That is such a great transformation! It looks great.!

    When did you tear your ACL? I just had reconstructive surgery on my 3 weeks ago…recovery is going well. Its amazing how many people have had that injury. I am always curious to hear about other people’s recovery and experiences.

    • says

      I tore it once when I was 22 – had an allograft…but then a few years back my knee started slipping really bad and then I was playing indoor and I heard that dreaded pop and got the same swelling. After the MRI, my doc said that it was currently torn but still partially intact…but the part that was intact was stretched out to double what it should be…so I need surgery again…but I couldn’t have it at that time because I had just become pregnant with Will. Since we are currently trying…we will have to wait again till after we have another baby and then finish breastfeeding…again.
      xo – kb

  7. says

    I couldn’t figure out why I kept singing the Brittney Spears song in my head! I absolutely love the redo! I’m amazed at how you made one can of paint last so long!

  8. Kristin says

    You go girl!! It’s HARD to find time for big projects with a little boy in the house. (Mine is 10 months old.) The room looks great. One hundred points to Katie B. for tackling this project!

  9. Ann says

    Love the green/grey color! That’s a major improvement. We just used a similar color in a bathroom and I love how light and fresh it feels.

  10. Jenn W-M says

    I love this color and the transformation is so great!!

    I also have a love of oops paint searching. I did learn the other day that you can have the lighter oops paint retinted. I am not sure how well that works for the true color, but I think if you staied in the same color family and the paint was lighter than the 2nd tint you should be ok. Custom paint at an oops price…not bad.

  11. says

    Looks great! Our house is painted a similar color (or at least similar to how it looks on my screen). It’s “Antique Sterling” by ICI I believe. It’s actually a gorgeous grey but looks totally kinda blue in my house since it picks up all the blue accents throughout.

    Totally freshens up your space!!

  12. Jill says

    What an AMAZING transformation for $8! I have a similar color in my dining room so I’m a little partial :) I will have to check out this Olymic Paint & Primer for a room I have that is currently a pepto bismo pink.

  13. audra says

    love. love. love.

    i’m so glad to see the red gone, it’s like it was in my own home. breathing a sigh of relief for you that you now have a GORG dining room. nice work brit! (oops, i mean katie….yar yar)

  14. says

    I am so impressed with your confidence in getting an “oops” can. You’re braver than I, but it turned out so nice. I love the new color!

  15. Reenie says

    WOW!!! What a diff….and I’m a red fan. Looks fan-tab-u-lous. Can’t believe that it covered with one gallon. :)

  16. Ainsley says

    I LOOOOVE that paint color, Katie!! Looks amazing! I love the way it looks with the white trim too. Amazing transformation! :)

  17. says

    I love the pop of yellow on the little tree (?) in the back. That looks great as an accent color. And WOW, major improvement!! I’ll definitely start checkin’ out the Oops paint section to see if I can score me some great paint too!

  18. Sandra says

    Yay! New color looks GREAT! How awesome is it that you were able to cover a red with this can of paint? Did you even have to use 2 coats? I think this is some magic paint!

  19. crystal dubois says

    The room looks great! My tip to you, its a painter’s BEST FRIEND, is a painting pad. Get the one from Shur-line (its red) Forget the other cheaper one…they are JUNK! The shur-line is only a couple dollars, but they last forever! It totally cuts into the edges like a dream….seriously! YOU WON”T REGRET IT!!! Just don’t let the paint get into the wheels, or you’ll get paint on the ceiling. I painted my bathroom with this tool in about 20 minutes…really!

  20. says

    You had me at “secretions of a squished lizard.”

    P.S. YES, it looks so clean! And big! Yay, stranger paint! Thank, stranger!

    -Carly (www.createliveblog.com)

  21. Shelly says

    you ROCK!! you know you are a painting pro when you don’t need dropcloths or tape…i have lived in my house for 5 years now and there are still original gross paint colors i need to paint over, so thanks for the inspiration. i can’t use the excuse of lack of money or time now, can i!

  22. says

    Hey Katie, the dining room looks amazing with the oops paint! What a great find!! I used to have a red dining room too that we made into an office. Don’t miss the red one bit. I am so very jealous of all of your beautiful molding too. Wowza. And I have to admit that I am a new reader to your blog (even though I’ve heard of it multiple times), and I just love it. And I am also very jealous you and Sherry are BFF’s. ;)

    Nice to meet you though!
    xo, Emily

  23. Lisa says

    Beautiful–what a difference! Loooove your chairs, too–where’d ya get them?? I am swooning over your dining room!

  24. says

    It looks amazing, Katie! I can’t believe the impact $8 and a day of painting can make! Just another reminder that I need to start tackling some room painting projects soon!

  25. Bree says

    I am so jealous you can find the perfect paint color for $8!! That’s amazing. I always go straight to the oops paints when entering Lowes or Home Depot but never find anything! May I also add, I love love that light. Where did you get it??

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