Goodbye Salmon Sushi

Salmon Sushi is what I think of when I see Will’s room.  Just like how our rag rolled bathroom reminded me of raw ground beef…weird.


And you wanna hear something crazy?  This room actually photographed better than it looked in real life.  To the naked eye, it was like snorting bleach.  it BURNS.  I do not know that from experience…and will take the retina-searing wall treatment as an alternative.

And yes, we lived with this hideousness for way too long. 

That’s one of the reasons I was thrilled when True Value asked if I would be willing to review their new paint and primer in one. 

I have no idea why we pose with the True Value bear but it’s now a tradition. 

Then we went in right away to check out this new EasyCare Platinum paint. 

I must admit that I’ve been having a tough time picking out what I really want to do in that space.  It’s one theme one day, the next it’s totally different.  Sailboats, robots, dinosaurs, rainbow colors….it’s endless.  But it’s difficult for me to pick something since this little guy surprises me every day. 

So in the end, I did what any normal indecisive girl would do.  I chose white.  I took a swatch of Allen + Roth’s Subway Tile white in with me and the fine folks at True Value colormatched two gallons for me.

Will is a fan and he hasn’t even seen it on the walls yet.  THAT’s how much he hates the salmon sushi walls.

oh and yeah – my teeth look ridiculous…like I’m signaling aliens for landing.  ET call home!

Okay – so you should know that it took me three weeks to get two coats on the walls.  It took forever. 

The painting process itself didn’t take long and frankly I am surprised how well the first coat covered the pink on pink.

That’s my mom helping out again…literally I would get nothing done without her help.  And when she can’t watch Will, we put him down in a pack n play in the guest bedroom closet. 

There he is cuddling with all his ‘creatures’…my little belly sleeper :)

The room actually started breathing when we put on that first coat.  It became a live again.  I started noticing things in the room – like how the ceiling is actually painted and the trim is all this dirty cream color and how there is even cable to the high corner.

And for the grand reveal – we have a very blank slate.  WHEW! 

Anything is better than the pink salmon sushi walls.   Oh and you may notice that we moved some of the furniture around a bit. 

Okay – so let’s get down to brass tax.  Here’s how I feel about the new paint & primer in one…


  • Two coats and our walls are decently covered
  • Did not drip or run even when we put it on liberally
  • This was probably the hardest challenge any paint would go through – and it came out looking like way more than just two coats.
  • The paint dried fast…so fast that we could put Will back in there after his nap and the walls were done. 


  • This stuff dried fast…so fast that we had to clean out the roller pan because the dried clumps were transferring onto the wall
  • The paint was thick…so two gallons could do two coats…no more (and if I was being really picky, I would have done one more coat)

I give the paint a 8.7 outta 10.  Sorry True Value, I know you would want a 10 outta 10 but I’m like those Chinese judges at the Olympic’s gymnastics…they always seem to score lower to leave room for the best.

So that’s the start of our nursery…not bad considering it looked like this only 6 short months ago:

Remember that horrible carpet?  I do.  Like I said…snorting bleach. 


Dear Salmon Sushi…I will not miss you and your ragrolled texture.  I hope you had a good life and hope you are enjoying 1993 heaven the rest of your ugly wall treatment friends.  Say hello to my old pal – the floral wallpaper border in mint green and pink coral.  We go way back.  Goodbye Salmon Sushi…goodbye.

p.s.  I do not recommend snorting anything.  unless it’s laughter.  or one of those netti pots. 

“I was one of the bloggers selected by True Value to work on the DIY Squad. I have been compensated for my time commitment to the program as well as my writing about my experience. I have also been compensated for the materials needed for my DIY project. However, my opinions are entirely my own and I have not been paid to publish positive comments.”



  1. shannon says

    Wow! what a difference. seriously, how many rooms in your house are rag rolled? 3? craziness! i love the white. it actually IS like a breath of fresh air. i look forward to seeing what you create for that space.

  2. says

    It looks AH-MAZING. I agree with shannon…3 rag-rolled rooms? what were they thinking? And was that purple carpet!? Or did the salmon sushi just reflect that purply-ness onto your carpet?
    Well done, well done.

  3. says

    Wow. It really is amazing what paint can do to transform a room. And I see Will is still enjoying his rhino I sent. That makes me happy. :-)

  4. Amanda Feste says

    What an improvement!!!! One weird question (and I’m sure it’s somewhere on the blog already) where is Will’s crib from???

  5. says

    Tah-dah! Looks great! I will admit, I thought this was going to be a pregnancy reveal! But I don’t think you eat sushi?!
    Congrats on getting it done!!

  6. says

    Really like the “dirty cream color” molding. When I was a kid the only options my dad would let us paint any of the rooms were white and off-white. Definitely like the off-white!

  7. Lori says

    Wow! What a difference! That paint looks/sounds super easy to use. Thanks for the review. How was the price of it? Are you allowed to comment on that?

    Gotta love a blank slate. I’m sure you will make Will’s room into something special – can’t wait to see what you do with it!!

  8. Shaina says

    I don’t know why, but that amazing crown moulding is screaming to me to be painted navy blue. Not the other trim, but the crown for some reason.

  9. says

    Bleck! That salmon sponge wall treatment was so bad. I love paint – it changes everything and really helps to make your house your home. (Sorry for the cheese but it’s true).

    The white paint reminds me of my bedroom growing up. My mother let us paint the walls whatever color we wanted ONCE and then we’d have to live with it through high school. Being the type of girl that switched my bedroom furniture around every 6 months and rotated wall art faster than Hugh Hefner rotates girlfriends, I chose an off-white.

    My mom hated it more than my sisters purple ceiling but it bounced around the sunshine and made me happy when I suddenly decided to change up my accessories.

    Ah, foreshadowing…

    :) Emily

    • says

      My dad did the same thing to me. He said, you can paint it once, I’ll buy the paint, but you have to paint. It took me MONTHS to get it done … and when it was done it was flamingo pink, except for one wall that was green. I still love the green, but I wish I could paint the rest of the room white or off white. Though I don’t live there anymore, I do stay in that room when I come home. Ohhh the memories.

      I also changed my room around a lot! It was kind of crazy how much, my room was small and it was moved every way it possible could of been without moving the furniture out in the hall way! Hahah. It would be like 9pm at night and I’d be moving furniture around, when dad came up to say night, he’d be like “oh you changed it around again..”

      • says

        Bahahaha! I’m glad I’m not the only one! :)


        PS When I moved out, my mom painted the room a nice khaki/tan color and countrified it with red plaid accents. Nothing I would have ever picked but it fits her style perfectly.

  10. Cindy says

    Ahhhhhhh… It’s a little blah right now until you work your Katie Magic, but the salmon sushi is in a better place now.

    Kadooz! (Ramona Singer from RHNYC) to your mom — she’s the best. xo

  11. Anne says

    Did you see that episode of DesignStar on HGTV where the lady took a screwdriver and punched some holes in the paint can rim?!? You just do it in that little groove where the lid fits in, and the paint drips back into the can after you pour it/ wipe your brush on the edge. I’m a MESSY painter, and this was life changing!! :D Makes you want to paint something else right now just to try it, huh?

  12. Amber L says

    Oh yay! What a breath of fresh air! Love the globes up on the armoire. Maybe they could be the inspiration pieces for the big boy room???

  13. Jaimee says

    Wow. The salmon sushi walls with the purple carpet is probably the most eye-assaulting combination I’ve ever seen. Truly awful. I wish you had been able to meet the former owners of your home, just to see what kind of person decorates rooms this way.

  14. says

    Much much better! Looking forward to seeing where it goes from here.
    I loved the quality of the Easy Care. Great for covering lumpy plastered old farmhouse walls. ;)

  15. Tracy says

    Well, at least it’s done now so people can stop screaming at you to paint it. Keep doing things your way and in your own time Katie. We’ll still keep coming back to read no matter what you post about.

    P.S. The new paint looks lovely, by the way.

  16. Heather says

    Congratulations! That is such an improvement. :) I’d be sighing relief everytime I came into Will’s room! He must love it too!!

  17. Cheryl says

    I bet those salmon-sushi walls were giving Will nightmares. Here’s hoping the white walls induce some long nights of sleep for all of you :).

    Don’t discount a pretty trim color (blue?) when thinking about how you want to tackle the rest of the room. Excited to see what you make of it!

  18. Alison says

    Girl…huge change. Looks great. I never noticed before, but the carpet is actually grey. The sushi salmon pink casted a weird glow on it and it looked…not grey. Anyway, congrats on the freshness of the space and can’t wait to see what theme you decide on!

  19. says

    I laughed when you said you put little Will in the closet. Then I went ‘Awwww’ because I found out you REALLY put Will in the closet and it is SO CUTE! The white looks SO much better than the pink I don’t know how you put up with it this long…

  20. says

    It’s amazing how white walls can look so much better compared to that awful salmon sushi color. It just looks so fresh and clean and updated. BTW – I love that you do things at your own pace because no one is perfect. It takes me way too long to get things done around my house because of life and work and every other thing, so I enjoy the fact that I can relate to you.

  21. Alyssa says

    I have to say, that looks 100 times better!! That pink was freaking me out, so I can’t imagine how Will felt!! ;) and can I ask, what made you do a dark crib with the two other furniture pieces being white? Do you like the contrast, was it other furniture coming into the room after you bought the crib (because I though his dresser used to be in your kitchen at the old house)?

  22. says

    Hilarious- when I read the title of your post I thought that this was a pregnancy announcement, as in you could no longer eat sushi. I was thinking, “it’s not just salmon sushi, really it all types….” and then “Oh- I get it!”

    Love the blank slate, and can’t wait to see what you do with it!

  23. julie says

    This comment made my day since it is so true and funny – “like those Chinese judges at the Olympic’s gymnastics”

  24. says

    YAY! goodBYE sushi, fish egg pink! Good for you, girlfriend. This is probly THE room I am most excited about you finishing. Numero uno, just because the pallet wall in his last room was a showstopper, all over Pinterest. Can’t wait to see version 2.0. Just jump in! Cannonball style!

  25. Rachel says

    Wow! That room as it was originally is probably the most hideous room I have ever seen! What sane person would spend time and money to make it look that way?? Yuck! I can’t believe you lived with it for that long! It looks MUCH better now! Can’t wait to see what you do with the blank slate now!

  26. says

    When I saw your comment about 3 weeks, I laughed, because I have no babies (I guess grad school is my ‘baby’), but it took me MONTHS to get my act together between having a room that was half primed to one that was actually painted. To me, painting is an undertaking — moving and covering everything, keeping our cats out of the room, etc.

  27. Belen says

    It looks so much better right now. My parents had wallpaper fever in the 90s and did the whole house except for the living room. NOT PREETY.

    BTW Have you announced the steam mop giveaway winner yet? I remembered because it’s “cleaning the floors day” here today :-S

  28. says

    Love the white! I say make on wall chalk board and let the litte man go to town :) Yes, I know the obvious issue of “let him color on one wall and he will color on all walls” but I still think it would be amazing.

  29. says

    I know I for one feel better!!! Fewww!! I vote for a nice light blue for the real color!! I saw the globes in the room…and I think that would be a nice direction. I am not into themes though…they just get ya in a rut!!

  30. Christine says

    I never cease to be amazed at how much of a difference paint makes! Our ENTIRE house was sponge-painted like it was 1990 when we bought it. Including doors and doorknobs. We also had some 1980’s colored wallpaper borders in the bathroom, some of which was collaged together to create a unique pattern. Oh and the trim was all a creamy/almondy color. I couldn’t paint that house fast enough — hubby was out of town the day after closing and I conquered the house alone in a week. I painted from when I got home from work to 2am every day. It looks like a totally different house!

    One of the rooms I painted a Martha Stewart brick red, but I’m totally tired of it already. I might have to pick up some of that paint you used to cover it without having to do 6 coats.

    P.S. Every time I eat salmon sushi from this day forward, I’ll be thinking of your ex-hideous room.

  31. says

    Love the “blank slate” the white paint provided… Now maybe you can actually think when you walk into the space… Your little man will probably sleep better too! Looking forward to reading about theme selection… I know the room will be “handsome”.

  32. says

    Looks amazing! Will should be able to sleep so much better now that the wall color isn’t glaring through his thin little eyelids…also you’re teeth are amazing :)

  33. Karen says

    Wow….. talk about a 1000 percent improvement! That pink made feel like I was in an episode of The Magic Schoolbus taking a tour of the human digestive system. LOL

    I love the white. I think it would look good two ways… either a red, white and blue nautical theme with the globes, etc. Or white, brown, tan…. with burlap, rustic wood, etc.

    Anything is an improvement over that horrid pink. LOL

  34. Rhiana says

    I am still trying to figure out why someone would think that a salmon color, rag rolled wall treatment would perfectly compliment a purple rug. My eyes were bleeding. The white with the cream is a 100% improvement. Good work! And yay for moms! They are always there when you need them!

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