Great Giveaway – FLOR

You know FLOR?  The amazing folks that make carpet tiles so that you can literally customize a rug for any space? 

Yeah….them….aka God’s gift to mankind. 

So you can imagine my elation when they offered me a freebie.  If you don’t know by now…I would run someone over in a car for a free rug…I would dance semi-nude the hokey pokey (your welcome for that mental flatulance)…I would eat bacon bits off the dirty sink strainer (okayokay…this is more like a reward than punishment)…but the point is, I love free stuff.  I’m human.

I checked out the new Summer 2011 line and fell in love instantly with this Lacebark pattern.  It comes in tons of colors but the fact that it is for high traffic areas pretty much had me at HELLO (while the rug whispered – you can let Will walk on me!). 


And as soon as it came in, I hopped around the house like the Easter Bunny with moonshoes trying to figure out the best spot….I settled on the dining room…

Yup…just laid it right over the existing rug for now.  I absolutely love it though.  The color works so pretty with the wall color. 

And as soon as we fell head over heels in love, we hopped back on the computer to order more of the tiles to create an even bigger rug for this room.  (this one was a 5×7 of the Lacebark in Pearl).

But you know what’s even better than me getting a free rug?  It’s YOU getting a free rug.  I nailed that answer, didn’t I?  Yes.yesIdid.

So I am thrilled to announce this great giveaway sponsored by the fine folks at FLOR…

here’s how to enter:

PRIZE : 5×7 rug of FLOR carpet tiles – 12 tiles total (winner chooses from new Summer 2011 Lineup)


The new summer carpets that the winner can choose from are…

Mild Mannered
Good Vibrations
Fall in Line
Soft Spoken
Mod Macrame
Suit Yourself
Lasting Grateness
High Beams
Parallel Reality
Dashed Off
Skip A Beat


TO ENTER : Leave a comment with the phrase ”You can Lace my Bark anytime”  and tell me what design of tiles from the FLOR’s Summer 2011 designs you would choose and where you would put it!

PRIZE SHIPS :  US & Canada

NITTY GRITTY :  This giveaway ends on Friday, September 2nd at 8am EDT.  Only one contest entry per email address.  The winners will be chosen using and announced on Monday, September 5th.


p.s.  it’s a good idea to Like Flor on facebook - so that you can get info on giveaways…especially if you are like me and like the option of winning free stuff!

p.p.s.  I announced the giveaway winner from last week – is it you?


And the winner of the 12 carpet tiles curtesy of FLOR is Anne!  Here’s her comment:

“You can Lace my Bark anytime!  Mild Mannered in Paprika color!  This would be the perfect solution for our square rug dilema in the formal dining area. We have a big square table and have been searching for ages for a cute large square rug. Love this so stinkin much!”

Congratulations Anne!  Now you can get that Mild Mannered rug you were loving :)  All you gotta do is contact me at [email protected] to claim your prize!  And special thanks to everyone who entered…you guys can Lace my Bark anytime too :)



  1. says

    You can lace my bark anytime (what does that even mean?!).
    I like GoodVibrations in Walnut. For my living room.
    I like Parallel Reality for my imaginary house. :)

  2. Rachel B. says

    You can Lace my Bark anytime

    I would choose the Soft Spoken design in Quartz or the Mild Mannered design in Peacock and put it in my living room. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  3. Regina says

    You can Lace my Bark anytime!
    I love the Line, please version of the tiles. They would go great in our upstairs hallway.

  4. Priscilla K. says

    YOU CAN LACE MY BARK ANYTIME! I really like the “Mild Mannered” in the thyme color for my bare floor in my dining room.

  5. Rebecca says

    You can Lace my Bark anytime!!

    I LOVE the Skip A Beat and Filligreed designs! Either would look great with my new “dream couch” in my living room! :)

  6. Christie says

    ”You can Lace my Bark anytime” … and I can’t decide which I like best. We just tore out yucky carpet so our baby could have a nursery, so it would be for him. Probably something neutral like Lacebark in River Rock.

  7. says

    You can Lace my Bark anytime!

    I absolutely fell in love with one not on the list (sophistikat – you know you love the name) for my dining room. But I think Lacebark would look DIVINE in my kitchen.

  8. Amanda says

    You can lace my bark any time! Oh, I adore Lasting Greatness, but I have a feeling Mild Mannered is the most daring thing my boyfriend will let me get away with…

  9. Alex says

    You can Lace my Bark anytime! Suit Yourself in Flax for my living room. I’d finally rip my carpet out and buy some more tiles to the whole room.

  10. Holly says

    You can lace my bark anytime!

    I really like them all…I can see myself using the Lace Bark and Suite Yourself…but the Reoriented and Due East are really beautiful.

  11. Patti says

    You can Lace my Bark anytime! I need something bold to spice up my basement, so I’d probably pick Parallel Reality! I also really like Mild Mannered though. Ahh, too many choices!

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