Love Birds Bridal Shower

My darling baby sister is getting married!  And over the weekend, I was thrilled to be able to throw her a bridal shower to help her get prepared for married life.  This is her only bridal shower (she’s having a smallish wedding) so I definitely wanted to go all out and make her feel like the dainty little princess that she is.

I am kinda obsessed with the idea of tea parties, so it all began from there.  I decided that it would be a girly affair full of simplicity and charm (just like Nornie!)        

I used the invitations (thanks to Invitations By Dawn) as a starting block and jumped in from there.  We held the party in our basement (and let me tell ya, getting it ready for this shindig was a story you will want to hear about later!  It was a doozy!). 


On the tables we went with a blue & white color scheme (Norn is using navy and cream as her wedding colors so it tied in nicely with what is to come).  I actually have all these old table clothes in storage so I was able to use them and a bunch of my white decor.  You may notice that I used my bird cages – the tea party theme sort of meshed with the bird stuff because 1.  I am the weirdo with a lot of bird stuff and 2.  I wanted to make a Love Birds sign for my bedroom & thought it would work wonderfully with this shower and 3.  it’s a little country feeling and full of charm.  4.  I desperately wanted to say “Let’s feather her nest” because, yes, I am that cheesy  :)    

I also mixed in my good china while also using some older cheaper stuff – like the ceramic hearts dishes from Goodwill – for peanut M&M’s (Norn’s favorite candy).

One long table (actually three folding tables) actually worked out really well for the smaller group of ladies that attended.  It provided an intimate area that each person could be close to the bride-to-be and gave everyone the opportunity to mingle.

The tea itself was on the table still in the labeled packages – so that people could choose their own and then just pour the hot water from the teapots themselves.   

You may notice that the teapots are on small wooden cutting boards – I didn’t have enough trivets so this was my improvisation at work. 

We all sat on these homemade benches.  Yup – my mom and I decided to make six benches (modified plans thanks to Ana White!) for the wedding and I thought they could be the perfect spot for us ladies too.  Charming to sit on?  Oh yeah.  Improving posture?  priceless.

On the ledge beyond the table I wanted to add a little sparkle…

so I simply gathered up a bunch of votives, jars and cups and used them as candle holders. 

We actually forgot to light them for the shower itself but later on I did to see what it would look like….um yeah I love it…


As for drink, I decided that some folks might not like hot tea…I mean, we do live in the South and yes, we are still having 90+ degree days down here…so I provided ginger ale (one of Nornie’s fav’s) and Pellegrino as well as the sweet tea and water.

The food was set up in the basement ‘bar/kitchen’ area.  Sorry about the weird color balance in the photo…I must have momentarily forgotten how to use my camera in all the excitement :)

I simply used a desk and a mirror to create our buffet and threw some old paper parasols to soften up the empty space (they were actually leftovers from my wedding!). 

The food was amazing.  Yup totally patting myself on the back for this one.  We served a fruit salad, cucumber sandwiches (which my mom said was the ‘savory’ part of our tea), simple chicken salad sandwiches on croissants, and a spinach & strawberry salad with almonds, Parmesan and raspberry walnut vinaigrette.  YUM.

And do you see that runner under the food?  That was actually a table cloth that I had cut up six years ago that JUST SO HAPPENED to match the invites with it’s watercolored flowers.  And since the straight edges were not very feminine, I simply cut out the edges of the flowers to make a more organic looking runner.


By far my favorite part of the shower was creating the dessert table.  I knew exactly what I wanted to do.  I wanted a cushy spot for Norn to sit while she opened presents and I wanted the table and display to be the Scarlett Johansen of dessert tables….uber girly. 

It all began with the Love Birds sign (I’ll do a full post on this later because it has so many meanings to me)…and I draped across the top a homemade no-sew rag garland.  I actually made it out of the fabric I used for my own wedding runner – so I am glad to see that it has a new life! 

On either side of the sign, I used these little bird houses ($1 each at Joann’s) – aren’t the heart shaped bird holes adorable?  And of course – more white ceramic birds.   

Below the display was the dessert table…which was my round modern CB2 tulip table draped with a white sheet and a faint yellow lace tablecloth ($6 at a thrift store). 

The birdcage was a gift from my mom a long time ago and I still love it. 

We served cupcakes (aren’t they like a shower must now?), nutroll, and oreo pops.

The cupcakes were chocolate devil’s food cake with cream cheese icing.  And yes, don’t look at this photo for too long or you will start to gain weight.

I did make one special cupcake that was supposed to look like a little birds nest (hello my name is katie and I can really milk a theme).  It was simply topped with coconut and had two little peanut m&m’s for the eggs.  

Originally I was going to make all of them this way but I chose not to because I know coconut is one of those love it or hate it kinda goodies.   Lori stuck with the nutroll so in the end, I chowed this baby down and it tasted like an Mounds bar…wow.

The pops and nutroll are actually supposed to represent Nornie & Boots (the soon to be husband and wife).  The nutroll is a family recipe that I got from my grandmother before she passed away and it is Norn’s favorite thing to eat.  And let me tell ya, it is probably mine too so consider all eight pounds of it gone by the time you read this. 

The pops are oreos with chocolate filling (Boots fav is chocolate cookies with chocolate chips so I fudged a little on this…catch that pun?!)   

And yes, I stuck them in an ikea flower pot.  I stuffed the bottom with craft foam and them covered the top with green M&M’s.  I feel like it looks like a bouquet of flowers. 


During the eating, I read my sister a children’s book called I Bought My Love a Tabby Cat
(it’s a really cute story about a couple who is preparing to get married and at the end, the husband makes his bride fine things to wear every day)…and then read to her a little blessing that I wrote to encourage her to wear attributes of a good wife…like the lipstick of joy & the white gloves of service & the cloak of forgiveness. 

We also played a little trivia game to get to know the bride & groom a little better and then we opened presents.     

I say we because Norn opened her pretty packages and I got the best gift any hostess can have – sitting down for a moment to enjoy the food!

I also had some note cards available for guests to write their own prayers or blessings for the engaged couple. 

Here’s the whole group – I wrangled a shot out of them (I held the food hostage until they all agreed!).  And you may notice the little feather corsages…little favors that each guest got to wear as a floofy little reminder of our theme :)  Like I said, I can milk a theme drier than the male nipple.

Congratulations Nornie.  I love you and hope you enjoyed the shower.  I am so excited for you and can’t wait to borrow your new stand mixer :)

p.s.  And as always – my mom, Little Debbie, was a HUGE help.  She should be named a co-host because of all the work she put in.  Literally, she spent HOURS laboring in love for this thing.  Thanks mommy…love you.  I also want to say that my boyfriend is a beast and finished the basement bathroom just in time for the shower.  I know, I know, totally off subject…but it was so nice to be able to have a loo for the ladies that didn’t involve mile-long directions. 

Stay tuned to find out how we took this basement from jacked to joyous!…and while you wait, why don’t you tell me your favorite part of the shower.



  1. Wendy says

    Katie, love it all… it’s so pulled together from the beautiful watercolour print invitiations, to the Love Birds sign (can’t quite tell if it’s an actual jigsawed sign, or still paper.. but love!), to the ceramic birds, to the nutroll! I must go google nutroll recipes now to stop the drool. =)

    What a beautiful celebration you threw!

  2. says

    I love the birdie theme and the blue and white! Perfect, really. Your sister is a lucky gal to have a sister like you. :)

    Also, would you be willing to share the nut loaf recipe? Just looking at it has my mouth watering!

    • says

      I wish I could but it’s a family recipe! You know – hush hush :) I think there are many similar ones out there…the key is to not overcook!
      xo – kb

  3. karen says

    gorgeous job!! i wish i could have seen some blue and white hydrangea’s on the guests table..would have been perfection!! very inspiring!

  4. Linda says

    How nice of you to acknowledge your mom and all the help that she gave in preparation for the shower! Even with the little tug of wars you two seem to have over some of your word choices, your mother-daughter relationship sounds very special. In the photo of the women at the shower, which woman is your mom? (Somehow the woman between you and your sister does not look Italian! By the way, is it the Italian blood link that makes you and Sherry such good friends?)

    • says

      Yup that is my mom – she is a bona fide Italian (her maiden name was Santini if that helps)…I think the hat and the white hair throw people for a loop :)
      And I definitely think it helps that both Sher and I are Italian (both in blood and in nature)…I tease her that I could never ditch her because she would break my kneecaps :)
      xo – kb

  5. says

    The shower was so amazing and beautiful! But I wanted to shed a tear when you mentioned the blessing about being a good wife – that was the cherry on top…or M&M on top, if you will…

  6. says

    Wow, the bridal shower looked amazing (and delicious)! Great job KB and we all can’t wait to see how the basement makeover went down…no pressure of course! You’re obviously a very busy lady! Best of luck for the wedding prep :)

  7. Charlene says

    Wow….gorgeous decorations. Your sister is so pretty and your mom looks just fabulous! (I always think it’s such a shame when people wear jeans and wish people would dress nice for a shower).

  8. Destiny says

    My favorite thing?

    It is so clear to me that it is your love and affection for the bride and groom that motivated you as you were creating. That is my favorite thing. The decorations are sweet, the food looks delish, the wrist corsage favors devine, but the love? Why it almost jumps off the screen!

  9. says

    Can’t believe you made the benches! Love the candles on the ledge (my favorite part of the decor). Love how you tied the desserts in with the bride and groom. Love that your mom is Little Debbie (this makes me smile every time I read it).

  10. Grace says

    Ditto what Destiny said: Your love for your sister practically jumps off the screen! I love the bird theme + tea party theme – they go well together. And I loved the white bird houses on the tables and the dessert table next to the big comfy blue chair! And the menu! Thanks for letting us enjoy vicariously!

  11. Andrea @ says

    Or maybe you and Sherry are such good friends because she is your sister’s twin? Who knows! I can’t believe no one else has mentioned how much they look alike!

  12. julianna says

    I looked at the pictures before I read the text, and I spent quite a bit of time trying to figure out which of your first floor rooms that was. I can’t believe that light-filled, beautiful space is your basement! It looks incredible.

    We bought an unfinished birdhouse like that, and our toddler really enjoyed painting it. Maybe Will’s grandparents would like a painted-by-Will birdhouse for Christmas.

  13. says

    Katie, this is really beautiful! I love how you milked your theme!

    I did have to laugh, though, because I just finished posting about my son’s 2nd b’day party and I totally milked the theme too. tee hee!

  14. says

    One more thing….I just read a couple of comments about the “Italian” blood running through your family’s veins, but not everyone looking like that’s their ancestry. I am part Italian, but have fair skin and reddish, curly hair. It turns out my great grandfather, a full blooded Italian was fair skinned and had red hair. Weird how those things come out from generation to generation, huh?

    • says

      Funny huh? I definitely LOOK like my Scotch-Irish side (fair pink skin with a smattering of freckles and a small nose) but I am Italian on the inside :)
      xo – kb

  15. Kellee says

    This is your basement!!??? Well, that’s my all time fav part of the shower. But I can’t forget the cute Love Birds sign/wall art. Can’t wait to read all about it.

  16. kate says

    love the rag garland and love birds sign. but my very favorite was recognizing the nutroll before i actually read thats what it was. LOOOOVVE me some nutroll! and I have never known anyone else to even know what it is!! also my grandma’s old family recipe that she passed on to my mom. she makes batches and batches of that stuff, but only at Christmas. still have some in the freezer on reserve :)

  17. Katie says

    Nutroll! That’s awesome. My family makes something each Christmas called potica, and it looks to be the same thing. We end up making around thirty loaves for everyone in the family; it’s quite the arduous process but sooooo good. My suggestion for anyone that wants to tackle baking it is to make sure you make the layers really thin.

  18. Meg says

    This is awesome! I love all of it- the votives on the ledge look gorgeous. I’m of the”more is better” school when it comes to themes too!

  19. says

    I haven’t visited your site for awhile, and I am so glad I decided to pop in! Your sister’s bridal shower was lovely, it makes me want to throw a tea party asap. I love all of the simple touches that personalized the day, the reading of the children’s story was precious!

  20. says

    Sorry I’m a little late on this but just read this post! What a wonderful shower!! Everything looks so wonderful! You have a true gift Katie! I’m glad we could be a part of her special day :)

  21. Kim says

    I’m throwing my sister-in-law to be a wedding shower next week. I just stumbled upon your blog after googling ‘love birds’ themed shower. What a GORGEOUS job you did. I love it! I was curious if you might be able to tell me what you made the ‘Love Birds’ sign out of and how.
    Thanks so much!

  22. Debra L. McGee says

    Katie, I have studied your “Love Bird” themed bridal shower a bunch. I am putting on the same themed shower for my niece. I went to great lengths to find the book I Bought My Love a Tabby Cat to read at the shower. I was wondering if you would give me more details as to the blessings you gave your sister as far as characteristics of dressing like a good wife? I am using many of your ideas like the Love Birds sign and the garland. Thanks!

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