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Can we give True Value a hand?

Let’s just pause for a moment and start clapping, shall we?  Because bigger house = bigger bills…and let me be frank, I wouldn’t get nearly as much done around here without the help of True Value.  And now let me be Katie again.  (Sorry…the cheese oozes out of me when I’m not looking.)  

That sounded gross. 

Scratch all of that and just start clapping for True Value because they allowed for this To-Do list item to be checked off the list.  That’s it.  No oozing.  No cheesy jokes.  No accusations against any member of the Rebel Alliance for framing Darth.  Nothing.  Just a plain old thank you.   And maybe a round-off-backhandspring-toe-touch :)

Today I wanted to share a project that literally was under $10…and very little time.  In our kitchen we started with this brassy chandelier and an old yard sale table and some modernesque chairs.    

Well, I want a more ‘homey’ and casual vibe in there so we switched out the chairs for four hand-me-downs from my mom (you can read about their transformation here) and I tackled refinishing the table (here’s the how-to post about that project) and now it was time to update the bench and light.   

The chandelier was an easy fix…just detach and prep for spraypaint.  I decided on oil-rubbed-bronze because the other two light fixtures in the room were already ORB.  It’s not my favorite light in the house, but it works and until I find something within my very low budget, this will have to do. 

Hot Face Sexy Legs McGee hung it for me when I was done. 

Yes, I even sprayed the chain and the cord all the way up to the ceiling plate.  And yes, I did take the little candlewax drippy plates off (is that a technical term?  because I think yes) and sprayed them separately.   

Like I said, it’s definitely not my style – neither are the ones hanging over the island – but at least the look is a little more current and cohesive.  Kinda like men’s hairless chests.  Not my style but cohesive and current. 

Important thing you will get out of this post – ORB is awesome and I like pec hair.  Your day is now filled with awesome.

As for the cheap ($15) Goodwill bench, the top was a little off with the newly refinished table.

So I sanded it down – removing the reddish stain.

Then I applied the darker Walnut stain – it’s hard to tell in the photos but it was a difference in undertones.

The legs and base were given the same treatment as the table – a couple coats of old antique white paint.

I love how it looks with the table as a whole.  It definitely is my vibe…casual, fun, not too serious.  Basically it makes me wanna shake my money-maker.  And that’s quite a sacrifice since Jeremy is kinda heavy to pick up and try to wiggle.  Ooops…cheese oozing again. 

And let me just say that one of the best things about this new house is having an eat-in kitchen.  In the old house, we had the peninsula (which was great too) but for Will, this lower surface just works out so much better.  Plus, having a big kitchen table is a great crafty place and an amazing gathering spot for family dinners.  If I were a piece of furniture, I would definitely want to be a kitchen table. 

In the spirit of complete honesty, I’m probably less like that table and more like this desk:

So are you guys a piece of furniture?  which one?  Or perhaps you are just simply feeling the new kitchen setup vs. the old?  Or maybe you are just feeling crazy sorry for my desk light fixture that has Will’s recent watercolor clipped to it?

okay – now stop clapping.  I’m sure True Value gets the point.

“I was one of the bloggers selected by True Value to work on the DIY Squad. I have been compensated for my time commitment to the program as well as my writing about my experience. I have also been compensated for the materials needed for my DIY project. However, my opinions are entirely my own and I have not been paid to publish positive comments.”



  1. Krissee says

    Would love the paint color on the walls…please!!! Also what color red did you use on the chairs? Thanks!! Love the transformation and color combinations.

    • says

      Hi Krissee, I don’t have any idea what the original color was…it was here when we moved in…and the red is Krylon’s Cherry Red spraypaint.
      xo – kb

  2. Lynette says

    Wow. Love everything you do. I have a house full of “misfits” (that I LOVE), but need to tweek them all to make them work. You do AMAZING work!!!

  3. emily says

    Hey Katie! I love the outcome and the colors, great job! What brand of paint did you use for the Old Antique White?

  4. Sarah Chermely says

    Katie, we have that exact table and would love to stain it. Do you have any idea what stain you used for the top? Thanks!!

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