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Can we give True Value a hand?

Let’s just pause for a moment and start clapping, shall we?  Because bigger house = bigger bills…and let me be frank, I wouldn’t get nearly as much done around here without the help of True Value.  And now let me be Katie again.  (Sorry…the cheese oozes out of me when I’m not looking.)  

That sounded gross. 

Scratch all of that and just start clapping for True Value because they allowed for this To-Do list item to be checked off the list.  That’s it.  No oozing.  No cheesy jokes.  No accusations against any member of the Rebel Alliance for framing Darth.  Nothing.  Just a plain old thank you.   And maybe a round-off-backhandspring-toe-touch :)

Today I wanted to share a project that literally was under $10…and very little time.  In our kitchen we started with this brassy chandelier and an old yard sale table and some modernesque chairs.    

Well, I want a more ‘homey’ and casual vibe in there so we switched out the chairs for four hand-me-downs from my mom (you can read about their transformation here) and I tackled refinishing the table (here’s the how-to post about that project) and now it was time to update the bench and light.   

The chandelier was an easy fix…just detach and prep for spraypaint.  I decided on oil-rubbed-bronze because the other two light fixtures in the room were already ORB.  It’s not my favorite light in the house, but it works and until I find something within my very low budget, this will have to do. 

Hot Face Sexy Legs McGee hung it for me when I was done. 

Yes, I even sprayed the chain and the cord all the way up to the ceiling plate.  And yes, I did take the little candlewax drippy plates off (is that a technical term?  because I think yes) and sprayed them separately.   

Like I said, it’s definitely not my style – neither are the ones hanging over the island – but at least the look is a little more current and cohesive.  Kinda like men’s hairless chests.  Not my style but cohesive and current. 

Important thing you will get out of this post – ORB is awesome and I like pec hair.  Your day is now filled with awesome.

As for the cheap ($15) Goodwill bench, the top was a little off with the newly refinished table.

So I sanded it down – removing the reddish stain.

Then I applied the darker Walnut stain – it’s hard to tell in the photos but it was a difference in undertones.

The legs and base were given the same treatment as the table – a couple coats of old antique white paint.

I love how it looks with the table as a whole.  It definitely is my vibe…casual, fun, not too serious.  Basically it makes me wanna shake my money-maker.  And that’s quite a sacrifice since Jeremy is kinda heavy to pick up and try to wiggle.  Ooops…cheese oozing again. 

And let me just say that one of the best things about this new house is having an eat-in kitchen.  In the old house, we had the peninsula (which was great too) but for Will, this lower surface just works out so much better.  Plus, having a big kitchen table is a great crafty place and an amazing gathering spot for family dinners.  If I were a piece of furniture, I would definitely want to be a kitchen table. 

In the spirit of complete honesty, I’m probably less like that table and more like this desk:

So are you guys a piece of furniture?  which one?  Or perhaps you are just simply feeling the new kitchen setup vs. the old?  Or maybe you are just feeling crazy sorry for my desk light fixture that has Will’s recent watercolor clipped to it?

okay – now stop clapping.  I’m sure True Value gets the point.

“I was one of the bloggers selected by True Value to work on the DIY Squad. I have been compensated for my time commitment to the program as well as my writing about my experience. I have also been compensated for the materials needed for my DIY project. However, my opinions are entirely my own and I have not been paid to publish positive comments.”



  1. Regan R says

    Love the transformation! The dark stain really makes the white legs pop . . . I actually have the same table and I’m thinking a staining sesh might be in the near future now :)

  2. says

    Wow the power of paint!!!! Im sure you don’t want to do anything more to the chandelier but saw on etsy old brass chandeliers spraypainted and then a thick twine or jute wrapped around the part where the light bulb screws in!! It gave it a really cool updated but casual look!! Looks great!!!

  3. says

    I love the chair/bench combo… I love the red chairs… I love the two tone table and bench… Love love love!

    I have the kitchen table and chairs that my great grandmother bought piece by piece after coming over to america… I love it… but i think it needs to be freshened up…. and a pop of color might be just the trick. Thanks for the inspiration.

    ps – you’ve been pinned.

  4. says

    Looks great Katie! Isn’t ORB spray paint amazing? I used it a little bit a few weeks ago and I’m obsessed! I just love your whole table set-up, the colors are beautiful.

  5. says

    Great updates. I really like that the changes you’ve been making are genuine “work with what you’ve got” cheapskate updates, which is a big grade of cost lower than “make all your updates with something new-or-purchased-albeit-on-sale.” So far yours is the only blog that matches the kind of budget I like to follow and I love seeing you beautifully shape your home with available resources.

  6. says

    we have an ugly brass chandelier in our dining room/living room. i cannot wait to replace it but i think in the meantime i’ll attack it with some orb. i mean, it couldn’t possibly look worse, right?

  7. says

    I love the ORB on the chandelier! Have you considered making a huge drum over the whole thing and covering it with a great fabric? Maybe an alternate fabric that is also red and white (like your cute chair cushions, but not the same pattern)?

    Also, your “well-loved” kitchen desk is calling it’s siren song to me organize it. I love organizing spaces the way you love bacon, Katie. I was staring at the picture, just daydreaming about all different ways to decorate it and make it more functional.

    Thanks for the Monday morning daydream! Looking forward to your future projects!

  8. Tracy says

    How did you prep the chandelier? I’ve got my own brass fixture and a can of ORB paint that’s calling my name… the paint says it has a built-in primer, but I don’t know whether to believe that.

  9. says

    The whole table set looks amazing! What a great transformation with some paint and stain. I have an old brass chandelier that’s begging for some oil rubbed bronze spray paint, too. Definitely a good cheap update for now.

  10. Hallie says

    Hi Katie!

    I really like the light fixtures over the island in the kitchen. After you ORB’ed the chandelier I think it looks so much better too and much more cohesive so GOOD JOB!!!

    I would love to have your house! I think it is beautiful!

  11. says

    My pathetic patio table that is being used as a kitchen table because baby things have taken over our house is jealous of your gorgeous kitchen table makeover. And the red chairs just had me at “hello.”

  12. Trish says

    WOW..that table, banch and chairs came out amazing! Hard to believe that isn’t all a set..oh what a little paint and hard work can do…you go Katie. Luv it!

  13. Kim says

    Wow Katie! That table and bench look made for each other now! The whole thing looks terrific – esp. with the red chairs. I too painted my kitchen chairs red and I LOVE them! I was never a fan of red, but we have a little red in our kitchen border and the bright chairs just make me happy! Love seeing all you are doing at your new house – esp. on such a tight budget. Gives me inspiration and great ideas :)

  14. says

    HIP, HIP, HOORAY for cheap fixes that make a big difference. When I do these sorts of projects, they make me do a triple back hand spring, toe touch, landing splits happiness! And then I hit the Advil and the ice because wowee, I’m not in shape like that. Love the overall effect! It’s so much more light and airy. Great job!

  15. Jamie says

    I have serious table envy! I love it!
    Love the fix for an ugly brass chandelier, my sis has one similar maybe I will suggest that we spray paint it too and oooh wouldn’t it be even more beautiful with a few pretty shades.

  16. says

    Love the combination of the bench “matching” the table & then having red chairs! Random, crazy question, does the husband talk able you in similar fashion as you talk about him? I think I’d insist on it our of fairness. :)

  17. Tessa says

    Just wanted to say thanks for showing your messy desk area :) I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who has a “catch all” place like that.

  18. Kerry says

    LOVE the chairs and table. I have had my eye on red kitchen chairs like that on Pinterest. You may have just given me the courage to do a bold color in my kitchen. And I LOVE the bench, I’m dying for one of those.

    Keep it coming Katie, you are awesome!

  19. says

    Hi Katie, first of all I am lovin’ the look of your dining area. It looks like such a great place to chill. As for what furniture I’d be…I think I’ll be the kitchen bench (where all the cake-bakin’ and cinnamon-roll-makin’ takes place!) Ahhh, yum! xo

  20. says

    Seriously, looks great. I am amazed at how well that came out – I am usually not into homey, country style, but girl, you do it right!! The chairs and the bench and table all really come together and look cohesive, great vision Katie! You should switch the bulbs in the chandelier for those little round ones (the ones that go with outdoor string lights), it would update it a bit.

  21. Sara says

    Oh your blog steals my heart a little bit more each day.
    Still cant wait for Wedding Shower/Wedding posts.. and still hopinhg for an updated house tour.. but wanna say again how much I look forward to yuor daily blog post!!

  22. Bridget says

    “The cheese oozes out of me when I’m not looking…” comment made me laugh out loud. My youth group meetings(I’m a youth minister and it’s part of my job description to be ridiculous) start off with a crazy question. Last week’s was, “Would you rather sweat cheese or throw up marbles?” We began to think of how to market this sweat cheese to the general public as something called sweese…Trust me, strange and corny is my life.

  23. says

    We spray-painted all of the ugly old brass fixtures in our kitchen too. Sad thing is, we are the ones who picked them out originally, when we built the house 18 years ago. Yikes, how time and tastes change! I also frosted the glass shades and I have to say that I almost like the fixtures again…almost.

    If I were a piece of furniture, I would be a kitchen island because everyone is constantly dumping stuff on me, and I definitely have a few worn spots and Krazy Glue stains.

  24. Katie says

    Gorg! I have an identical table that I recently picked up from Goodwill waiting for a makeover! I was planning on staining the entire table with a dark stain but now I’m smitten with the light legs and dark top combo you have!

  25. says

    I love how your kitchen is turning out. I painted our old kitchen chairs that same bright red last fall and paired them with a little round table for our eat-in nook. The fun color really brighten things up, but the walls in there are in dire need of a paint color. I was thinking of a shade of turquoise because I love red paired with it- what color is on your kitchen walls? I’m not sure it’s the right shade for us, but I think it looks good with your lovely set up.


    • says

      I have no idea! The folks who left the house were not so great about leaving all the info…I guess that happens when you get foreclosed on.
      xo – kb

  26. Reenie says

    LOVE your chairs, table & bench… cute. And I love the chandy ~ at least you thought of painting the cord……I didn’t ~ and it looks funny. I painted the chain…but not the cord ~ DOH!!! I need to have someone hold up a towel or cardboard so I can paint it ~ without having to take it down. =)

    • says

      I wish I knew – this house was as foreclosure and we didn’t get any wall color info. I will color match one of these days so I’ll let you know :)
      xo – kb

  27. Gianna says


    Can you please share what the paint finish is? Did you use a semi gloss? I see your table legs look a bit distressed, did you create that look with the bench legs as well?

    Thank you!


  28. Tiffany C. says

    To make the chady even more updated you could add some cheap little lamp shades to each light. We did that to my grandmother’s chandy that looks just like yours years ago and it made such a HUGE difference. Love the o.r.b on it!

  29. Rose says

    Both useful AND humorous blog! Like how the chandelier turned out – it does fit better into that total look – even though it’s just temporary.

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