Closet Crashing

Are you a blogger?  Been doing it long?  Do you ever sense that this internet world is kinda like high school?


I may be wrong…seeing as how I was homeschooled…but I did watch a lot of teen movies that included love stories, Alicia Silverstone and makeovers that turned a sarcastic pretty girl with glasses and a ponytail into Cinder-Hottie-ella…so I think in my mind that I know what highschool is like.  There are cliques.  There are the cool girls and the stylish ones…the popular ones and the crowd that is super artsy or have money….there are the peeps that know everyone and EVERYONE likes them.

And then there are girls like me.  blogs like mine.  I have one ridiculously popular friend and a few gals that everyone and their mother and Betty White likes and they acknowledge me.  But for the most part…I am still that quirky girl in the corner that laughs at inappropriate jokes at inappropriate times and is kinda scared to step outta my comfort zone.  Sure, a bunch of people know my name mostly through association…but the majority wouldn’t acknowledge me if I was getting slushied by my locker.  My press page (likened only to the listing of page numbers behind your yearbook name) is so short that it isn’t even a page…

All that to say – this girl.  this odd thirty-year-old-homeschooled-girl-who-lives-in-the-boonies-and-thinks-bacon-jokes-are-funny – she deeply appreciates all of you who say hello day in and day out…those of you that I read and I visit whenever I have a free moment between photo editing, matchbox car racing and attempting to keep these bushy eyebrows tweezed enough to see out of and I see that you list me in your blogroll…those of you that send me emails and link up and tell me normal and hilarious things about your normal and hilarious day.  You make me laugh and cry and love life a little more….and feel less like an outsider looking in and more like a girl with a great circle of dear friends.  real friends.  so thank you from the bottom of my heart.  you are one giant reason I blog.  much much much love my sweet darlings.  much much love.

Now onto closet crashing…

You see that door to the right of our master bedroom hallway?  That there is my closet.

Yup, in this new house I no longer had to dedicate a room to getting dressed (like I did in the old house) nor did I have to take over all the other closets (um yeah…I did that in the old house too) because in this new house, I have a huge wonderful closet that makes me feel like Carrie Bradshaw….it’s obviously not as pretty as Miss SATC but it holds everything and that makes me feel like a princess :)

I wish I had a photo of this space when it was messy – but just imagine that it looked like a bohemoth pile of dirty clothes that stood two stories tall and small children were burrowing through for loose change.  That’s a pretty accurate description.

We actually wanted to use the Ikea wardrobers that we had in the old house for me in here (just simply because it is amazing storage) but we had to make it fit.   In order to squeeze them in, we removed a rack that was on the right hand side of the closet and thankfully the wardrobe pieces didn’t block the door.

Onto closet crashing!  Here is the left side….

right below it…(oh and there are more shoes in one of those fabric shoe holder thingies on the back of the door)….

opposite wall of wardrobes….

The first wardrobe is scootched out from the wall to allow me to slip my hand back there to turn on the lights.

In the center is a narrow wardrobe – it is nice because the baskets and shelves help with things I can’t hang up.


My belts – just because :)

The left side wardrobe…

And beyond the wardrobes on the right side of the closet is this little alcove area with even more shelves.  Don’t mind the mess…I was tryin to keep it real and didn’t style anything…

Oh and to show that it is not completely disorganized – I labeled the things in all the photos below…

My shirts I kind of organize by style then by color.  It goes from white to yellow to red to blue to green to brown to black.  I feel like that is more information than anyone really wants to know.  I’m oversharing today I guess.

So in the spirit of oversharing, you may be wondering why I have so many clothes.

The answer is simple – I’m kinda a clothes horse and I don’t get rid of anything.

I have clothing from seventh grade in this closet.  And yes, I still wear it.  Sometimes I skip a year and then wear it the following year.  That’s why I don’t believe that old rule of “if you haven’t worn it in a year, you should get rid of it” doesn’t apply to me.  Tomorrow could be it’s lucky day.  Or it could be Sept 8th, 2013.  You just never know.

Some clothing I have outgrown…but that goes in a couple big storage boxes…which I keep as a backup plan just in case I ever wake up and the Skinny Fairy has paid me a visit.  It could happen.

Oh and this closet also doesn’t contain my maternity clothing (which got packed away after Will was born – AND I’ve been praying every month that I get to pull it out) – but I feel like those clothes are way more stylish…probably because they are newer :)

And yes – 7 pairs of those jeans don’t fit…but they might.  one day.  when that dang thief comes to steal my love handles.  What is the world coming to….when you can’t even count on criminals anymore?!?!  sad sad world.

Like I said – nothing has been styled…including that Laura Lynn milk carton box that requires refrigeration.

I don’t even know how to get rid of clothes if I tried.  I save all old t-shirts…I wanna make a t-shirt quilt one day when I have enough…oversharing again….

Do you get clean out the ole wardrobe every year?  Do you actually follow that “fits well, 1 year worn, stained or torn” rule for chucking stuff?  How do you do it?  Do you donate?  Ebay?  Craigslist?  Yardsale?

p.s.  I did just remember that I yardsaled a BUNCH of stuff when we held our annual yardsale at the old house…and I remember it because this lady bought thirty Abercrombie items at a dollar each because she was from Britain and she said her kids were obsessed with that store and she figured that even if the item didn’t fit, she could cut out the label and sew it into random clothing.  Funny, huh?




  1. says

    Girl, whose lies you been listening to? :) You are smart and cute and funny and I read your blog regularly and wish I was so clever! Love your closet and thinking I need some of those Ikea thingies for my closet. (By the way, I homeschooled both my kids.)

  2. says

    I’m relatively new to your blog. I started reading (and catching up) when I got a text from a friend that said “you won’t believe what KB wrote about on her blog today”. That’s right, the discipline post – props to you again for talking about it. Anyway, I love how honest and open you are!

    We have a great closet in our house (our floor plan – that is waiting for us to build Ana’s master closet system. We’re pretty sure that our closet was meant to be a nursery. We’re still hoping that we’ll get to use it for that one day. We’ve been hoping for 6 1/2 years that we will need a nursery…that’s heartbreak 78 times…you know, if we were keeping track. I figure as soon as we truly accept that the closet is going to be a closet, we’ll end up needing it for a nursery, right? That’s how it works? I know that there is a reason for everything and that God has a reason for taking us through this journey, I just wish He’d let us in on the secret. Praying you get your happy month soon!

  3. says

    Ok two quick things…1) Love the closet tour. My mom would always include closets when she welcomed someone to our home for the first time and gave them a tour. No idea why, but she did. 2) What’s with the hangers in opposite directions? On the left, the hooks face out and on the right, hooks face in? (Hangers are debated in my house so I’m just wondering your preference.)

  4. Stacy M says

    Seriously? You’re awesome & dont you forget it! Ok, I’ve got a question about the closet. Why are some of your hangers on backwards on one wall & not the other??? Also, I do color coordinate my clothes too. But I use the Roy G. Biv method. LOL. I also seperate them by season. Cold Weather closthes vs. Warm Weather clothes, even my shoes join in with their same colored friends. ps. I color coordinate my skivvies too. shhh…..

  5. says

    Katie, you have 345 responses. I have like an average of .000001 per post. I think you’re at least WAY more popular than I am! haha

    As for the closet sorting organizing, can I just say *drool* – your organization is like my DREAM. I’m moving to a new apartment in 9 days with a walk-in closet and have every hope of turning it into Carrie’s. It WILL HAPPEN. You’ve motivated me. In general, I move every couple of years from apartment to apartment and so I tend to go through all my clothes then and have a “Really, Nicole? When are you EVER going to wear that again?” rule. But I’ll be the first to admit that I secretly manage to toss in a few costumes and such. I mean hey – you never know when someone’s going to throw an impromptu Hawaiian party or a Mardi Gras (beads absolutely necessary) party.

    I did read once on some organization website (yes… I stooped that low to seek self-help on the internet) that if you turn all of your hangers in your closet backwards and after wearing an item, turn the the right way, you can easily see at the end of a season what was never worn and make the decision to give it away.

  6. Louise says

    Im sooo jealous, your wardrobe is bigger than my house!! (UK terraced house) Teeny weeny
    Only just discovered your blog this week, lovin catchin up on your posts

  7. bridget b. says

    love your blog. in high school cafeteria terms, you would totally be the girl cracking jokes and making people laugh so hard that milk snorts out their nose (okay, that was weird to type, but you get the idea).

    i like your twisted (in a good way) sense of humor. your blog was great before, but i think it has gotten even better since you became a mommy and a photographer. i really like your writing style and especially the posts where you picture dump interspersed with a few funny comments. you really know how to capture those random moments that make like special.

    keep being yourself!

  8. Jill says

    What a very nice, well-written, moving start to this post! I don’t comment much, but I come here most days to be amused by you and your personality. I honestly don’t at all come here for the content (okay, maybe for the posts about your little boy — I have a nephew who is the greatest 4-month-old that ever lived — want to see pictures?!), but I do read this blog for your enthusiasm and weenie jokes.

    I like you very much, Katie Bower!

  9. Christine Williams says


    I meant to write this yesterday but work got crazy!

    You are the most popular girl to me….I look forward to your blog the most every day! I also check a lot of your blogger friends too, but you are always the first one I check after my email. I mean you are even before Facebook, so you are kind of a big deal! :) I love your blog most because of you. You are just like me, my sisters, and my gal pals. We know when to lock it up…but we are always down for a good dirty joke/innuendo. wink wink You would fit right in with an extra side of funny! Your blog charms me and inspires me at the same time. I’m hoping if I read it enough, I’ll be able to come out at a party with a classic Katie joke like “I shook like a Jew at the sight of Mel Gibson.” Awesomeness.

    Just know that for a lot of us…you are the leader of the pack and we love you!

    xo C

  10. Lynne Anne says

    Here’s to my kinda gal – the gal who sees a double entendre’ in every “snort” hot dog. As the mother of three boys (yeah, that’s right 3!!! but now one is off to college, so i’m at the other end) , I gotta say that living with fellas all around changes you. Sure, every once in awhile you get snuggles, but little girls are rarely as fierce, as energetic, as ready to throw things at you!

    • Lynne Anne says

      It posted before I was done!!! Here’s what I wish I knew at your stage. Hold on to your closet and your girly self tight – you will need it. We do all admire you, and I recall the toddler stage as being some of the most isolating (though rewarding) years, so I’m thrilled to see mom’s blogging. Working mom’s in particular juggle more, and I’m so glad you are keeping your photography going. When I got out of grad school, a girlfriend and I who had gone while we had babies /toddlers looked at each other when we saw the job choices and said “you can have it all, but you can’t have it all at the same time” Only now do I have the boffo career and thank goodness. I’m thrilled that you young ‘uns have made it for yourself during this time of heavy lifting. Don’t be in a rush for that second baby, girl. Your next little angel (girl or boy) will find you in good time, and then life will increase its pace exponentially.

  11. Stephanie says


    Your blog rocks! I read it almost every day to keep in mind that other people like me exist. Except for the bacon part, we’re pretty similar. It’s hard to tell your friends/family your making something crafty AGAIN, redoing something to make it a better version AGAIN, knocking out a wall, painting, trying, organizing AGAIN! and not have them think you have lost your mind. I hear it a lot and think, well this other chick does it too! I love this post since I am a closet crasher (now I have a name for my disease, thanks) I purge every few months and am invited by friends and family to go into their closets (or attics/dens/basements) and weed it all out to give them some breathing room and it not take them a year. I also do this uninvited to my husband, son and parents…yikes!

    Being the really popular girl isn’t so cool anyway. You have way to many obligations, not enough time for your life, people always expect you to be dressed (!) and everyone wants a piece of you. No thanks. You have an awesome approach to things, an amazing home and great style. Don’t change what you’re doing one bit.

    Thanks for the ideas, laughs and affirmation that being yourself is perfect. If you are ever in the Philadelphia area you are welcome to crash some closets with me.

  12. says

    I love your blog! I try and stop by every other day. You’re definitely in with the popular crowd!

    I’m the opposite with my closet though. I try and clean it out and get rid of clothes (ie donate) every other month. That way it gives me an excuse to go shoppping and fill it up again. :)

  13. says

    You have a lot of clothes! It wasn’t until we moved into a townhouse with itty bitty closets that I was forced to downsize my wardrobe. Even then, I took over two of those closets. Now, I find it refreshing to go through the clothing in spring and winter and purge anything I know I am not really going to wear.
    All that being said, your closet organization looks great! Mine is still in progress so I am way jealous :)

  14. says

    You’re totally one of the cool kids in my eyes! And not only are cool, funny, creative, down-to-earth, and a great blogger but super nice too! You answered a question I had the other day about blogging, and you got back to me that same day. It made my day – a celebrity blogger wrote me back! Shine on, KB!

  15. Vica says

    Holly cow your closet is huge! I live in an old house and have to ‘season’ my closet. But that’s kind of fun because it’s like shopping twice a year for free.

    FYI…I love your blog and think you are the coolest blogger I know/read! I would totally drive out to the boonies to hang out with you. Which says a lot because I never go OTP. Also just so you know, you will also be our go to photographer now and for forever, my husband is still raving about the pictures.

  16. Julie J says

    I think you are AWESOME! I just started reading your blog and I am hooked– you are honest and sincere in your posts and your home is beautiful– seriously, very inspiring! Also, I love your sense of humor and your writing style!

  17. says

    So glad to know that even a “mega-blogger” like you can feel insecure in the blog world like it’s high school all over again. Cuz that’s totally me. I just have to{practically daily} remind myself that I blog b/c I LOVE design and everything about it and if no one reads my blog, at least I enjoyed writing it…after all the Bible says not to let “man’s empty praise” be our motivation. Love your blog, Katie!

  18. says

    Miss Katie Bower,
    Count your blessings (and maybe your shoes)! My husband and I share a closet maybe the size of ONE of your armoires. Unfortunately, I couldn’t raid the other closets with my clothes so we , scratch that, I had to pair down. Andrew is a chef so he only wears street clothes maybe two days a week, so his wardrobe is significantly smaller than mine.
    This must be another one of those ways you and Sherry differ, huh.
    Oh, but she has a bigger closet now doesn’t she.

  19. says

    I feel ya on your opening comments. I have to remind myself that I’m blogging about my projects because I just like doing them and sharing (and maybe oversharing :) ).

    I do not have a big closet, but I had to redo it. We have some of those wire shelves because they were cheap, but having had them in rentals before, I was hesitant because they leave lines on the clothes on the bottom of the stack. But Lowe’s had cedar planks to line closets. They were not expensive at all and for less than one box, I covered all the wire! It’s been great. We also put a wood trim on the front. You can look at here:

    It was just such an easy, affordable fix for our closet that I wanted to share. :)

  20. says

    totally related with this post. i have a TON of clothes and i have a hard time getting rid of stuff as well– i may put something on one day and hate it and then six months later, i put it on and love it again! you just never know, right? i also have my clothes organized by style and color. it’s so much easier to find what you want! i’ve tried to convert my husband (organizing his whole side of the closet that way) but he just can’t put it all back where it goes! some people just don’t get it! :)

    i have a very small blog but i have a couple friends who are what i would call “super-bloggers,” like my girl Erin at i have to remind myself that my blog is really for ME– i started it since i’m NOT a scrapbooker and i didn’t want to forget all the moments that make up my life. if anybody else gets enjoyment out of it, that’s just the icing on the cake! keep on doing what you’re doing– your blog is real and funny and perfect.

  21. Whitney says

    Seriously, you crack me up. You and Sherry are like peanut butter and jelly. If I read one I can’t not read the other. So hence my daily routine during second nap time is to cozy up on the couch and see what you two are up to. Sidenote: fun fact of the day, KB homeschooled?? Would have never thought. Thanks for letting me stalk you daily. (in a non-weird, creep way)

  22. says

    Hey, K — I’m actually really grateful that you put up this particular post right now, because I’m having a crisis of confidence about my blogging & I’d love to pick your brain a little.
    (Sherry & John have been surprisingly responsive & supportive with all of the blogging questions I’ve asked them, but really, they’re in a TOTALLY different league than I am, so while I’d appreciate their input, I don’t know if it would really apply to my sitch, ya know? Frankly, you’re out of my league too, but I’m gonna ask anyway because you seem genuinely nice & I have no shame. Heh, heh.)
    So here it is: I’ve been blogging for about 5 months. My blog is similar in concept to YHL, except that it focuses on what renters can do in terms of improving their properties, since renters simply aren’t allowed to do much of what you see on home improvement blogs/TV shows. I’ve been a renter all my adult life & a DIYer for much longer, so I feel relatively confident about the advice I give & my readers seem to honestly like what I post.
    My problem is that we’re… well, poor. When I started the blog, I had hoped to do it as a sideline project that would eventually generate a little revenue through sidebar ads.
    (I’m technically a journalist, but in the past 3 years, I’ve lost every writing job I’ve found to “restructuring.” There’s just no work out there for writers — I lost my last-ditch job just this week.)
    I’d love to keep doing the blog, but the investment of time/money is making me nervous without a steady income to rely upon. At this point, I only have about 30 regular followers & I get about 100 views per post, total … usually over the course of 2-3 days. I get practically no comments, either, so I don’t know how many of those are intentional visits versus just accidentally-stumble-onto-it-and-never-come-back browser searches.
    How long did it take/how many followers did you have before you were able to sell ad space on your blog? How much $$ (ballpark) does your advertising bring in per month? Any tips on how to find/approach/lure advertisers?
    Unfortunately, I just can’t justify pouring so much time & money into something that isn’t likely to pay off… (and of course I know that you can’t promise me success!) but before I give up entirely, I figured I’d ask someone who’s made it work.
    Any advice you could offer would be GREATLY appreciated.
    Thanks in advance,
    Amy :)

    • says

      Well, this is tough because I am definitely not the norm. I didn’t advertise until after I had been blogging for over two years – so there was already my small group of steady readers and a definite voice and a commitment to keep going. I always say – don’t blog unless it’s just for you…not for readers, not for money, not for anything else. So it isn’t really fair to compare a relatively new site like yours to one that’s been around a little while longer. I don’t know how to find or lure advertisers – I just put the info out there for them….and then wait for them like everyone else. I wish I could be more helpful!
      xo – kb

      • says

        Actually, that was a big help. I started blogging as a way to keep me motivated to work on the house, not as a money-making endeavor, so I really should keep looking at it from that perspective.
        I guess since I started writing professionally, it’s just habit to “look for the money” every time I touch a keyboard. But that’s whack. It’s been nice having a place to write just for the fun of it. Thanks for the reminder & for taking the time to ponder/respond. You’re a cool chick.

  23. says

    That closet is amazing! And the sheer volume of clothes makes me excited. Do you feel like you’re getting dressed in a department store? My closet is more like how you said yours used to look….2 foot tall mound of clothes. I have to climb into my closet :)

    and you are WAY more popular than you think.

  24. says

    I organize my tops the same way! Except my closet isn’t quite as long so I have from non-sleeve to sweaters on one side of the closet, light cardigan to thick cardigan/light jacket on another, and then dresses from summer to winter then dressy on the third. The hubs thinks I’m crazy. I think it makes things easier to find. :-)

  25. says

    I am one of millions to say this, but dang–you have one amazing closet! I was weak in the knees when i saw your built in drawers and the belt organizer.

    I just got upgraded to my own closet since we moved into our new house and it delights me to be able to see all of my clothes. I still wear my Express pants from highschool, which definitely demonstrates my inability to let go. Now that I have more space, I am even more reluctant to get rid of things. Everything eventually comes back in style…right?

  26. Amanda says

    Katie!! You’re way more popular than you think, and you aren’t the only one who thinks bacon jokes are the bomb!!!!

    Keep praying for another bub – it will happen when God is ready! I prayed for months and thought I’d never have a baby… Then I got pregnant… WITH TWINS!!! Be careful what you wishs for! ;)

    • says

      Whoa. I would take twins in a heartbeat :) I prayed once that I would have two twin girls…but I don’t know if Jer could handle that much estrogen :)
      xo – kb

  27. says

    Love your closet. It’s WAY more filled with clothes than mine – and by coincidence I posted my closet last week on my blog, if you want to compare. :)

  28. Bonnie says

    Katie, you are hilarious and adorable. I read your blog regularly (but have never commented before), and I enjoy it purely because you are quirky and have a dirty mind and love bacon as much as I do. Keep being yourself, cause that’s why we’re all here. The house is nice, and you and your family do make for pretty pictures, but really, it’s because you’re a great writer who touches a chord within many of your readers, so just keep being you. If I’d known you were coming to DC, I’d have invited y’all over for some bacon pancakes :)

    Also, girl, you have a lot of clothes!

  29. says

    I remember when my closet used to look like that! Now I’m compact into a regular sized wall closed (thankfully the hubby has a matching one of his own). I used to keep allllll clothes too with the same rationale that you’ll never know when you’ll wear it again! Finally, somehow, I started getting rid of things. I threw out shoes that I knew I couldn’t comfortably wear for a whole day, or that had started to wear out. I started to get rid of things that weren’t my favorite – or that I was waiting to fit into again. And slowly, garbage bag by garbage bag I got rid of probably 70% of my hoarded shoes and clothes! I let my friends go through it and grab whatever they wanted (which made me feel less bad about getting rid of it) and then donated the rest. The best part – was that there was more room for some new peices! Good luck!! And I’m super jealous of how much space you have – but girrrrl you need a shoe rack!

  30. says

    Because I read your blog daily – even if I don’t always comment – I feel like I can say this to you – Girl, please with the I’m not popular business. You’re like the homecoming queen for crying out loud! Seriously- who doesn’t like a bacon joke?! Really are there actual people that don’t? Because that is concerning! ;) Love your blog – if I ever saw you on the street I’d probably ask for your autograph – don’t be scared – I live in Kentucky- also don’t be scared – I’m not from Kentucky – I’m from California – again – don’t be scared. Apparently the dash is the new period?!
    Seriously though – your blog is great and so are you!
    Your closet is ridic- mine is tiny and I have to share with the hubs- which sucks because I’m an only child and I don’t like sharing anything ever! ;)

  31. says

    I have the solution to your closet non-problem. A clothes swap.

    I live in Seattle and since we are all “reduce, reuse, recycle” over on this coast, my friends and I meet up and swap our stuff, drink wine and eat cheese every few months.

    It makes it so much easier to give up things you are on the fence about because 1. If you wake up weeks later pining away for your old faded jeans, you can call your friend and beg for them back 2. You get so many cool new items, that you forget all about the oldie-but-goodies you gave away 3. When I see one of my old items turned into a new item on one of my friends, it makes me feel happy that it found a new home and a new (second) life.

    So there you go. Call your real life friends, blog friends, or heck- call that guy who give you would from his wood pile and see if they want to come over and swap.

    Recently, we have expanded into housewares, books, jewelry… lets be honest, the only thing we don’t swap is underwear and husbands.

    I’m actually writing to you while wearing a new-to-me JCrew plaid shirt I got LAST NIGHT at our swap.

    I’m telling you. It’s almost as good as bacon. Actually, it would be better if you incorporated bacon into your swap treats.

    Love your bacon, love your crafts, love your pining away to be preggers (me too).

  32. Mariya says

    I rarely get rid of clothes like you. I finally got rid of my last middle school t-shirt a few months ago. I have been more honest with myself about never being able to fit into a size 2 again, so some of friends and family have benefitted from my realization and resulting purge. I am so incredibly jealous of your closet.

  33. says


    first, i just wanna say thanks for guesting on kojo (i have to say, i’m friends with kirstin from church and it’s so cool you read her blog).
    second, i feel like life is still like highschool, i was such a mega nerd in HS… i was band queen… just be lucky homeschooling didn’t have band…
    third, you are a blessing to my day. i am sitting here with a sick little 2 month old on my lap, and just reading about bacon jokes/lindsay lohan makes me laugh & i need that.
    fourth, you should road trip to denver and stay at our house (okay that may be creepy to have a blog-reader offer that, b/c what if i was a serial killer) you could even have our bed and we could sleep in the basement :)
    I could introduce you to kirstin from kojo (that would make me look soooo cool)!!!
    i hope you have a fabulous day.

  34. ashleyp says

    Katie, what a sweet note to us! I’ve never commented but I absolutely adore your photography, your style, and most of all, your willingness to open your life to others. Your family is simply precious and deep down, we’re all freaks. :) There are so many of us who are young mothers, pinching pennies to create our dream nest, trying to find outlets for creativity. Some of us are reading it and you are doing it — congratulations, girl!!

  35. says

    If blogs were like high school you would be the girl that everyone hates, but cant help but love. You’re georgeous, fashionable, super funny, creative, love bacon, sweet to everyone and you dont even know how awesome you are! You are so humble and dont even realize you ARE the popular girl. I love reading your blog (along with about a million other people)! Nobody really reads my blog (except my hubby), but thats ok. Its more for me and him anyway. It would probably help if I posted more than once a year! Anyway, this post just leaves me wondering, what does Jeremy’s closet look like?

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