Christmas Photo List

You know I am drinking the photography-kool-aid.  And Christmas time is like giving this camera addict an all access pass to Martha Stewart’s impeccably designed cottage….with a hoard of newborn babies….in hand knitted hats….with animal ears….and pompoms….


just like that.

So you can imagine that it’s pretty important to capture the big holiday moments….so in my tiny bit of Type A-ness, I made a list just to be sure I remember to 1.  do all this fun stuff and 2.  take pics of said fun stuff for posterior sake (I know…it’s posterity….but posterior makes me smile).

Last year, I did get a bunch of these….here’s some of the 2010 memories….



So what’s on your list?



  1. julianna says

    Can’t wait to see your pictures of all those things! (although I’m not sure what some of them are — that font is really hard to read)

    Thanks for sharing your twelve days of christmas — it’s fun getting a glimpse into your sweet little family’s holiday season.

  2. Jillian says

    This is my first Christmas in London and I’ve taken my 3 year old daughter to see several Santas to get the perfect “sitting on Santa’s lap” picture. They don’t do it here!! You have to stand next to a sitting Santa or they provide stools that the kids sit on. It’s SO NOT THE SAME. Have to move home every Dec to get the real pic.

  3. says

    You only launched your photography business is JANUARY??!?
    You are talented, woman!!
    Congrats on such a busy and successful first year!!

    Love your list – from a lady who loves a good crossing-off-the-list moment.
    Merry Christmas! xo

  4. says

    I am in awe of you. Every time you come up with one of these lists, or when you do your monthly review, I honestly don’t know how you do it all. I want to take more pictures for sure, maybe even one with my daughter with Santa. And I’m planning a birthday dinner for my husband at bobby flays restaurant bc his birthday is the 28th of dec and he always gets the short end of the stick. So I’m going to really try to spoil him this year.

  5. Jamie says

    Katie, I love your family and blog! So fantastic! I was wondering if you happen to know the settings you used on your camera for the “Christmas Story” photo. I am trying to achieve something like that and just love your photo! I’m a teensy bit behind on my Christmas cards…seeing as I haven’t even taken the picture yet :). Thanks!

    • says

      My ISO was 3200, f/2.5, shutter speed 1/125
      I probably could have had the ISO a little higher and the shutter speed a little faster…but it’s tough because grain shows a lot with shadows like this. Anyway…just make sure you meter off the tree and then get your focus on the subjects (not the tree!)
      Happy shooting!
      xo – kb

  6. says

    Katie, I am just in love with your blog. Your ideas really inspire me, so once I start having kids I’m going to look back on your posts to remember what cool things to do at Christmas. Without trying to sound creepy, sometimes I share your ideas with my hubby and I’m like “my friend Katie from the blog said that…” haha. Thanks for letting us be a part of your beautiful life.

    • Lynn says

      I do the same thing…”My friend Katie Bower said…” I always hope they dont say “whos Katie Bower?”. Its one thing to refer people to the blog…its another to call the blog writer your ‘friend’. :)

  7. says

    That is a great idea! You get so busy this time of year it’s easy to forget to document something you can’t recreate. That first pic of Jeremy and Will is awesome. And I love the one at the bottom where Will has the lights! Love it!

  8. says

    Aww look at tiny baby Will last year!! He is so cute and only getting cuter. I think making a photo list is a great idea. It’s easy to get caught up in the rush of the season and forget to capture the moments. I’m a lover of lists, so I think this is perfect.

  9. says

    Since we live in Florida this is what our list looks like:

    1. String lights on a palm tree
    2. “Sleigh” ride on a jet ski
    3. Build a sand snowman
    4. Sing country Christmas songs

  10. alex says

    Totally read “getting sleigh ride” as “getting high…” at first…i was just like “wow…yuletide indeed…i knew she was edgy but dang.”…but through squinting and re reading I found the G rated original intention…all in about 5 second…so. Yeah, happy holidays.

  11. says

    I love all the photos you took last year, and I bet the ones this year will be even better–and the memories behind the photos better still. Did you plant the “B” on the tree for that photo of Jeremy and Will “The Christmas Story”? It stands out perfectly–even if unintentionally :).

  12. says

    What a great list… you are a very talented photographer!!! I think I need to add “decent camera” to my christmas list… my hubby can thank you and other great photographers of the blog world. lol

  13. Janet says

    You probably know this but there are a few items under your wishlist that aren’t available anymore. I always like clicking through them so I thought I would mention it and of course just in case anyone you know shops for you off of it. ;)

  14. Kelly says

    Love the list idea, but is it just me-I am having a hard time reading the font?? Gave up about half way through, maybe it’s bc I am reading thru my iPhone?

  15. says

    You and the fam showed up in my MyPublisher e-mail alert today! It caught me off guard at first. I was all, “Did Katie Bower send me a Christmas card?” Then I came to my senses. :) Happy Holidays!


  16. says

    all great ideas. i think after our outdoor “photoshoot” for Christmas card pics we will take a mini rest on the photos. Although we are having my 3 year olds birthday party on Saturday so i’m guessing the camera will be making an appearance then.

  17. says

    I just know that I’m going to go nuts when I have kids with how many pictures I’ll want to take! They’ll be blind from my flash before they can say “momma” haha
    All of those are just lovely!

  18. Carol says

    Hi! I Love reading your blog! I was just wondering what the name is of the font that you are using with the dots inside the letters. I really like it and would like to get it but I haven’t been able to find it. Thank you so much! :)

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