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Over the week of Thanksgiving we stayed in our guest bedroom.  For those of you new to the Dream House layout – we have four bedrooms on the second floor - and there is a definite separated guest bedroom that we determined is perfect for anyone that wants to sleep over and not hear the crying baby at 2 am in the morning…although we make no promises.

When we first moved in, the bedrooms had an overall theme – the walls matched the carpet.  in every single room.  So as much as we dig the whole monochromatic look – this just wasn’t workin for us…so we bought new carpet.  Something a little more neutral.

The bathroom was also sportin the Give-Me-Teal-Or-Give-Me-Death look.

A few of you were around when we finally set up the guest room bed….

And switched out the overhead light fixture

And then finally we added some pizzazz to the side tables with all the ‘stuff’…which personally I think help play down the cherry red lamps (yes, they still make me smile!) but in a good way…like how Ben Affleck semi-personality-less-ness in movies makes Liv Tyler somehow way more appealing.  It’s called chemistry.  And I think it exists in home decor.


And then my brother and his lengthy wife came to stay with us for Turkey day…and we offered up our bedroom (with the king bed) to them while we bunkered down test-mode style in the guest room.  It’s good to give those rooms a whirl once in a while just to be sure that they are comfy and your sweet guests aren’t flat out lying to your face.  So we moved in.

And that’s when it happened…

Yup.  I contracted the disease known to many as weirdness.  Don’t ask why I decided to don tons of embroidery hoops.  All I know is that I walked in looking like this…making my best robot voice say “take a phoo-to Jer-e-meee” and he looked at me dead pan and said “this is not even funny.  this is just weird.”  okay okay.  point taken.

The reason I share my blindingly embarrassing homeschoolishness with the masses online is this – I scored two bundles of hoops at Goodwill…and they came out to be about ten cents each…I had no idea why I need so many embroidery hoops – seeing as how I don’t embroider anything, but I knew it was a deal and I would find a spot for my new round beauties.

Enter the bubbles.  Yup, I convinced Jer that we could take some and just create a little abstract art on the wall above our newly christened bed (we didn’t christen it like that gutter brain!) and surprisingly he dug it.

I think eventually I want to just spray them white…or fill them with all sorts of different fun fabrics that play up my new ‘taste-the-rainbow’ decorating style.

Don’t ya think they would look cool with all different swatches?  Or just empty with white hoops?  I know this might only appeal to me…and only the quirky girl in me…but I dig it.

And while I was on a roll with ‘hanging stuff’…I thought, hey, let’s share this wall-puncturing love with our guest bathroom which is sorely lacking in the looks department.

Yup – seven months ago, I barely got that shower curtain up before I quit.  And as I took these pics, I remembered how massively neglected most of the rooms in this house have been.

This needs a shower curtain.  A print like this one would go FABULOUSLY.  But I don’t know how to make a shower curtain…so I will probably procrastinate on that one for a while.  And yes, that is Will – fully dressed in the shower – trying to turn it on.

And that poor little storage piece got shoved under the towel rack.  I don’t know who I feel more sorry for – the towel rack or the storage furniture.  such an awkward arrangement.

Now is where I get a little inspired.  I was shopping at Goodwill (where else?!) and saw these framed pieces.  They are actually fabric.  I have no idea who makes them or how old they are or where they came from…but they are so pretty to me I could burst.  This is exactly where I am right now.  what I am into.  what makes me smile.  color…and beauty…and happiness.

I think I discovered that with this house, I need happy colors.  This house was hard for me.  Moving to this house was hard.  And admitting that was hard.  I felt like I was so blessed to even move to such a gorgeous place, and even more blessed to have such a wonderful appreciative family in our old house, and to not enjoy it was confusing.  And in the old house, we decorated for the masses.  We always knew that would be our first home.  And when we made our choices we shyed away from being us so that we could appeal to everyone (because we knew that one day we would sell it)…so this time around, we have more freedom.  And this is exactly what I want to do with it.

I painted the frames red…because I just didn’t dig the 80’s blend of orange and peach.

It’s nothing fancy…but it helps.

And it makes me want to move forward.  It’s funny how a few pictures on the wall can do that, huh!?

First on my to-do list is raise that mirror a little…because I don’t have any little people coming to visit.  And I want a shower curtain and a new light and a shelf somewhere…don’t know where yet…but I know I want one.


And the shades had to go….I switched out the one for a more girly white ruffled looking one…it reminds me of a skirt I had in 9th grade.  Yes, it went down to my shins and was plaid…but it had those same pleats.  Maybe I should spray the light fixture silver.  Would that look good, ya think?  and the mirror a blue?  who knows.

So all that is what we are up to in that bedroom.  We have been working on a bunch of other projects lately too…trying to wrap up some big commitments…edit photos…watch the little guy….who recently started calling himself Mumbles…which I find hilarious.  He looks at something that he wants and then it’s all “Mumbles Mumbles Mumbles”….and so all that to say – we have quite a bit to update you guys on.

PLUS~  and this is a big plus….PLUS Bower Power’s 12 days of Christmas is coming back!  So be prepared for a heck of a lot of jolliness :)



  1. Randa says

    Love the red-framed art on the walls! And the embroidery hoops look great too… it would be fun to see what the fabric inside would look like. You may love it, and if you don’t, the hoops look great empty too. Or maybe a little hybrid-action (some w/ fabric and some empty)? I’m sure you’ll come up with a great look.

    If you attempt a shower curtain please let us know how that goes. The one for Will’s bathroom looked great, so I have confidence.

  2. says

    I love the hoops on the wall. Empty they definitely look like bubbles which is fun! Maybe you could paint them a few different colors instead of just white, like red to tie in the lamps more? They would look great with fabric too, but I really love them empty!

  3. Dana says

    I wish I could find embroidery hoops by the bus load like you did. I’ve been wanting to do the same thing you’re thinking with fabric for my craft room. I do like the empty hoops on the wall though. It looks good!

  4. says

    I absolutely love all of your homeschooling jokes since my husband was homeschooled and likes to blame all of his weirdness on it! That was such an ingenious idea to use the embroidering hoops on the wall as art. I cannot wait to be able to decorate my house, but unfortunately I have a while to go since I am currently building it. Yes, my husband and I have to put in 35 hours a week building our home. You can check our our progress on ….. In the meantime I will follow the progress you are making on decorating your home! I just love your style!

  5. says

    I dig the embroidery hoops! They look good!…I’d paint them white and add fabric swatches for sure…..great project!

    Umm…the flower frames in the guest bedroom bathroom WHATTA good deal!! I heart (ALOT) good will shopping!! those frames are AMAZING!! and painting the bathroom mirror blue: smart smart smart! Adding one thing to a room can totally make you want to go full speed ahead and work on a room more.

  6. says

    Katie, only you would buy that many emboridery hoops with no idea what you’re going to do with them! Then again, I guess you have a bunch of space to store those kinds of purchases thus giving you the freedom to “buy it and sit on it” until the perfect idea strikes.

    Great job at figuring out what to do with them, though. They look great up on that wall and that’s a very creative use of the 100 or so embroidery hoops that it seems you now own! :-)

  7. julianna says

    If you have any more of the tiny hoops, they look great with Christmas fabric, hanging on a tree as ornaments (either plain wood or painted).

  8. Valerie Shea says

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the hoops on the wall. I saw something that looked very similar to this on TV and have been dying to try it since. Do you ever watch the millionaire matchmaker? (doubt it- only the loonies like me are obsessed with such a crazy addictive show. dont judge me – its totally my secret obsession). But the lady on the show has hoops hung on her office wall just like yours. They are both georg! (: I cant wait to see how they turn out! (:

  9. Suzi says

    I have to say I love your “bubbles” idea because I just did the same thing in our guest room/office a few months ago. Living in an earthquake zone I refuse to put a framed piece above the bed, so I used a bunch of old embroidery hoops from my Grandma and filled them with 6 different fun printed fabrics. The whole project cost me $9 for all the fabric and I absolutely love it! I hope you consider adding some fun prints in the future!

  10. says

    Totally understand what you mean in respect to decorating “for the masses” in your first home with the notion of one day selling. My husband and I do that in our home (our first) and I look forward to one day making a little more “out of the box” choices because I like them even if the home buying masses might not. We even made “for the masses” decisions when remodeling our kitchen and while it’s obviously wonderful to have a new kitchen, I never think of it as our forever kitchen.

  11. Meg says

    i did a fabric-in-hoops wall in my living room, and it makes me happy every single time i walk in the door. it’s been up for a few months, and i still love it just as much as the first day i put it up. i pick up fun fabric wherever i find it (some cut from goodwill dresses or shirts or sheets, some from fat quarters on clearance at fabric stores…) and it’s morphed into one of my favorite parts of my whole apartment. i started gathering kitschy christmas fabrics to swap out some of the hoops for the holidays. so much fun!

  12. Kim says

    Greetings from Frozen Fargo!
    I was reading a magazine today and thought of you when I saw a “Runs on Bacon” t-shirt. I did a little checking and it turns out has an entire section devoted to bacon tees. Thanks for doing what you do~I love checking in everyday to see what you’ve been up to :)

  13. Kate says

    I have an embroidery hoop arrangement just like this pinned on Pinterest I wanted to do for my baby girl’s nursery. It has all of the fabric in bright sunny colors and looks awesome (now I maybe wonder if I found it from you…hmmm) anyway, it looks neat even before the fabric treatment. My one complaint is I see you come up with this awesome stuff from Goodwill and then I go there all excited and there are just piles of junk to my eyes. I think I can’t shop in that format because I peruse and get turned off by the junk instead of spotted the potential of things and hidden gems. I went and cased my Goodwill one week and found nothing, then my mom came to visit me from out of state happened to go look and came home with 2 silver serving platters for a combination of $30 that I missed.

  14. says

    I love the embroidery hoops as wall art — I’ve honestly thought of doing the same in my apartment, blank slate that it is. I, for one, think it looks awesome.

    I also wanted to thank you for commenting on our site’s blog post that featured this site! I’m glad you liked our little plug for you guys, and I meant every word I said there. :D

    And no, I totally get how adding a little wall art helps inspire the drive to finish a room. I’ve definitely felt that, and I totally get it!

  15. Natalie says

    Katie –

    I love everything about this blog. Love you, love Will, love your style. For the love of GOD – please write a post about your sisters wedding. PLEASE! I speak on behalf of all your readers. We read for months about all the house updates and her shower and the backyard and now I want to see some pictures and some DIY wedding stuff that I know you killed yourself over with Little Debbie to finish on time.

    My rant is over. I love you.

    • says

      haha…I know, right?! I am waiting on her photographer to get the photos back to her…which should be any day now. Now I know how my clients feel :)
      xo – kb

  16. says

    LOVE the hoops! I think they would look great with a few different fabrics inside. And I love the wall color and would have never thought to accent it with red, but I like it!
    Maybe you can make one of those ombre ruffle shower curtains that are floating around pinterest. Seems like a lot of work, but I’m sure it would be impressive!

  17. JustAng says

    Great purchase! I would fill the hoops with different boyish swatches and hang ‘em from the ceiling in Will’s room…

    A la this:

    Seriously. Click there. Awesome ideas. Also love the idea of maps and lace inside them (if you choose a different location than a kid’s room, of course.) When you use one of these ideas down the road, remember to thank the random internet stranger who directed you there. haha

  18. says

    Hi Katie!
    Since I’m not from the US I have absolutely NO(!) idea what it means being homeschooled.
    How does it work? Does your parents have to have a teachers degree? Do they have to aply for homeschooling their own kids? How do they know what to teach you? Do you get degrees? Are you permitted to aply for collage after being homeschooled your whole life?

    I’m sooooooooo curious! Please do a post about it???
    I would die a little if you did. ;)

    Sara from Sweden

    • says

      Hi Sara,
      I haven’t done a post on it – and I think the rules probably vary a little from state to state. Basically the kid is taught by the parents (or enrolls in tutored classes or takes online classes) and the coursework is sent into the school system…the grades, attendance, extra credit work, tests, everything are sent in. The parents don’t have to have degrees…and there are a lot of curriculums out there that you can buy that lay out everything in detail. When you are little, the parent plays a bigger role in actual teaching. But my parents (even though they were teachers by trade) had us when we were older so they played more of an administrative role and the books really did teach everything that we needed. I wasn’t homeschooled my whole life – only highschool. I actually have done it all – public, private, online classes, video classes, collaborative classes, etc. And yes, I was allowed to apply – some colleges even offer additional scholarship money to homeschoolers. I did have to take the SAT, ACT, and all the SAT II’s though :)
      xo – kb

  19. sarah C says

    One tip for filling the embroidery loops… I have a friend who did this for a craft corner. I would suggest using more modern or bold prints instead prints with smaller items to avoid it looking too crafty/country. so far so good though :)

    • says

      I saw Ashley’s post this morning and LOVE it – I might need to give it a whirl. I wonder if my neighbors would mind if I clipped their boxwoods?!
      xo – kb

  20. says

    I am LOVING those embroidery hoops on the wall. They look super super awesome. They might looks cool in an ORB, tying all the furniture together. I love the fabric idea too. I can’t wait to see what you do!

  21. Carolyn says

    Watched ‘The Chew’ today and they had BACON candy canes. Thought of you, but sad to say that ‘The Chew’ crew did not have good things to say about the taste . . . so sad.

    Think they are fom here –

    Imagine this though – real bacon wrapped around a candy cane, maybe dipped in chocolate, with sprinkles and whipped cream . . . just dreaming . . .

  22. says

    Hello Katie! I have been reading your blog for quite a while and LOVE it! You make me LOL and that keeps me coming back for more. Anyways, I wanted to share with you how I used embroidery hoops to decorate my son’s nursery. I loved using them and know I will use them in other rooms in the future. I am sure you will figure out something super cute to do with them. :-) I love your arrangement of them on the wall.

    Please visit:


  23. says

    Just curious, how did you draw your house plan on the blog post? I always draw mine using excel… haha. Yours looks much more professional!

  24. says

    I have done something similar with embroidery hoops for my daughter-to-be’s nursery. One thing my husband and I can’t figure out, though, is how to hang them securely so they don’t get knocked off the nail with the slightest movement. How did you hang your hoops? Any tips?

  25. Jessie says

    Love your blog! I’ve truly been inspired. As an Army wife, we move around a lot and its hard sometimes to really decorate the way you want because you’re either restricted by landlord/Army regulations, or you don’t want to spend the money to redo every single house, just to have to return it all back to the original state before you leave. I love the embroidery hoop idea – that’s something that can be rearranged in any house we make our own for a few years!

    Blessings to your sweet family, looking forward to more inspiration!

  26. Sara says

    I have some questions…
    Have we ever seen this “playnook” Im intrigued….
    and I remember reading awhile agao you wanted about 4 kids, but there are only 4 rooms total. Do you plan of having some share bedrooms? Would you make a guest bedroom in the basement? (Cant remember if there already is one)
    Have you started baby #2s nursery??? Yes I know, Im nosey hahaha

    I know this is your dream house, I also know you cannot predict the future… but do you plan on this being your “forever” home??

    Fav blog by far! S happy for you… and I voted last week:)


    • says

      oh heavens girl – there are four true bedrooms upstairs…but one of them has a small play nook off of it…so yes, I do hope that we will have two little ones that can share Will’s current room and have the play nook as a bonus space. No we haven’t started the nursery – we just found out we are preggo so I think we will wait to start that process till after we find out what we are having :) And yes, we all hope this will be our forever home!
      xo – kb

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