1. says

    Hey Katie, do not worry about your little man. Our five year old son was Daddy obsessed for what felt like eternity. It has taken four years, but I have finally lured him over to the dark side. Bribery and random cookies have helped the transition.

  2. Lynn says

    Looks like youre powering through those photo shoots KB!!! Beautiful pictures from this post and the last. Youre so talented. I hope you are feeling a little less overwhelmed with the editing. (always my least favortie part of the process…just so time consuming).

    Cant wait for the 12 days of Christmas posts. Ive been re-reading the last ones to get me through this first part of December. Keep up the great work!

  3. Lauren says

    Katie- Your photos are amazing! I wished we lived closer so I could hire you to take pictures of my daughters (4 month old twins). I hope that you and your family have a wonderful Holiday!

  4. says

    Love your work. If you’re ever passing through Arkansas, give me a holler.. would like to hire you.

    Don’t worry, we have teeth and wear shoes.

    Ber Na Neer neer Neer neer Neer neer Neer…

    And that, my friends, is how you phonetically write out music notes to a movie most remembered for one scene. To a person you’ve never met.


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