Schlage Keypad Review

Sometimes I take on relevant product review posts.  It’s obvious why.  I don’t think I need to explain to you that I love me a free gift.  and I love talking about it to whoever will listen.  Which is why I let out a yeehaw and a did my little ‘ride the pony twirl the lasso’ dance when the fine folks at Schlage offered me a free keypad to test out.

After several arguments…I mean…discussions with Jeremy about the ideal location for this keypad system – we decided that in the long run, we both wanted there to be access to the basement (me for the bathroom in case we were in the backyard and Jeremy so that he didn’t have to walk around the house and trek down the stairs if he wanted something out of the workroom) from the lower patio area.  We had just installed new hardware before the wedding, so it was really easy to remove.

Since I was home alone with Will, it was up to me to install this bad boy.  Yup – that’s the one I chose.  It’s the Camelot Keypad Lock with Flexlock.  The absolute best part about this thing is that it is rumored to be UBER easy to install…and it has this thing called Flexlock – which basically means, it can be programmed to lock behind me…so just in case I am being chased by a psychopathic killer, I can run into the house not wasting precious time dealing with slippery keys and once I am in, the door will safely lock behind me so that I have time to arm myself a la Lara Croft in Tomb Raider.

My little assistant insisted that he wears my hat while installing the new hardware.  Good thing I dressed him like a boy that day…because had it been a ‘cross-dressing’ day, this photo would totally freak out Jer.

So the rumors were true…the lock was RIDICULOUSLY easy to install.  So simple, I think my seven year old nephew could have done it.

And it works great.  I love the functionality of it.  And the instructions were so simple to program it.  Literally childs play.  I do think that the color of the ‘oil-rubbed bronze’ left something to be desired.  It didn’t look bronze to me at all.  More like plain brown.  No glint or glimmerishness (totally a word)…and I wish they had made the gold key part match the rest of the unit.  But that’s just the picky-aesthetics….I can not complain about the function of it one bit and I will take a brown keypad anyday of the week – especially if it prevents my future potty-training toddler from getting other things brown – if you know what I mean!

And yes, I was able to install the entire thing in less time than it takes for Will to slow down from two big pushes on our swing.  That’s fast.

The other hardware that lived on this door got relocated to the upstairs kitchen.  This door didn’t have a matching set before so now I’ll get to enjoy new hardware in both spots.


Also, since the keypad eliminates the need for a deadbolt – we decided that we already had the hole for it so we would install it for when we go on vacation.  No harm in extra security!  So the old deadbolt from upstairs in the kitchen was removed and got a quick spritz from our oil-rubbed bronze spraypaint can.  So that will go above the key pad in the hole currently stuffed with a plastic Lowes bag.

So there you have it – the pros, the cons, and the what-we-did-details for our new door hardware.

Anyone else out there using a keyless entry?  Does it change your life?  I imagine the feeling to be able to access your inside without digging for keys or hunting them in a packed purse or having to walk around the house just to visit the loo can only be likened to being given a bag of flying fairy dust…it’s totally magical :)

p.s.  BIG storage project coming today…totally ending this year with a bang…and yes, it was caused by a hammer :)



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    Hi Katie,

    I’m a Real Estate Agent from Sydney (Australia, Y’all!) and we are selling a beautiful home with keyless locks and I’m a massive fan.

    Our client, a single Mum, had these locks installed because she found that everyone kept losing their keys. She has given my office and I a code specifically for us to use and she can program something like 99 other unique codes for others like cleaners/tradespeople/babysitters etc. A quick click can cancel any code immediately which gave here extra control over those who enter her house. Peace of mind is priceless.

    Bec xo

    • says

      haha…tricked ya, huh?! Seriously though – sorry you missed out on precious sleep – the pics are taking me a bit longer to edit :)
      xo – kb

  2. says

    I have a small cottage in the backyard that I used to use as my craft room/guest room/playroom. So after getting annoyed every time I needed to get inside and didn’t have the key on me, I decided to switch to a keyless entry. It did change my life! ;) If you think I’m joking, you are so wrong. The convenience of it is priceless. Now that I have had two sets of long term guests staying one after the other, it’s great to not have to worry about making extra sets of keys or getting the keys back for that matter.

  3. says


    How did the hardware hold up that you spray painted? I am thinking about spraying our hardware, but I want to make sure it does not fade or chip. Also, our hardware has some pumps and corrosion. Do you think it would be okay to spray? It is currently gold a la 1985, so I am keen to change that! Also, have you ever tried to spray the hardware for inside use?


    • says

      I have! Actually my little brother paints metal for a living…wheels…but the same tricks apply – make sure to prep the surface…it has to be roughed up with either Scotch brite or sanded and then PERFECTLY clean. Then you can spray a metal primer or a primer & paint in one – like the Rustoleum oil-rubbed bronze is my fav – then you can use a protective clear overcoat.
      xo – kb

  4. Debby says

    We have a keyless entry lock on our front door and I love it. One tip is to periodically change the code because the numbers will show a little wear and if a potential burglar noticed, they have only a couple of numbers to try different combinations. Thats no problem, we just change it about every 6 months or so. Having it on the front door does cause for problems if you want to leave your front door open because of a party or such because the door continues to relock — we solved that problem by removing the battery during those times. Still — I am so happy we have ours – makes not having to worry about keys and also I do like the feature of when we leave that the door automatically relocks or we can do it manually.

  5. Missy says

    We’ve had a keyless entry on our front door since 2001 and love it. Ours is a deadbolt and when I installed it, we didn’t have to remove our new (then) fancy schmancy doorknob. I see now, they come in different shapes and sizes and there are some that light up too. That would be a nice feature to have if we ever up grade. Enjoy your keyless entry – but be warned…once you have one, you’ll want more LOL

  6. Sara says

    If I recall correctly you mentioned waaay back you redid the downstairs bathroom.. Did you ever do a post about it? If so, would love to see it… Hapy NYE!

  7. Megan says

    We have the keyless entry as well and I absolutely LOVE it! Our teenage daughters don’t need to carry keys with them now, so they aren’t getting locked out every couple of weeks anymore. It is also great because I can give my housekeeper a special code just for her and don’t have to worry about extra keys floating around out there.

  8. says

    My sister has one of these on her house and they love it! It’s definitely nice to have!! One of the best things about it is they can temporarily change the code if they have lots of people coming over and need it to be easy for people to get in and out!

  9. Laura says

    looks cool, I dream of having one of those, I think the aged bronze would have matched your other hardware better, that oil rubbed bronze looked like flat muddy grey… lame! other than that, Im super jealous!

  10. Rosie says

    Even keyless doors can make me smile………I have now found the product that solves that pesky problem of having to lock the door when you are being chased which is such a pain…..
    Seriously though as your second commenter from Australia today….we can’t buy these here……but still loved your post. I am spring cleaning my blogs reader as we speak and guess what girl you have taken the lead in my blogs. Yep you heard right you are numero uno in this little Aussie’s favourite blogs (sorry Sherry – thanks 4 the introduction though)). Reasons: you make me laugh in every post, you are as “frugal” as me but still love the pretty. You take freebies and have no shame in admitting it. Your family is gorgeous and your “boyfriend” title for Jeremy has resulted in me recently asking my husband to go steady and make out regularly. You are a great mum …….to Will and many more to come (u gotta fill that castle & you will) and you are so honest and open it makes readers feel ok to be silly/paranoid/negletful/unorganized – but with the very best of intentions…..
    Oh enough already right…..its just that being New Years I am also resolving to tell my favourite bloggers that I appreciate them and how they take time out of their lives to make ours better… Thats it ok……..hopefully you’ll be hearing lots more from me in futue comments so when my ass kissing gets a bit much be sure to let me know….

  11. JC says

    I wanted these (well, at least 1 on our garage door) when we moved in 2 years ago, but 2 different (&nd reputable) locksmiths in our area advised we wait because they knew of a number of people who had issues with them. Someday! We only have 2 house entrances (door & sliding door) and the garage – all are keyed to be on the same key so we only need 1. :)

  12. Jenn says

    Oh no! Are you pulling a page from YHL’s marketing playbook and holding Will’s bedroom reveal until 1/3 when people are back at work and you’ll get more page views??

    • says

      I wish I was that savvy. I just typed out the entire thing and then the internet at our house decided to fail…thus deleting the entire post. Boo Hiss. When that happens, I take it as a sign to go to bed.
      Maybe tomorrow.
      xo – kb

  13. Emily says

    This is way off topic, but I was watching Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives and they featured a restaurant in Milwaukee, WI that has all you can eat BACON BASKETS on Sundays…. Just thought you should know :-)

    • says

      ERG! I wrote it twice already…once last night – once the day before that – and both times when I hit save draft (what I do before hitting publish) the draft was deleted. Waste of three hours. I’ll try again today.
      xo – kb

    • Jen says

      I was wondering the same. I’ve checked back a million times since the last update and I feel jipped! On the 31st the pics were being edited, and then the today the internet went down?? Booo. I wish you took this blog more seriously, as you’re one broken bloggers promise away from losing a dedicated reader.

      • says

        Sorry to hear that. It is late getting to you. It was the holidays. We had family in town. And believe me, I’m as frustrated as you are that this didn’t get out when it was promised. I am unfortunately only one little stay-at-home-mom with a full schedule and only so many hours in the day. If you gotta go because things don’t work out, and late posts bother you…then yeah, this blog is probably not for you. But my family comes first… and if the internet doesn’t work or my draft gets deleted, then you will always get the short end of the stick. It’s how it is. I wish it could be different too. But hopefully the end result is worth it :)
        xo – kb

        • Jessica B says

          I had to come looking for the storage post too! But seriously people…calm down! Katie you are awesome… I will be here to read it whenever you get to it!

  14. Sarah says

    Hi Katie –

    This is my paranoid self talking here. We have a door very similar to this one with a big window. I have always worried about someone being able to knock out the window, reach around to the handle, and open the door. However, we still have skeleton keys for our house so there is no dead bolt for a potential intruder to be able to unlock (it requires a key to lock/unlock it from the inside and out).

    In your case, someone could break the window reach around for the handle and open the door. Also, the dead bolt you chose doesn’t add any extra security because they could just unlock that from the inside as well. To provide the extra security you need a deadbolt that requires a key both ways (from the inside and the outside) so that there is nothing for anyone to unlock easily if they were to break the window.

    • Amanda says

      Now this is my paranoid self talking here… Locks that unlock with a key from the inside can be very dangerous in the event of a fire. If there were a fire in the middle of the night, would you be able to find the key to get the door unlocked to get out of the house in time? Do all members of the household have a key to get out if there were a fire? I grew up with my dad and brother being firemen so I am always extra cautious for fire safety.

      • Sarah says

        Amanda –

        I completely agree! It makes me nervous in the event of a fire. But, we have our front door that always has a skeleton key in it and our bedrooms are on the first level. If Katie B. were to have a fire she has like a THOUSAND doors haha.

  15. Lisa says

    Seriously, I really enjoy reading this blog but in the last month there is just way too much advertising! It’s like watching TV. I can understand that you guys appreciate the money coming from that but it’s hurting the blog.

    • says

      Sorry you feel that way Lisa. Most of my partnerships wrapped up in December so I like to make sure that I fulfill my end of the deal…the sponsors are the ones that bring the posts and make them possible…so feel free to skip that particular post if it gets too sponsor-heavy for your taste.
      xo – kb

  16. says

    I like most of your sponsor posts! I especially liked this one, as I have never thought of using a keypad lock on a house door, even though I have one on my office door and I LOVE it because I can never lock my keys in the office OR get to the office without my keys anymore!

  17. Cindy W. says

    Sheesh! What’s up with all the grouchy-pants readers? Got coal in their stockings? Hungover from NYE? :\


  18. says

    I’m having a key pad like that installed on my garage door that leads into the house. I can’t wait to try it out. No more needing to use a key, cuz i always seem to drop them into my purse after locking my car.

  19. Firesparx says

    We have a keypad on the mud room door (where we enter) and into the garage from outside and cannot live without them. What I like best is that you can program 2 codes in. The one code is for our family, the second code is for the contractors (our house is newly built and we still have people stopping in to finish stuff). Once the contractor is done the job we change the second code, but hubby and I don’t have to change ours. The only recommendation I have for others is to get the kind where you punch in the code and then you turn the deadbolt knob yourself. Ours is the other kind where you hit the code and an internal motor tries to move the deadbolt itself. We find at times that it binds and we have to pull the door shut a little more so that it doesn’t fault out.

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