Star of Wonder


That’s what Will said when he saw this next project.  Whoa.

Of course, he also says that when he sees the trash can at the curb and when I’m opening a can of tuna fish and when I drop a cotton ball on the bathroom floor.  So I’m sure it’s not due to the impactfulness of the item.

I, however, save my ‘whoas’ for only special occasions.

and this item is such an item.


This little hallway at the end of our ‘catwalk’ across the foyer needed a little something.  And our christmas list included a star-themed craft…and I kinda was feeling a mirror in that space.  So when I googled ‘star mirror’ – I saw a whole bunch of one thing…starburst mirrors.

If you are a blog reader, you know that one of the number one trends this year for DIY crafters was starburst mirrors.  Everyone and neighbor and their 90 year old grandma made one.  I wasn’t really feeling them at first.

Then Layla made one and it literally made me rethink starburst mirrors in general.

Beatrice at The Crafty Bee made an awesome version this year.

So did Diane but with clothespins.

Craftnest tried their hand at it.

Crafty Sisters made a fantastic one inspired by Ballard Design.

Momtastic featured a great DIYed one in white.

Kate at Centsational Girl did an entire roundup of these bad boys and made her own too!

Janell made one and I love it.

Even the Nester created one that makes me jump up and down.

So it comes as no surprise that these bad boys are like velour jumpsuits.  At first, nobody except JLo should be wearing them.  Then all of a sudden you slip into one of those fuzzzy bad boys and BAM you are instantly Jenny from the Block and nobody can rip that Juicy Couture off the junk in your trunk.

Not that that ever happened.  twice.

Basically, I decided a starburst mirror would look good here…even if it was temporary.  I could always remove it if I hated it, right?!

Six packages of wood shims later, I have the general idea of what I was creating.

I didn’t want all the bursting rays to be uniform…just sortof the general outline.  And I ended up really liking the chunkier rays (or clumping points) of the star better than the skinny ones that took less shims.

As soon as I had a general idea of what I wanted…there’s no science to it, just eyeballing it….I whipped out the old dropcloth and construction adhesive.

Then I applied the glue in light but even squirts.  Which leads me to my next point…squirts is a disgusting word.

TIP: If you are attempting this at home, glue each shim together first to create a more managable ray and then glue all the rays together.

Then we used a piece of quarter inch plywood from our scrap pile to adhere to the back.

A little weight for pressure (no offense Martha)…

And then it was time to sand and paint.  I used 100 grit sandpaper…just to remove anything blaringly obvious…like a shard from the shim end.

A quick dusting and I was ready for paint…

I went for Rustoleum’s Metallic Gold…you know to get the full star effect.

As it dried, I got my mirror ready.  Actually this sucker is a candle holder mirror from Hobby Lobby that I used as a centerpiece for our wedding….cue the sentimental awws.

I removed the little felt feet….

And applied some construction adhesive…

And then (since my mirror was dry) used a heavy pot to keep it anchored to the center of the mirror.

I splurged for this fancy picture hanging system from Hangman.  It was $6 I think.  A nail would have been cheaper but I was really worried that such a large and heavy item would come crashing down so I am glad we pulled the ole check card out for this thing that holds up to 75 pounds…plus, it really saved me a bunch of time.


correction…it saved me a bunch of time listening to Jer lecture me on the safety of the mirror hanging aperatus…since he was the one that hung the mirror…and since all things in our house must pass the “JEREMY WEIGHT TEST”.  That’s not even a joke.

It’s really quite simple – one part attaches to the mirror and the other part attaches to the wall.

I wanted it smack dab in the center.

So Jer (yes that is his hand….my arm is way hairer!)…screwed it in and then the mirror sits on top…ledge hooking onto ledge.


Purty huh?  Please ignore the fingerprints and the dusty floor.

Since this is a christmas project (uh yeah, I know it doesn’t look Christmasy at all), I decided to get all Mrs. Claus on that buffet.

Again…look away from my dirty floors…they got swiffered this past week after I saw these photos.

Instead look at my subtle christmas display…

On one side is a sprig that Will ripped off some random bush outside…then I sprayed it with white primer to give it that hazy white look.  Then it got adorned with some breakable ornaments (Will can’t reach that high yet!).  A stack of books with Frosty on top, and a vase full of green artichokes finish off the look.

I got Frosty at Goodwill….

He’s a little worn around the edges…but he’s still got magic in that white hat :)

And on the other side is an oversized lamp from Pottery Barn outlet…I got it for a song a long time ago…and I slipped some silver ornaments into the base to give it a little more umph.

So that’s it folks – my star craft.  Which I will be keeping up….all year long :)  Yeah.  Whoa.

O Star of Wonder

Star of Light

Star with royal beauty bright

Westward leading, still proceeding

Guide us to thy perfect Light



  1. says

    That is fantastic! I love how you mentioned Will said “Whoa” when he saw it. My little guy says “WOW” for just about everything. Its a nice little ego boost : ) Happy Holidays!

  2. says

    Whoa! No, seriously, I actually just thought that. Awesome starburst. I am not really feeling the trend but that far surpasses it because it isn’t cookie-cutter. Way to go!!!

  3. says

    That is the prettiest homemade starburst mirror I’ve seen for sure! Beautiful. Didn’t you have a spot in your old house exactly like that – I think it was by the door to Will’s room maybe? (Signs I spend too much time reading blogs…) You had a chair and that chevron topped table there?

  4. Tracy says

    Love it!! Could you tell me how wide it measured when you were done? I did one of your other projects last year and it was really easy. I will try to send you some pictures and a thank you for the help!


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