Gentlemen, Start your Engines

There is no connection between the post title and the post content by the way.

This post is actually about Will’s accent wall.  You know…the one I covered in burlap.

The last you heard, we repainted the entire room a pretty standard tan color and then I staple gunned a roll of burlap to the wall with the crib (as a shrine to his old nursery’s accent wall)…and with all that texturey awesomeness, I decided that it would be the prime backdrop for some artwork.

Okay – sooo…let me just put this out there…imagine me saying this with Nene attitude…I am not buying any more frames.  I had to work with what I had…not spending money on stuff…so if you have a suggestion that involves the words “you could buy…” or “you need to get….” – well, it stinks to be me…cause I ain’t got no money for new stuff.  I know.  I’m such a tart.   One big house-poor tart :)  Would Nene use the word tart?  I think not.

And yes, that is my son falling off the ottoman…

Do you see all that chaos?  The dirty laundry, the blue bumper that is pushed by unnamed toddler down past the mattress, the blankets draped everywhere like it’s a dorm room…chaos.

After a little decluttering, the new three grouping looked like this…

I wanted to see how just a few looked up on the wall – mix n match style with the three different frames.  And I also put up some fabric that I had in storage to see how a homemade bumper and homemade crib skirt would look.

The rest of the room still looked crazier than a handlebar mustache on a newborn.

And the right side of the room wasn’t working well either.  (obviously this photo was taken before we hung the mirror!)

So I decided that the entire room needed switching…the left needed to go right, the right needed to go left, the nightstand wasn’t big enough for books at bedtime…so the $6 nightstand I had in storage (and desperately needs a makeover) came in and the little white one went out…

The mirror went up…

I brought in a new light…the brass version I had also in storage…it looks more masculine for some reason and also I liked how it tied in the artwork frame…ignore the fact that it’s so tall…these photos were rushed :)

Oh and did anyone notice that I extended the curtains?  Yup…just let the hem out :)

And the dresser/changing table got moved to the other side…

And we slept on it…

Sometimes sleeping on it helps give me a little clarity on if I really like something…and my clarity told me that the gallery frames just weren’t enough…I wanted more….I really wanted to fill up that space above the crib…

So I switched some stuff up and moved in more frames…

Ignore the fact that the artwork is incomplete…

Oh and I stitched up the new crib skirt (more on that later) and used the backup bumper I had ($3 from Goodwill BRAND NEW) which is really sooo much better than the blue one that never matched.

I know this look probably doesn’t strike a chord with everyone out there…you know, all the different frames…but it works for me.  it works for my eye.  it works for my grand vision in the end.  it may not work right now…but it’s not finished…it’s evolving.

And did you notice the seam where the burlap meets?  Yeah…it seems to disappear a little more with all those frames up there.

You can still see it but it doesn’t pull out your weave, if you know what I mean.

And no – I didn’t iron the curtains, thanks for asking :)

Now onto artwork brainstorming.  There are only two things staying as is – the girl with the broom painting (or as Jer calls it – boy with a gun)…and the wolf and his two owls with the striped background.

This print is from Ashley – who check this out…is so talented that her fun whimsical tshirt designs are available this month at Urban Outfitters (yup totally tooting Ashley’s horn)…and she sent me two prints that are ADORABLE.  She picked this one out for Will…and it’s perfect…especially since I call him my little Werewolf sometimes :)

I guess the two little owls are Jer & I :)  Plus, the color is great for what I’m looking to do in this space…

So that’s our update so far on this room…You guys making any progress lately on rooms?  Or are you as obsessed with gallery walls as much as I am?  I am pinning them like every waking minute.  Or perhaps you just want to say how the new bumper really REALLY helps :)



  1. Angela says

    “The rest of the room still looked crazier than a handlebar mustache on a newborn.” SOOOOO funny!!

    Ok, also, I LOVE the gallery wall with the mis-matched frames. However, I’m not really a fan of the girl with the gun/broom. Do her eyes follow you when you move around the room? Has Will been sleeping better since it’s been up because he’s too afraid to cry? hehehe… just kidding, maybe it looks less creepy in person?

    • says

      haha…actually I don’t find it creepy at all. It’s actually a reproduction of a Rembrandt…and it was Jeremy’s grandparents and he inherited it after Papa B passed. What makes it even more special? Jer’s grandfather passed away and he got the painting the same day he met me. Yeah. Super sentimental. I like to think that the child is Papa B looking down on our little one :) I’m sure that without all that history it probably wouldn’t seem the same to me though…
      xo – kb

  2. Sara says

    Love your blog so much.
    Only one I read! (I dont even read YHL!)
    I love how unpredicatable it is!! Its fun not knowing what kind of post will be up each day… or how many posts go up in a day! :)

  3. Nicole says

    I love all the rich colors, it reminds me of a little man cave! I’ve seen you pinning gallery walls like crazy, Pinterest always gives me the kick in the tail or that last piece of inspiration I need.

  4. says

    I’m loving seeing it come together. It looks so great! The burlap looks great! Love all the texture in this room…..the softness of the curtains against the burlap against the frames. Brill. Who the heck cares if this doesn’t strike a chord with everyone? Own it girl! It looks like a page from pottery barn. Love mismatched frames. Nicely played.

    I recently did a gallery wall with mismatched frames….

    Keep up the good work KB!

  5. Kat says

    I’m loving the mismatched frames, the burlap, and the neutral colors! It look great! My only question is if you’ve thought about the toddler bed transition at all? Would that change much about your design and layout of the room or would a bed just go in place of the crib? PS- Totally jealous that Will is still happy in his crib! My (now 2 year old) son had to be switched at 18 months and sometimes when he wanders in my bedroom at 11pm or 5am I REALLY miss the confinement of the crib!!

    • says

      haha…yes, Will’s bed converts into a toddler bed…and we are thisclose to it. Actually Will had figured out how to climb out of the crib – it was quite impressive because he did it really smooth and well…but then his dear cousin Cole hurt his foot during a wrestling match – aka Will throwing himself on Cole (we did the whole x-ray doctor visit bit and it turns out he may or may not have had a fracture) but either way, it stopped the climbing…so now he doesn’t do it. Instead he screams. Yay :(
      But eventually he’ll outgrow the toddler bed and then I get to redo the entire room :)
      xo – kb

  6. Alyssa says

    1. Love the frame wall, I’m actually working on one this week so this came at the perfect time. I got a bunch from goodwill and ones I had for a while, spray painted them all white and have them laying on the floor ready to hang. 2. I do like that you mixed so many different frames, but maybe what’s in them should coordinate so they don’t compete too much? 3. Honest opinion, girl with broom or boy with gun…either way…SPOOKY!! ;) 4. Why not refinish the new nigh stand to match the dark crib? I know you are into mix and match but I would think any other color/pattern would be too busy in there with all the other stuff going on. Then again you never cease to amaze me when thinking outside of the box!! Either way I’m excited to see what else you have going on. Keep up the great work Katie, enjoy reading your blog each day!

  7. Katie Jo says

    Love it, Katie! Just looks adorable! I really love the how “big boy” it’s becoming! So very handsome and I can’t wait to see the finished artwork and nightstand! Again..I can’t write a comment on this page with out a million !!!! so, I’m sorry!

  8. Jessica says

    Wow, great job, this room is looking so much better! I love it, except the girl-broom painting. Reminds me of a painting my parents found sentimental & kept in my room when I was younger… creeped me out & I could never look anywhere near that wall… finally I told them how much it scared me & they moved it! :)

  9. says

    Katie! I love the gallery wall with the different frames, I think it makes it look so much more masculine that way instead of with matchy matchy frames. And it does a great job of hiding the burlap line. Nice work!

  10. Melanie says

    I love his room! It really has come a LONG way from those ridiculous pink sushi walls. The burlap definitely makes it more masculine lookin’. It looks awesome!

    Is the girl-Ashley at the end of the post, where you said the prints are at Urban Outfitters, the same Ashley-The-Guy mentioned earlier??

    BTW I have assumed 2 straight dudes were a couple before too… you are not alone! :D

  11. Haley says

    Love the frames! I also love all the backsides of Will staring around and him falling off the ottoman! Too stinkin cute!

  12. says

    LOVE the way this room is coming along. It looks so Old World meets Modern. The gallery wall looks incredible on the burlap and the mismatched frames work perfectly in this setting.

    Also, the bumber and crib skirt make a world of difference! It is amazing what you can find shopping in your own home!

  13. Meg says

    I LOVE it! And the fact that you just whipped this up with the stuff you already had. Sigh, I have a ton of frames and stuff too but I lack your eye for what works! Thanks for inspiration though

  14. Kate says

    I must me different than most everyone here when i say i loooooove Rembrandt and that painting. I love the gallery wall too, but the rembrandt just makes it so much better :)

  15. Sue says

    Love the new wall – the burlap and mixed frames have a great look together. And what a great example of using what you already have. Katie, you have a really good eye. Maybe that’s why you take such great pictures too.

  16. says

    I love how it’s coming together! I currently have a very frame-clashed gallery wall that I’m “building up” in my living room, so it makes me feel good to see yours au naturel. :-) I especially lurve the fact that you’re mixing some modern and vintage elements – especially with the wall texture and Rembrandt picture. Makes me want to throw some similar elements into my nursery-in-process.

  17. says

    I think it would be adorable if you to let Will go to town with watercolors or paints on some heavy white paper, and then add that to the gallery wall. It would give you more color and it would be F.R.E.E.

  18. Alice H says

    everything looks awesome! I wish I could just throw stuff together and make it look as awesome as you do. P.S. Could Jeremy come build my son a toy box/bookcase/storage thing? Please!! My son is almost 2 (February 17th) and you guys can just come to Oklahoma (boring, I know) and bunk with us! LOL!

  19. says

    Can I tell you that I weirdly love the sideways wedding picture on the right side? before I realized it wasn’t supposed to be like that I thought it was an awesome idea…but now I really wish you’d leave it!

  20. Kassie says

    Great vision Katie, as always! And I love the girl with the broom painting. It adds such a mature depth to the room, which you’ve balanced well with Ashley’s whimsical art. Can’t wait to see more.

  21. Robin O says

    Looks great! Love the mix-n-match frame colors.

    May I ask where you got those white cubbies? I’m in the market for some and these would be PERFECT for our new playroom. Thanks in advance! :)

  22. Sheri says

    I l-o-v-e the frames. I’ve seen it done before, but never over a crib – genius! I’m enjoying watching your new house come together. I appreciate that you’re doing things in real time. It makes us regular peeps feel more normal :) Keep up the great work!

  23. says

    I have that girl with a broom/boy with a gun photo in the background of one of my wedding photos. Lol I was sorting through them just now and I noticed it. Crazy. (P.S. I’m on team “boy with a gun”)

    • says

      Nope – no smell. Well, unless you count the odor from the diapers :) Seriously though – the burlap has no smell…maybe because it was all natural and never was outside or got wet?
      xo – kb

      • says

        Interesting! I recently got a roll of burlap from Joann’s to cover up plants (one of the silly things Floridians do when the temperature drops), and it was stinky! Not like really bad, but it definitely had an odor to it.

        PS – it looks great on the wall!

        • says

          hmm…that is interesting! I got mine in the garden section at Lowe’s – it’s a looser weave than the stuff I see at fabric stores so maybe that allows the stink to leave :)
          xo – kb

  24. says

    Hey Katie! I have a quick question – where did you get Will’s little table and chairs for his room? I want to get Cohen something like that for his room, now that I’m slowly starting to bring in more “big boy” elements and would love to get him one. Sorry if you’ve said this somewhere else…couldn’t find it! EEK!


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