Wedding at the Bowers – Pro Pictures

Now that you saw the very rushed photos from the matron of honor (that’s me) of my sister’s wedding…now it’s time for the professional pictures.  I scalped them from the low-res online gallery because I am crafty and sneaky and awesome like that.

I’m just gonna tell you whatever I think about when I see the photo…it’s probably not important…it’s probably random.  just roll with it.

My Mummum and Boots grandmother were given broaches as their corsage.  I love that idea.  Ten points for Nornie on her smart thinking of giving something beautiful and lasting :)

Oh and did I mention that Nornie and Boots incorporated a bunch of old Jewish and Hebrew traditions into their ceremony?  They did.  I loved it.  Even when it was comical…like the blowing of the shofar to signify the celebration.  My brothers both had one and let’s just say that if it was done incorrectly – it sounded like a cat dying in a recycling factory.  Thankfully – they both blew that horn like it was their job.  well, it was their job…but you know what I mean.

Nornie being dramatic :)

sisters :)

Many of you know that Norn was a single mom.  And that Cole is a very special member of our family.  I think what most people don’t think about is that there was a time when my 19 year old sister who found out she was newly pregnant had to decide what to do…to keep this baby and raise him by herself…or give him up for adoption.  Can you even imagine that kind of decision?  that kind of pressure?  that kind of responsibility and loneliness?  I hold a very special place in my heart for women who are single moms…those girls that take the bad and the good of parenting all by themselves…those people that are immensely strong and sacrificial and that don’t live in fear of the unknown…but with hope.  And that to me was what Norn’s wedding was all about – a fresh start with a heart full of hope.

One last prayer before we headed down for the ceremony…

My mom used shephards hooks to hang these glass lanterns (we used them at my wedding too so it was doubly special to me to see them) to line the aisle.

And Cole used our special ring bearers box to carry the rings for the ceremony.  At our wedding, our nephew Braden (who was only 5 at the time) carried this same treasure box.   I love that the cousins have shared in this.

The ceremony was so simple and precious.  They even washed each other’s feet during it…to signify service and humility to one another.

Right after…

We girls just held bunches of babys breath…love the simplicity of that, don’t you?  And yes, those of you on Team Hair Down – this was one of the last photos Lori had her hair up in…

Don’t they look so happy?!  I love that.  I also don’t wanna beat a dead horse but seriously – the hair.  I hate to say it because it feels soo darn good and I don’t like reminding people constantly that I am spot-on about pretty much everything (sarcasm)…but I WAS sooo right about the hair.  So so right :)

All the pictures were taken right there in our front yard…and in the side yard…glad that we actually mowed over there :)

My grandparents….holding up a 5 and 7 to signify their 57 years of marriage together.  I love them so much and am so glad that they have made it that long…it gives me a goal :)

Let me just say that I had to give a speech.  And usually me + public speaking = me crying in public with eye makeup running into my mouth.  So I tried to keep it short and simple and not laugh too much at myself…because that’s just awkward when you laugh at your own jokes and nobody else is.  I did tell the story about how when Nornie brought Boots home the first time to meet her family.  I was severely pregnant with Will and basically grilled him to an inch of his life about his intentions with my sister.  I blame the hormones.

And there was only one little moment where I teared up…but I will say that I didn’t end up in the fetal position in front of 100 people…which has been known to happen.  Success!

Brownie bar!  Such a genius idea.

Okay – and now we get into the part of the night where I basically let my hair down, pulled out the ugly face and did the homeschooled white girl’s version of dancing.  And yes, that is my darling boy toy behind me looking like he’s drop kicking my butt out of the dance floor.

This one is my favorite.  I think I was spanking someone while simultaenously doing the Tootsie roll with my legs :)

And my mom pulled out these sticks with tinsel on them (which were a huge hit by the way) and my older brother was demonstrating how guys already looked dumb enough trying to dance at weddings…the last thing they needed was streamers :)

This is my brother and my husband and my other brother.  Yay.  Don’t you wanna invite my crazy family over for your wedding?

And my grandmother.  Now you know where I get the energy – it’s genetic :)

And yes, this is all while the DJ was playing gangsta rap :)  Seriously though…he didn’t do it the whole night…only when he wasn’t given any requests by us country folk.

Brad is a goofball.  I love him so much and am so glad he’s my brother.  Nobody makes me laugh like him.  I have no idea what he was doing here..but it was hilarious.  obviously.

So that’s it…a few of the pics that I snatched off the professional wedding photographer’s website for a little nuptial recap.

If you are interested – the photography was done through Sugar Snap Photography (the actual photographer’s name I forgot but he was really fun) and they should get a big round of applause for capturing some really funny, sweet and beautiful moments.

And now I am officially done with recapping about the wedding!  Yay!

Anyone wanna share something sweet/hilarious/goofy/wrong that went down at your wedding or a wedding you’ve been to?  And for the love of God, please someone tell me that they look as crazy as I do when dancing…



  1. says

    such a pretty wedding, and it looks like it was so much fun! I think her hair down was the way to go to, she was obviously a beautiful bride either way, but it was soo pretty down!

  2. says

    hahaha I am CRACKING UP at the dancing pictures.

    My husband and I are big fans of dancing at weddings. We bust out all kinds of white people moves and even pretend like we know how to shag despite only taking 1 lesson 3 years ago.

    There are many facebook pictures that get de-tagged after we attend a wedding haha

  3. Joy says

    What a beautiful family wedding! Y’all definitely seem to know how to throw a good party.

    At my wedding in GA 6.5 years ago, my DJ announced the split of Kenny Chesney and Renee Zellweger and also announced he’d be playing at a strip club after the wedding, and for everyone to come there. It was definitely unforgetable for my Southern Baptist family.

  4. says

    Boy you really asked for it when you gave the women of the world a chance to talk about their own weddings, you know how much WE LOVE IT. Your sister’s wedding looked like a wonderful time, and it’s real nice to see you cut loose and dance all crazy… we all do that, fortunately my photographer had already left for the night when I broke out my pouty lips and tootsie roll. Fun fact about my wedding though (doing my best to not get into too much detail) it was supposed to be held at my grandparent’s farm in Maine. My entire family spent 2 years preparing and we weren’t quite lucky enough to have a perfect space already laid out for us – we had to skip a crop of corn that year and plant rye instead. And then… in Maine… we got a Hurricane the weekend before my wedding that caused the River (that borders the field below the beautiful White Mountains) to rise 18 feet… well, it was more than 18 feet, but the water made the measuring device break. Anyway, my beautiful field was underwater for days. Including (btw) the days that the rental company was due to delivery the tent and the dance floor and everything that went with it. We begged the company to come on a later date (I was getting married on Sunday, they came the Wednesday before) but they refused. So after all the hard work (feel free to read about it we ended up getting married at the Fairgrounds up the road. It was a disaster at the time (literally, a natural disaster) but with 6 months to look back on it, I can see it wasn’t the worst thing!

  5. Faye says

    Here I am at work trying to be all professional…and then I see the picture of you and the boy toy dancing I think I actually snorted it was so funny. There goes all that so called professionalism I thought I had….HA!

    Oh well, it was a great start to my day to see all that fun and love for life. You make me smile Katie each and every day and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate that.

  6. says

    This was such a beautiful post! Every picture of your sister and Cole literally brings tears to my eyes, what is wrong with me?! Your entire family looks so happy, I love that :)

  7. Jenny says

    I normally would NEVER bring this up, but you seem to be one of those out in the open type people, no harm in speaking your mind so…..

    Did you ever notice in the picture where it looks like you are doing the funky chicken that you can faintly see your underwear….not like I was looking or anything….it just kind of slapped me in the face. HEHEHE…at least you were wearing underwear….a couple of our bridesmaids didn’t for our wedding because they didn’t like the underwear line under their dresses.

    • says

      Oh yeah – my Pappap was horrified that my dress was falling down on top and see through on the bottom. It was like the world was collapsing :)
      xo – kb

      • says

        Yeah – just so everyone knows…it’s not…it’s how the dress was wrinkled (um no I didn’t iron it why do people iron dresses for special occasions or something?!) but I can totally see how it looks like that. How do I know? I was wearing spanx :)
        xo – kb

        • says

          I can see now how it might be wrinkles, which I totally get. Sometimes you sit for one second and they appear! LOVE Spanx! The wedding looked like a blast and the dress is gorgeous.

  8. Erin says

    Oh man,funny wedding moments. The old church where we married built on the side of a hill, so the bride’s room is on the lower level underneath the actual sanctuary. While we were waiting for the ceremony to start, my 5 year old niece was super antsy. She amused herself by telling the mirror, bridesmaids, everyone “I’m GORGEOUS!”. When she tired of that, the entire bridal party sang the ABCs.

    We found out later that all these shenanigans could be heard by the guests waiting in the sanctuary.

  9. Elizabeth L says

    I was also a single mom with a 7 year old son when I married my husband. We had our small wedding by the lake at an estate house just a few miles from Disney World. Since the reception was at Disney we made it a family friendly wedding…well turns out while I was getting ready the kids (ages 7-10) were running around playing and decided to dial 911 from the payphone!! Yep you guessed it….shortly into the ceremony the firetrucks arrived yet we were so in the moment neither my husband nor myself ever heard the sirens…That was one for the memory book!! Oh and the guy on the jetski who drove past us during the ceremony and yelled Don’t do it!! That we heard and laughed about!!!

  10. Elizabeth says

    omg the comments of you dancing were hilarious. Yeah I think I’ve made a few of the ugly faces too when I get my groove on..nice pics. Your husband is a hottie!

  11. Vanessa Rae says

    Wow, I definitely cried when you talked about your sister being a single mom, then you showed the precious picture of her and Cole… Oh my word, soo precious. Your family looks amazing! Beautiful wedding :)

  12. Jamie says

    We were married on the beach in the Dominican Republic. They had cleared a section of the beach for our wedding, but because we are so awesome we drew a little crowd. In this crowd were an older lady who enjoyed sunbathing without her top and a gentlemen whose swimsuit of choice was a gold lamè speedo. Needless to say there are some very funny photo bombs from these too that we didn’t notice until we were back home and going through our pictures!

  13. says

    I have hair that’s very similar to your sister’s (but it’s brown, so I sadly don’t get the halo effect). I really struggle with it because as soon as I put it up, I can’t take it back down or else it looks like a mess. Could you ask her what products she uses so maybe I can give them a try? Her hair looked gorgeous at the reception :)

  14. says

    Add another vote for team hair down- although she is beautiful either way. And her arms. ugh. her arms are to. die. for. Beautiful wedding! Way to go for hosting!
    PS- my best friend just found out she was pregnant after over a year of trying- we cried and screamed and prayed and danced and it was wonderful. I know your day is coming soon :) much love!

  15. Maggie says

    Hi! I LOVE the picture and I think your sister looks BEAUTIFUL and of course you always do too!

    Would your sister ever consider doing a guest post on what kind of products and routine she uses for her hair? I’ve got similar length and similar curls but I can never ever get them to look that good!

  16. Stephanie says

    What great pictures! I especially love what your hair is doing in the background of the picture of your brother with the tinsel. Looks like you should be in a L’Oreal commercial!

  17. says

    Awww you made me tear up when you mentioned the part about your sister being a single mom. I was only 20 when I had to make the same decision….and I was married to a very abusive husband who is still hassling me today while I fight for a divorce. It’s nice to know that some people do recognize the sacrifices we put in vs just looking down at us, or stating it’s our own fault for being in such a situation.

    Luckily now I’m with an amazing man who has taken my daughter in as his own, and has been so supportive throughout the whole ordeal. <3

  18. says

    Those dancing pictures are THE BEST!!! Everything else is awesome too but seriously, those dancing ones had me snorting coffee out my nose. You are awesome!

  19. says

    Katie, I love that picture of Norn being dramatic. She looks absolutely gorgeous! It should definitely be in a magazine. And awesome job with the house. The wedding looked amazing and very personal. Those are the best ones to be a part of and witness :-)

  20. says

    What a beautiful day! Your whole family looks like such a blast. I love the picture of the guys dancing, where your boyfriend is in mid-air. What a fantastic photo! Congratulations (again) to Nornie and Boots!

  21. says

    What a beautiful wedding! I definitely think you gain a full appreciation for single moms once you have a baby. Looks like she has truly found love and happiness!

  22. says

    Haha! Looks like fun and reminds me of weddings in my family. In fact the picture with the neckties on the guys heads, yeah I think there are a few of those my my brothers (both brothers) wedding pictures. Family weddings also can include several of the following, music from Star Wars, custom Chucks, zoot suits, and a dance floor FULL of (insert my last name here)’s. Needless to say I LOVE weddings!

  23. says

    Love the prayer picture and the one of your grandparents – too sweet! I also love that your sister was able to incorporate items from your wedding into hers. I think that makes it so special. I cannot wait until someone I love asks to borrow something from my wedding! :)


  24. says

    These pictures are so sweet and then hilarious! My favorite shots at weddings are usually the ones at the reception of everyone having a good time. Our wedding was such a blast and I love hanging out and dancing with all of our friends!

    Funny story: Our friend Dave is a great dancer and he was getting down on the dance floor when one of my mother’s friends (40+ lady) decided to drop it low all up on him. It’s on our wedding video. His face turned red and his eyes were bugging out and he tried to dance it off and back away from her, but you can tell he just wanted to get the hell away from her. So now whenever we talk about our wedding the “cougar incident” comes up. It’s hilarious! :)

  25. says


    I’ve been reading your blog for a while now and love your take on life! It has made me laugh and cry and has brightened my day several times.

    I love the picture of your sis and Cole and that he said the wedding was his too! Because of course it was!

    I do have to say… I agree that being a single mom, especially at 19, would be so unknown and would take complete selflessness. I can’t imagine that – even at 27! I do have to say, though, sometimes giving the baby up for adoption takes a selflessness also. I’m a product of that. My birth mother & birth father gave me up when she was a freshman in college because she just didn’t feel like they could give me the life I would deserve. I had a wonderful childhood and was raised always knowing I was adopted. When I turned 18, I found my birth mother and at 20 found my birth father. I have a great relationship with my birth mother, not a mother-type relationship, but more of a close friend. My parents have always been supportive of this relationship.

    Just wanted to point out that sometimes giving the child up (me) can be a good and sacrificing decision too.

    Please don’t think I’m saying anything negative about your sister. I think you all seem like a wonderful family and Nornie, Boots and Cole look happy and everything ended up the way it was meant to be. Looks like the wedding was a beautiful day and I wish them complete happiness in their future!


  26. Bec says

    Honestly, the dancing photos were hilarious!!! I laughed out loud at work and had tears rolling! My boss turned around and didn’t know if I was laughing or crying…. funnily enough he did the same thing when I was looking at your hilarious Christmas photos!!
    Oooops, note to self – read these types of posts at home :):):)

  27. jja says

    Great wedding, great party, nice clothes. It would be better that you had the same dress as other girls, this way no bikini strips would be visable.

    • says

      Yeah probably – but I got my dress for cheap and theirs cost more than three times the amount. I had better things to do than worry about self-tanner so I thought – heck yeah I’m redneck and rockin the tan lines :)
      xo – kb

    • Cindy W. says

      Seriously? After looking at all these beautiful and fun photos, that’s the comment you felt compelled to leave? ::shaking head::

  28. says

    This looks like such a fun and beautiful wedding to be at! I love the simplicity of the bouquets…I nearly did that myself but we had a surplus of roses.

  29. Kelly says

    I love the pictures! The ones of you and your boyfriend dancing are hilarious! We can tell how hilarious and goofy you are, but this gave us an inside look at Jeremy, too!

  30. Kim S says

    Katie, your house and yard look absolutely GORGEOUS in these pictures! The picture during the ceremony with all the people sitting down and the tent in the background and the wooden patio just showing in the top right literally looks like it could be at a resort. Beautiful!

    And P.S. I am also the older sister of a beautiful curly-haired girl and I have to admit I’m sometimes jealous of those curls…thought you could probably relate. :)

  31. lesley says

    Oh the dancing! Those pictures tell me so much about you guys, and it makes me relate to you even more!! There is plenty of white-girl dancing going on at our house, too.

  32. says

    Hey I just found your blog! (Not sure how I haven’t found it before) but I love it so far, and I’ll start following. The dancing pictures are by far, my favorites. And yes, your sister’s hair is gorgeous! Looks like the perfect day. Anyway- glad to find you!

  33. says

    The photo with Cole made me tear up. I volunteer with our local pregnancy center and I know what a difficult, scary decision your sister made, and breaks my heart to think of women who decide to end their pregnancy.
    Your sister and her little boy are a beautiful picture of love.

  34. Rosa L says

    Katie –

    Since I found YHL and since they led me to your blog, I’ve enjoyed reading your posts. In a creepy way, yes, I love reading the stories. This post was by far the funniest. I love your writing style. It brings everything to life and just love the entertainment… and the budget friendly ideas, too! (I have to admit I was cracking up as if I actually knew you and your family – it reminds me of mine.) Thank you!

  35. says

    OMG! THat photo of the guys dancing is EPIC! Totally EPIC.
    I would print it and have it on the wall if it wouldn’t be creepy cause I don’t know any of them….

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