Painting then Fainting

I didn’t actually faint.

I’m not much of a fainter.  I’m more of a cryer.  a freaker-outter-and-dramatic-flailer-while-suffering-from-excessive-snot-kinda cryer.  Not cute.  especially when it runs down over my mouth.  also ‘snot-licker’ didn’t rhyme with “painter”.

So this is the story on how the office bathroom paint color got slapped on the walls, I had a mini breakdown and then came to a conclusion about how white balancing should never affect my life that much.

First – let’s just take a peek at the original plan o’ attack (that’s Irish dontchaknow)…

To me – and you may interpret this differently – but to me, this plan showcased some pretty girly stuff.

Key word: FEMININE.

It’s hard to get girly in a bathroom that looks like this:

It’s hard to get all estrogeny on a bathroom that has slate.  To me, slate screams “BOY”.  So to offset that testosterone, I pulled in lots of chrome (here’s the stuff we bought), and some girly hues (check out our painted vanity here),

and painted the trim a crisp clean white (more details on that here).  I wanted to continue that effort in demasculinizing the room with a neutral paint color that would equally look dashing with the turquoise vanity, the ruddy slate, bright white trim and the cream tones of the floor tiles, the toilet, and the vanity top.  TALL ORDER.

Does a color such exist?

Is it like the unicorn?  like the rainbow’s pot of gold?  like the cellulite cream that is 100% effective and costs the same as a bowl of humus?

I thought I had picked one that blended both the walls, fixtures, trim and vanity…(don’t mind the crazy way the monitors interpret the colors – the swatches are different and the paint is different too!)…

So the cutting in process began.  I diligently painted the entire bathroom in one night.

The pink was actually a really decent primer for this paint color…

So I knocked it all out.  It was ready to be rolled…

So I did.

And as I did it, minute by minute, I started getting deflated.

The second it was done, I moved in the vanity to see how it went with the color and took some photos.

And that is when it began.  I immediately started breathing fast and my heart beat was rattling my chest.

It didn’t look just okay.  It looked HORRIBLE.

Looking at the photos literally made me cry.

Emotional control is not my strong suite…and this paint color was just plain depressing.

Even after I got the white balance adjusted, it still didn’t jive.

I may have thrown myself into Jeremy’s chest and cried and said emphatically “BUT I DON’T WANNA HOLD ANOTHER PAINT BRUSH IN MY LIFE” and snotted up his shoulder.

Jer felt bad I think.  Probably because he said “I feel bad for you”.

To which I snarkly replyed “Feeling bad doesn’t repaint a room” sniff sniff sniff “I need to go to bed”.

That’s my solution for most things…sleep it off.  So I went to bed, and Jer mudded the holes.

In the morning, as I woke with puffy eyes and literally ran to the bathroom to see how it looked.


It looks totally different in natural light.

Enter me plus a huge sigh of relief.  What do you get?  This wall color.

It’s a mushroomy gray.  It is like George Clooney – it’s one suave playah.  It plays off the vanity and the slate all at the time and it has a garage full of blonde 20-something-year olds ready in ball room dresses.

So my Georgie will stay.

I love it.

And oh – here’s a little trick for painting behind the toilet tank…just wrap the back and top of the tank with either seran wrap or press n seal, and then after it dries, just peel it off…no mess :)

So that’s how I went from a hot-emotional-mess to crying-myself-to-sleep to waking-with-hope to pullin-out-my-purple-pleather-jumpsuit to celebrate.  I even consider tapdancing for a second…except I don’t know how and it turns out looking like me doing a mix between stomp and weird tribal dance with no arm movements.

I really got off the point tonight.  my bad.


p.s.  you guys.  you stinkin guys.  you stinkin awesome amazing friends of mine.  you nominated me for the Homies DIY Blog (probably because I told you to)…and I am beyond flattered that at one point you awesome people put Bower Power at #1.  I really want top ten (I believe they take the top ten into the actual vote for the award – so just to be considered is more than this redneck gal can imagine)…and you blew my socks clear across the room and into the hamper.  Thank you thank you thank you.  You really know how to fry my bacon :)



  1. Emma says

    Katie, I had a similar experience but with a shade of “driftwood gray”. it read this chic dusty dark gray, but dried a more brown-dusty dirt kind of way…maybe the “wood” part should have caught my attention??) I did the same look-in-the-morning drill and loved it! It’s the thrill of it I think haha. Or something. PS. When I voted you were #1! And you most def are!

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