PrePregnancy Bucket List

All I wanna say is thank you.

Thank you to everyone for all your virtual hugs and love and encouragement and perspective the other day when I was so cranky.  I was gently reminded that if you have wanted something really REALLY badly (whether it is a ring on your finger, a new baby, a house, a new job or pretty much anything in this world that you don’t have immediately), and had to experience that feeling for one month or one decade, that we have all felt that stinging pain of the wait.  And that sting can bring us together.  It gives us a common thread.  a bond.  a rich tie to one another that transcends age, race, and situation.  I love that.  I love being threaded together with you.

And I loved all your emails.  even the ones from the dudes that are waiting for the right moment to pop the question.  even the ones from the now grandmas who waited decades to finally get their first.  even the ones from the girls who finally got the medical answer to why they aren’t pregnant already.  even the ones from the hundreds of friends who have miscarried, lost their husbands after finding out they are expecting, waiting on husbands for years to be ready, waiting on boyfriends for years to get down on one knee, and those of you that are just simply in the same boat as me.  You are amazing amazing people.  And I am glad we are rockin this life boat together.

And I loved the suggestion of a prepregnancy bucket list…so at the risk of sounding like a lush, I did one.  I forgot to add – do twenty photoshoots that require laying on my belly :)   Yeah…I am booking those crazy things already!  But I know that there are other great ideas out there for a pre-sperminated bucket list – What did I miss?



  1. Nicole says

    Not sure if this actually qualifies as bucket list material or not, but it might be kinda fun.
    Before you are actually pregnant, you could spend some time daydreaming about a crazy way to announce the news to your family when you do become pregnant! I came across an idea and thought of you – set up your camera and gather everyone around as if you were taking a group shot. Instead of prompting everyone to say “CHEESE” or “FUZZY PICKLES” or whatever – you say “I’M PREGNANT!”. Snap the photo at that moment. How fun would that be to capture the look on everyone’s faces?!

  2. rebecca says

    My heart breaks for you when I read your posts about getting pregnant. I know it’s such a strong feeling & as much as you try to “relax” (omg that might be THE WORST advice someone can give you, it’s beyond annoying) it’s almost impossible for the mission to not completely take over all of your thoughts & your life. Your sex life becomes this crazy science experiment. I was in a very similar situation as you, conceived 1 beautiful baby almost instantly & then it took what seemed like forever for baby #2 to happen. Just know that so many people are rooting for you & praying for you. Have faith that it will happen when the timing is perfect & that the specific baby you will be blessed with be yet another love of your life. He or she will be so perfect that you could never imagine any other baby & you will thank God that you got pregnant exactly when you did because you couldn’t imagine your life any other way. Oh yeah & I LOVE the bucket-list!!! I need to go out for sushi & lots of cocktails too. Have fun fulfilling your list!

  3. Caitlin says

    I know this post is so old, but I am having my own struggle and have re-read it a few times as inspiration. Every time I thought to start a pre-pregnancy bucket list, I convinced myself I was pregnant…crazy I know…well my Aunt Flo decided to make a visit last night and here I am referencing your list and creating my own. I am so excited to try to accomplish as many things as I can. Thank you for the inspiration and guidance!! You are awesome!!

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