Busting this suckah out.

This bathroom is in dire need of a makeover and of course, in true Bower Power fashion, our deadline is quickly approaching and we are scrambling.  not eggs.  our hineys.  what a gross word picture that is.

But seriously – we have been busting it out to meet that end-of-february deadline for our office bathroom makeover…and here’s a little of what we’ve been up to….


yeah.  my hand is officially “old lady”.  which everyone knows is the technical term for a guitar chord a la Phoebe Buffay.

the chocolate brown trim only took five measley coats (which didn’t take any time at all – excuse me while I choke on my guffaw – hey that rhymed!)

We didn’t bother keeping it clean on the edges – since the flesh walls (not to be confused with a flesh coat) would be getting a new coat of paint too.

You can also see in the far left side that we removed the shower door.  I think we may try to use that Pinterest technique that so many people mentioned to use oven cleaner/blue magic to remove the brassy gold color and make it chrome-y.  If it works in time, then we’ll just use the shower curtain as an actual window treatment.  Otherwise, we are gonna stick to the original plan of shower rod with a curtain.

After we did the trim, I cut in, removed the light, patched some holes and whipped out a few coats of paint on the flesh.  More on that later.

The color is kinda this gray mushroomy color.  Forgive the horrible nighttime lighting.

oh and yes, let’s all send some air kisses to my boyfriend for painting the ceiling.  He did a spectacular job…and the ladder held him high enough for me to get a spectacular view of some of my spectacular boyfriends most spectacular body bits.  best three minutes of my week :)

So that’s it…what we have been up to.  I’ll have a little more for ya later today hopefully :)

What did you guys do this weekend?  Any guitar playing/trim painting?  Cold showers?  oh just me then…

p.s.  Apartment Therapy’s Homies are taking nominations!  Let me be frank…I make a very good Frank (cheese alert)…I want to be in the top ten this year…not for any other reason than to show that us homeschooled hermits that are quirky, eat too much bacon and take too many photos of their kid are fun too.  even if we have stuffed our bra in the past.  we are still kinda cool.  sometimes.  (click here to vote for Bower Power in the Best DIY Blog Category!)

p.p.s.  I appreciate you overlooking my weirdness.  and I love your smile.  that is all.



  1. Priscilla says

    Hi Katie,
    You have so much beautiful crown and trim in your home. Do you use the same color white paint on all of it? Could you please share the paint brand, color and sheen, because it’s amazing. Also, what color and sheen of white do you paint your ceilings? I always get a laugh at the humor you infuse into your blog posts.

    • says

      We are definitely in the process of changing it all…slowly but surely. And it’s just the whitest white base in semigloss. We usually buy it whenever it’s on sale at Lowes. And the color we paint our ceiling is just a can of bright white ceiling paint. It’s flat but covers well.
      xo – kb

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