Capiz, Mirrors & other Lifechanging Decor

Pop out a notepad, this post is basically gonna change your life forever.

You’ll need to take notes.  That’s how epic an exaggerater I am.

In reality – I did a few switches to our master bedroom to make it feel more ‘us’.  Take this little corner for instance…

Before it had a little chair holding the place of a dream mirror.  Now it actually has the mirror.

My mom gave us the giant leaning beast as a ‘thank-you-for-hosting-the-wedding-gift’.  At first I was a little wary of how it would look in the space…because it is a little ornate for what I normally would choose and I don’t know that a two-toned version would have ever caught my eye.  BUT.  And that is one important but.  Almost as important as other butts in my life :)

BUT I kinda wanna hump it.  like in a totally non-sexual way.  with my eyes closed because even I don’t wanna see myself doing more hip thrusts.

Let’s rotate a little.  to the left.  to the left.

Remember the little inherited bench that we had at the foot of the bed?  The one with the hideous fabric…

I did a quick cover.  It’s not perfect…mostly because I didn’t wanna buy foam (that stuff is expensive for being FOAM and all) so I just used the stuffing that was already there.

I do love the fabric though.  So when the government starts up a local foam kitchen, I will be first in line and redo the whole thing.

The color is perfect though.  And the stripes make me get all tingly.

Since we are already in here – I also wanted to show you our sidetables.  I don’t know why but this is like looking inside closets to me.  I get all excited to see what’s on other people’s nightstands…like it’s a very personal space.

Here’s Jeremys….

ignore the toddler handing out the free dirty looks.  Apparently he wanted to turn on the overhead lights undisturbed.

Back to the nightstand.  Jeremy’s bible & recent read…the landline phone…a small leather accessory box (which holds his watch that doesn’t work and his spare change), a lantern with a candle (for our baby-making atmosphere) and a short candleholder that he uses as a coaster.

And then there is my side…

A picture of Will as a newbie, my phone, a random jar, and a little brass & glass box that I got for my favorite costume jewelry.

I also have a big amethyst in there.  It’s my birth stone and I found this one while on a fifth grade fieldtrip to one of those ‘mining for diamonds’ things.  Some people found arrowheads (which I am sure were planted carefully in each giant bag of sand and dirt)…and I found my purple geode.  I’ve kept it all this time because I am nothing if not ridiculously sentimental.

Most days there is also a used kleenex there too.  I removed it so that you wouldn’t be vomity on your computer.

Now that we’ve hit on puke and humping – let’s move on to the last little sprucing in this space…the tallboy near the door.

Before it was just a landing zone for random stuff.  Now it is a place for gathering my favorite frames.

I started collecting the capiz frames a while back…this year I added the one with the black & white Will (it’s cute with a brick pattern) and the scalloped edge one too.  Anytime I see them on clearance at TJMaxx or Marshalls, I whip out my gift cards faster than you can say Maxxanista.  Ignore the fact that I still don’t have one of them filled and two of them are just botanicals.

Oh and the one I hung on the wall was a frame and art from my old dressing room.  I still love it.  The boxes and the shell ball were old too.  Just relocated to a new spot.

I think eventually I would love to have an entire collection of these frames.  A huge collection.  All different.  All with pictures of babies and unforgetable moments.  That would be breathtaking to me.  I don’t think I’ll ever get sick of them.  I might even be inclined to say that I love them more than a certain-pig-related-food-item that shall remain nameless (to protect the innocent).

So that’s it…some indoor changes – it’s nice to virtually come back indoors for a while.  The internet pollen was getting to me.  Sorry.  The cheese flows freely here most days.  That sounds gross.

ANYHOO.  Do you have a favorite home decor item – like a frame or a collection of frames?  Or have you spruced up your nightstands recently?  Or perhaps you got a gift – say a huge mirror for instance – that you might not have picked for yourself but you love it and it just works?  Or maybe you just wanna share how incredibly life changing this post was….like up there with Spanx and Snuggies?



  1. Sarah says

    loving the quick and easy change up!! would also love an updated house tour video. im sure lots of little things have changed!!

    • Sami S says

      Ahh… I heard this on the radio last night, and Katie was the first person I thought of! Wait… not that I want you to die, cuz I totally do not, you just love bacon, a lot, so ….. that went in a direction I didn’t anticipate *sigh*

      Now *I* need a bacon coffin!

  2. Karen says

    Your bedroom is really coming along! I’m not sure what I love more… the ginormous mirror or the capiz frams.

    btw…. you can buy one of those egg crate foam mattress topper thingies from Wal-Mart, Dollar General, Family Dollar, etc…. less than 10 bucks. Fold it in half with the smooth side out and eggy side in…. and use that for your bench.

    I just made two padded twin sized headboards using that because I didn’t want to finance foam at Joanns. Easy, peasy and cheap!

  3. Mallory says

    Where’d you get the glass jar and long sticks that you have in the corner by the mirror and dresser? We have a similar set up with a very empty corner and I’ve been looking for something just like that!

  4. Jen from Ohio says

    I just updated our nightstands a couple months ago. I finally broke down and put a little bowl to collect my jewelry, it’s the best thing I’ve done in awhile!:) The only problem with our bedroom is that my nightstand is close to the door and somehow ends up as a dumping ground for my husband’s random things… like his watch or a packet of tums! It drives me nuts!

  5. says

    I always love when I find someone else who has a fascination with seeing parts of the home that are more “private” like nightstands or medicine cabinets. I’ve been amassing a collection of silver frames that I have been filling with family pictures both old and new and I love they way they look all gathered together, but a bunch of Capiz frames – wow would that be dreamy!

  6. Steph H. says

    Love the colors in your room. I also love your phone cover! Where’d you get it? Haha! Also, your son is adorable! It makes me miss my nephew being that little (he’s almost 8!)

  7. says

    Those are some great little tweaks :-) I love the photo frame collection.

    Also, congratulations on making it three for three on bacon references in your most recent posts! That is an achievement. I actually read a poem on Twitter the other day that reminded me of you, but I didn’t know if you had Twitter to be able to share it.

    So, in the spirit of the occasion, I will share it here instead:

    Roses are red, so is bacon
    Rhyming is hard

  8. Kate says

    So I went to Joann Fabrics to buy a piece of foam to replace a couch cushion my dog ate (I would explain if I could, but the dog is…odd. He ate a cardboard box too.) and thought I was misreading the price. “Is this really $75?” I asked. “Yes,” said Joann Fabrics lady. “Really? Why in the world is it so expensive? It’s just foam.” And she replied, in complete seriousness, “Well, it IS a petroleum product and you know how high gas prices are right now.” Um, OK?

  9. Kelly McK says

    Great post Katie!! Your bedroom is BEAUTIFUL! Speaking of the bedroom(har har), I’m looking forward to some more baby updates!

    Lots of love always, thanks for being you!

  10. says

    This post was dangerously close to as life changing as spanx, but spanx edged you out due to the recent birth of my fourth. DAMN YOU BACON. I too have a passion/sickness for frames; mine are silver. . .

    If the zombie apocalypse ever does hit my stash of frames will come in handy I’m sure! Love the room and shoot me a text if you come across any government foam kitchens!


    P.S. Your hip thrust made my hour a few days ago. Te he he.

  11. Shannon Voakes says

    I just love your blog….great sense of humor. I feel like we are for real friends. :) keep up the great laughs. Congrats on your “occupied uterus” BTW. Can’t wait to read along and see you “grow”!

  12. Lindsay B says

    I love capiz frames too! I only have one, and I put it in my daughter’s room. I’m tempted to steal it back though :)

    Where did you get the 2 botanical pics hanging above your bigger dresser? Did you take them? They’re so pretty! I love the natural green color it adds to the room.

  13. Eileen says

    For some reason this post made me giggle so loud that my co-worker came to see what was going on. Of course I had to lie because I am not supposed to be reading this at work, but I will definitely show my sisters later. I mean vomit and hip thrusts?! Hilarious. Thanks for the smiles today.

  14. amy says

    Hey Katie!
    So random, but I wanted to say that I like the teal paint colors throughout your house. I have heard you say that you’ll change a lot of the paint colors at some point and that there are a lot of toothpaste colors lurking- but that color in your master (can’t remember if that came with the house) is pretty. I think as you decorate etc, those colors are translating much prettier than they did initially. Anyhoo- just saying. I’m sorta into blue-greens these days and I thought I’d just throw in that opinion. You may not have to paint as many rooms as you initially thought?

    • says

      We definitely love the color in the master – the only problem is that most of the walls here are FILTHY. And they painted with mostly flat paint which is not great when washed.
      xo – kb

  15. April says

    Would you recommend your Canopy bedroom pieces? Have they held up well? And do you know how deep the drawers on the 6 drawer dresser are? I love the look of the set, but my husband’s biggest complaint on all the sets we’ve seen in stores is drawer depth (he questions how anyone fits their clothes in some of the pieces out there)…so without being able to see it, I’m stuck. Any help you could provide would be awesome! Oh and I love the texture and lightness of the picture frames on the dark wood.

    • says

      So far we would. It was a lot of trouble getting all the pieces in good condition when we first ordered them…for some reason there was always 1 broken bit…but so far, we love them. We aren’t hard on furniture though – so if you tend to be rough, I might withdraw my opinion. And the drawers are very deep…but for us that isn’t a problem since Jeremy also has a closet.
      xo – kb

  16. Rebecca says

    Oh Capiz Frames….thanks for giving me a new obsession KB! My husband isn’t gonna be happy about this, haha!

  17. says

    I agree- you can tell a lot about a person by what’s on their nightstand. Mine holds the baby monitor (story of my life), a clock (I like to be punctual), my Bible (nuff said), and vaseline (FOR MY LIPS!).

  18. says

    Looking great Katie! We just upgraded to a king bed and I need bedding! Where are the white textured shams from? They’ll look great with my DIY headboard!

  19. Jenna says

    Ok, you’re hilarious. I’m so glad you and Sherry are friends because that’s how I found you. I’ll be following you from now on! Keep the cheese flowing!

  20. says

    Katie, Where did you get your bedspread from? Our bed is simliar to yours. Because of the footboard, we can’t use thick comforters. Our next bed will not have board like their current one! Always looking for nice ones at tjmaxx that don’t look like the “cracker barrel collection”!!


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