Great Adventures in Bumpers

It’s Friday night – let’s talk crib bumpers.

Nice segway, huh?!

Will’s room is always in transition…and the last we chatted, the gallery wall was unfinished…still is by the way…and the crib had a bumper I got for $2 at Goodwill.  It was brand new and still in the packaging and washable which always makes me feel a little more comfortable when it comes to used bedding (I have an unrealistic fear of bed bugs).  But the problem with this bumper is the same that we found with every other bumper…it’s made with thin padding which makes it easily pushed down and creates what I call “the saggy middle”.

It’s better illustrated with this really old photo of Will’s room and his previous blue bumper.  Check out that saggage (totally made that word up and I love it).

Oh and did you know that custom bedding…even non-custom bumpers with thick firm padding are like $100!?  ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS.  That’s alotta green   people!  A lot for something that keeps my toddler from getting his feet stuck or losing the pacifier in the middle of the night.  A hundred dollars should be saving lives or at the very least solving the world energy crisis.

Sooo….armed with an idea and my Singer sewing machine, I dug into my stash of fabrics and came up with my own solution.

I used three different types of fabric – the inside plaid fabric was from Ikea…the tie straps and the outside is a woven cotton I got too much of years ago at a discount fabric store…and the piping was made out of the spare fabric from Will’s bedskirt (which I made from some thin tweedy fabric I got for $1 at Goodwill).

I first measured everything and came up with a plan of action.  I decided to make four different panels – one for each side of the crib.  Each panel needed to be extra firm – since the little Tinkler has a tendency to rest his feet on top of bumpers.  I also wanted the outside to be neutral…and the inside of each panel to be a little interesting (with more patterned fabric).

After the tedious measuring and cutting stage – I simply added the trim to the top edge of the inside fabric first.

Then I pinned the ties to the inside panel and sewed them in.  Then it was just like sewing a pilllow cover – laying everything inside out and sewing a square (with a gap so that I could turned it all rightside out and slip the foam inside (I got a sheet of 1″ foam for $15 at a discount fabric store).

When it was all said and done, I had four panels with a very neutral outside and plenty of ties (to prevent saggage).

The corners tie together…making a tighter fit.

I love the inside most.  It’s so interesting to me…and just enough boyish charm to make me smile.

Will approves too.

This is sooo Will.

Paci – check.

Lovie – check.

Skinned knees – double check.

Oh and did I ever mention that the kid is long?

Yeah.  upper ninety’s percentile.

Good thing too…because his baby girlfriend is tall too…and we wanna make sure any mock-wedding photos don’t embarrass him in the future.

Now that we’ve hit the cribskirt, let’s talk art.  I’m having a hardish time coming up with the right combo of art.  I’m going for an old-meets-new-shakespeare-captainoftheship-gladiator-gentlemen-withatouchofwhimsy feel.  Did you catch that?

I added the silhouette picture.  That’s easy.  I love how classic and victorian it feels with the round frame and the contrasting black and white.

And in one of the frames I added this Six Flags Great Adventure map….I just googled images and found this non-high-res scanned one and printed it out at home.  Now why would I print out a theme park map?  Well, my mom used to work there.  Yup.  We are as good as carnies this family of mine.  In fact, (and she will probably kill me for telling you this) she used to dance there.  Yes.  That happened.  In high heels, fish net stockings, a zebra bikini WITH CHAINS, and a headdress with feathers as big as Dolly Partons you know whats.  Oh and she had to ride a motorcycle in the show.

Tell me how much you love that.  Because we all do.

So that is why I love that map….it’s just a good reminder that our lives and family is full of surprises.

Hope y’all have a good weekend!  Hopefully I’ll get some posts out (I’m kinda behind because of the vacation – so keep your fingers and your fishnetted legs crossed for me!



  1. says

    Making 4 separate bumper panels is INGENIOUS!! I recovered my 1st sons bumper for my 2nd son, and man alive that was not a fun job! I knew that next time I would just make a new one, it has to be easier. And now I will definitely do it this way, so thanks for the brilliance! :) Also, I saw in a comment response above that you have another crib in storage somewhere – where is all of this storage? You have so much extra furniture and stuff, I am always amazed (probably because my house is only 1295 sq ft haha :) )

    • says

      We have that huge storage space in the basement that is just the dumping ground for all the random stuff my mom gets rid of, we inherit, our old stuff from college days and when we weren’t married…it’s like where furniture goes to die :)
      xo – kb

  2. Teryn says

    I have never commented before…love your blog!! But I can not get over how bright it is in Will’s room and that he is passed out!! Haha! SO jealous!! My daughter is almost 3, and she has to have it super dark or she won’t sleep. I guess that’s my fault for starting the black out curtains. :/ Love all your posts! You have such a beautiful family!

  3. Laura says

    You did such a beautiful job on this bumper! It looks great and I was even a little surprised at how well the different fabrics work in that space. I can totally see his room coming together how you describe it now.

  4. says

    I remember for my older son’s room I took an old Norman Rockwell calendar we had that had some super cute little boy paintings and framed them. I just liked the classic, vintage feel of them! One of my favorites is of an older, pre-teen boy sitting on his roof beside the wind vane looking out over the horizon. It made me wonder what adventures my little men will have one day. :)

  5. Miss Chris says

    I too have an unrealistic fear of bed bugs… BUT, I’ve done research. which is funny because we don’t have them. anyway, I’m prepared if any one of those buggers DARES to try me.

    Diatomaceous Earth. That is the answer. And this: – bedbug trap.

    About DE: “The diatoms are mined and ground up to render a fine powder. While it feels like a fine, soft powder to humans, it is composed of millions of tiny, jagged edges that spell doom for a wide variety of garden trouble-makers.” –

    Or other trouble-makers.

    If you read reviews on DE on Amazon, you will find from a lot of ex-bedbuggers that it works excellent.

    It also works for tics and fleas (some people put it in their yard) .. and silverfish.. all those icky things we don’t like to think about.

    Oh, but just don’t breathe it – it will cut your lungs with the sharp crystals. But you can mix it with water and drink it and it acts like a scrubber brush on your insides – just cleans you right out. Most people that ingest it all agree on one thing – it makes ya poop better!

    Here are the health benefits (and more explaining what it does in the body):

    Anyway, I’m a fan of DE, what can I say. And I am SO PREPARED. Just try, bedbugs. Actually.. don’t.

    • says

      YES! Thank you so much for asking me that! I’ve been dying to know where it’s from and googling ‘Lovie with Nips’ doesn’t really pull up the results I want :)
      xo – kb

      • says

        HAHA! Hilarious! Those are Hadley’s favorite lovies and I’ve had to buy extras just in case. They are one of my go-to gifts for new parents because everyone I know who has one says it’s their little one’s favorite!

  6. Carrie says

    I just watched a special about the dangers of bumper pads. Please do some serious research before you use one in the new baby’s crib.

    • says

      Oh yes – they are definitely not recommended for newborns…but I talked to our doctor about using one for Will (since he is old enough to roll over, sit up and stand – heck, he’s jumping off furniture!)…she said it was fine for his age but definitely not the little ones.
      xo – kb

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