In With The New

When I first got the navy and white striped rug and put it in the living room - I thought, well, for such a big room, it is better than having nothing and risk getting a splinter from the floor boards.  Cause nobody wants a wood shard in their right cheek.  That’s the favorite cheek afterall.   

After 9 months in this room, I learned that this rug was not the rug for me.  Not in here.  Not with a toddler.  Not with our lifestyle.

I wanted something cushy for my tooshie, I wanted something that was easier to vacuum (the flatweave was so light that it would move really really easily) and something that hid dirt a little better (we are slobs, what can I say?)…(you can hear me rant a little more about how I dislike the rug here)

So after months of scouring Craigslist, I finally found a Pottery Barn 9×12 high pile shag rug in a super neutral color.  Armed with my Christmas money from my grandparents (I love being able to tell my Mummum exactly what I got with her gift), Jer, Will and I drove into Atlanta, met a cute young couple and bought it on the spot.   

This cutie patootie couple just had a brand new baby and they converted their guest room (where this rug previously lived) into the nursery…meaning that they were ready to say goodbye to it and give me a great price.  It always makes me feel better when I get to a sellers house and it is neat and tidy…it’s like that extra reassurance that they took good care of my soon-to-be-adopted item.  This particular seller, well, I could eat off their garage floor.   

I gladly handed over the $250 cash in my pocket and fluttered my eyelashes as the boys loaded it into the back of our SUV.  And boys refers to Jeremy and Mr. Seller — not Jeremy & Will….although the little man thinks he can do just about anything.  Testosterone :)

When we got it home, we also switched up some of the furniture.  We ultimately decided that we like the leather chairs…we don’t like the rest. 

We really really need a  sectional to make the room work.  We went back and forth about getting two smaller couches that face each other…but Jeremy argued that he really likes the additional seating facing the television.   

I really argued hard that the sight line from the kitchen needs to continue to be open…that if we put the couch directly across from the tv that it’s way too close to the back wall and too close to the screen for proper watching…so splitting the room up in halves is sortof the only way to do it.  So one half of the room is a little sitting area (with the leather Ikea chairs) and the other half is the sectional.

The tan chair is sortof representing where the sectional would end…so imagine the couch wrapping around that corner and morphing the chair into itself.  This is like XMen meets home decorating.

And then we want a big old fat ottoman – something with loads of function and pattern.  I imagine something tufted with a fun durable fabric that we’ll build so that it also has storage.  I gave the illusion of the size by sliding together two of our faux leather storage ottomans so you can see how it fills up the space.

Here’s the birds eye view so that you can see what I mean about the layout.  Ignore the giant couch – any sectional we get probably won’t be that long or deep (get your mind out of the gutter – we are talking about furniture)….

And imagine along the back wall – where the canvas lives – imagine under it an extra long shelving unit that is console height.  storage mania.  with baskets and with lamps…because this space needs some other lighting…and places for board games and extra blankets.    

But before we get ahead of ourselves with all this dreaming about new furniture and DIY storage – let’s just bask in the glorious newness of the rug. 

1.  It’s super plush.  We had two teenage boys already sleep on it…and they said it was more comfortable than a carpeted room.  Score.  Will and I play on it every single day and we never did that with the navy/white rug.  Our knees give it a enthusiastic two thumbs up.

2.  It’s heavy duty.  Since it is really high pile (the little fingers are like almost 2″ long) it tends to shed a little – but that’s no problem since I am vaccuming up Goldfish and raisins on a daily basis anyway.  Basically this rug forces me to be a better housekeeper.  Jeremy definitely approves.  And I love it because it’s soo easy to vacuum compared to Mr. Moves-A-Lot that used to live in here.

3.  It was cheap!  $250 for a 9×12 wool rug in perfect condition for a name brand is a great price.  There is a huge hole in the market for big solid rugs at a decent price point.

4.  It hides dirt….because it’s the color of dirt.  awesome.

Oh and since we moved the navy & white one into the reading room, we were able to switch out the FLOR tiles that used to be in there for the red plaid rug that used to live under Will’s play table. 

The neutralityness (that’s a word) of the carpet tiles ties in better with the new shaggy rug, dontcha think?

So that’s it….taking a step towards the living room that will fit our family.  Because something can look good but not work, ya know Paris Hilton? 

What have you been doing lately to switch up things to better fit your lifestyle?



  1. Heather says

    Oh man! We bought a giant sectional about 4 years ago. Paid a fortune for it and it still looks brand new which means my husband won’t let me get rid of it. I have slowly grown to hate it. There is no way to change things up with a huge sectional like that. You can break it into pieces, but it just looks weird. I’ve tried different ottomans, rugs, pillows and accessories, but it still doesn’t change the feel of the room. If you purchase a sectional I will be very curious to see if you get tired of the arrangement as well or if it’s just me! :)

  2. Alison says

    You didn’t mention a rug pad. It needs one, the rug will hold up a LOT longer. Nice neutral color to work with. I think you should add some pillows the same color as the walls, to tie them together. Great price!

  3. Andrea L. says

    Katie (and family),

    Congratulations on the new pregnancy! What a blessing! God is good…all the time. Love the new living room look too. Score on the PB rug!

    Where did you find the red/white floral throw pillow on your couch in these photos??


    • says

      Haha…toothpaste? I have no idea! It’s one of those colors that was here when we arrived…so we don’t know the color yet.
      xo – kb

  4. Lara says

    Hi Katie –

    I have been stalking a rug like yours (perfect color/texture for my family room) and thought I had found it on ebay. Ordered a PB Benson shag rug off ebay in pale espresso since it looked like yours in the pic but it arrived yesterday and it is way too dark and maybe even a different shag. Rats! Any idea the style name/color of your old PB one? Thanks.

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