Pinterest Challenge – Watercoloring

During the winter, we spend a lot of time inside.  More specifically, I have spent a lot of time in the living room.  It’s the room we live in.  hence the clever name.

And it’s also the place that we have a giant blank canvas.  I could not for the life of me decide what to do with it.  Do I recreate something with loads of texture?  Do I wait to paint it until I finally get some kind of console table below it to decide if it’s gonna stay there?  Do I go ahead and remove it all together and just put a big collections of different frames there?

After wasting hours thinking about the options, I decided to just go for it.  I mean, nothings ever gone wrong when you decide to jump in with both feet….stock market excluded.

After seeing this great video on how to use watercolor pencils from my girl Kristen and with loads of inspiration from one of my favorite artists (I pinned her version of a watercolor jellyfish but I love all her art)…I decided to create my own version of a giant jellyfish for my huge canvas.

First I sketched out the rough outline with my black watercolor pencil…

Then came time for coloring.  It’s nothing fancy – a fourth grader can do it.

It was tedious but it took longer because I kept having to get up and back up ten feet to see the entire piece…just to make sure it was balanced and not doing something vulgar with a tentacle.

After I was done with the dry drawing part, here’s what it looked like…

Then I used a small paintbrush and a little cup of water (it turned black after a few minutes) to start brushing the lines I made.  See how the upper part is so much more bold and the lower tentacles are still muted and light?  All because of water.

And when I was finally finished, here it is in all it’s glory for you to sea :)

Nothing is perfect about it but that’s okay to me…since it is just original mom-art.

I love how the water blends the colors together and gives it such contrast.  It looks so messy and juvenile really close up but a few steps away it looks much more difficult and still fun and colorful.  It’s like a Monet (name that movie).

So that was my little PC Project – I dare ya to check out the other fine ladies cohosting….here’s the links just in case you aren’t awesome enough to have them in your reader already (kidding kidding….you are all awesome…unless you aren’t) –

Did you guys play along?  I’d love to see your projects (each host has the option to throw a linky party and I’d love if you linked up below so that I can see what you did and enjoy an afternoon of project surfing!)

Here are the instructions if you are a linky-party newbie…

  • click on the blue “Add Your Link” button at the bottom of this post – it has a blue frog head on it :)
  • add a link to your PC project blog post in the url field (please do not link to your home page)
  • for “name” write a short descriptive name for your project (e.g. “Antiqued Window”)
  • pretty pretty please with baconsauce on top to remember to link in the body of your post to the Pinterest item and the original source of the photo on Pinterest as well as back to me and this editions hosts above – it’s just a big ole fashioned linky love fest!  Oh and if nobody told you today…you look stunning today!

If you’d rather just link over to your project in the comment section, feel free to do that – or even add a link to a free photo sharing site like Flickr with your pics if you don’t have a blog (remember to set the gallery to public so we can all see it).   Now let’s get to the party!



  1. says

    I had no idea those pencils existed! I’ve been living in grown up land too long – it’s time for a run to the Crayola aisle! :)

    Love it, Katie!


  2. says

    You are so talented! And you make it look so easy. If you end up using this in the office then I hope we get to see a new painting for your living room soon!

    Also, did you know that jellyfish are made of 95% water? How fitting is it that you made your jellyfish with watercolor? :)

  3. says

    Um Hello!!! Katie that is an epic piece of mom-art. I think you missed your calling!! Maybe you should make a bacon watercolor for the kitchen ; )

    • says

      That made me laugh out loud. I don’t think Jer would approve since it smells like bacon in there too…pork sensory overload!
      xo – kb

  4. Gina says

    OMG!!!! I love this!! So jealous of your talent!! Girl, you can freakin’ draw!! I do not understand 1.) Why your house isn’t filled with your artwork 2.) Why you haven’t opened an etsy shop to sell your artwork?

  5. says

    I’ve always wanted one of those awesome family last name signs with a fancy established on date. You know, just to make our 8 year marriage and two kids and dog official and all… But I also wanted to put our family’s outline on the sign. I planned on doing this project as the pinterest challenge but literally couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for as inspiration. Apparently, only my own crazy head knew what I wanted. That happens to me often. ;)

    Anyway, I got creative and this was the end result:

    It actually turned out just as I wanted — which happens to me rarely when in comes to DIY. :)

  6. Mel Saladino says

    Hello again. Found your blog a few days ago when I was deciding on whether or not to use Palladian blue or wythe in my office.

    I am in love with you octopus. Seriously. In love. Please, please please….. Let me buy one! Will you Emil me pretty please.

  7. says

    I’m not gonna lie. I was completely disappointed when I saw that you made this yourself. I first saw it in your office reveal and fell in love. I started scouring your blog trying to find out where you got it to see if it might be possible to get my own! I was so sad, but inspired to perhaps create my own. It’s beautiful and fun! I love it!

  8. Leah says

    Wow, such a cool painting! I have been making all sorts of art to sell on my own etsy store (which has yet to be made) eventually. I was just wondering what type of canvas you used for this…. is it some special watercolor canvas?

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