Easter 2012

Dear Mothers of Mine, I’ve been meaning to post these photos of Will’s second Easter…sorry they’re late.  Sincerely, The Baby-Incubator

Celebrating Easter was tricky this year.  The fact that Will’s birthday ended up directly on Easter Sunday didn’t help.  Basically I planned Easter with Jer’s mom, a birthday party with my fam and Jer’s dad & stepmom, Easter with my family and cram in a barbeque into the mix.  Why yes, I do love a heaping helping of crazy on my plate, thankyou.

We hosted Jer’s mom and grandma over the weekend before the holiday weekend just to spread things out.  Breathing room is always good.  Especially with the aroma of boiled eggs and vinegar in the air :)

Oh yeah…dying the eggs this year was WAY more involved than last year.  Will immediately got the hang of it…and wanted to ‘check’ the color constantly.  Note to self – next year use a whisk instead of spoons for the little guy.

We all ohhhed and awwed over his colors.  With the look of excitement on his face, you would have thought he had laid the eggs.

Jer’s grandma (who we call GG) really got into it too.  No spoon needed with this hot mama!

Something about the subject contrast here is moving to me.  Such a youthful activity…such a well-worn hand…I hope I’m still dying eggs when I’m her age.  Simple joys people…that’s what it’s about for me…simple joys.

Next year, I’ll have to remember to put a towel down under all the cups too.  It must be my OCD or something but literally I was frantic with the paper towels because I didn’t want Will to spill everything everywhere.  I had visions.  They weren’t pretty.

Our beautiful creations…that we are still eating…two weeks later.  Time to chunk em.

The following weekend we had the barbeque on Friday night, the birthday party on Saturday and on Sunday, I made sure the boys walked downstairs to find what the Easter bunny had brought them.

Then it was off to church, squeezed in a little after-church activity with our friends there, and then off to my parents house for another egg hunt.  I mean really….can you have too many egg hunts?  The correct answer is no.  I would still do one if someone arranged it.  Just putting it out there.

Cole loved it too.  Let’s be honest – the eggs were empty – so it really was all about the hunt.  I think I might plan one of these this summer…because both boys enjoyed the heck outta the game.

Will has started giving hugs….he calls them squeezes…which comes out sheezzies…followed by some gutteral noises.  He always gave kisses…but the hugs thing is newer.  I am totally a fan of the sheezzies.

His hair still has a touch of red to it.  That makes me laugh.  I have no idea why…maybe it has something to do with redhead jokes…but it’s not important…what’s important is that it’s funny.  trust me.  it is.

The boys posing manly-like.  Tim is often so quiet and serious…so to see him like this is so fun to me.  I can’t help but laugh when he laughs.

This is his newest toy.  I call it the Bat Mobike.  If I am perfectly honest – it sortof makes me want to have a surgically altered body so that I could take photos on this bad boy.  THE BIKE.  not my brother…GROSS.  YUCKY yucky gross gross.

Here’s something pretty for you to look at if you aren’t single.  See how thoughtful I am?

Later that evening, Will broke out his basket treats and discovered that sometimes eggs have candy in them.  During his birthday party, they only had slips of paper, and my mom’s were empty (it was just for a fun activity since the entire house was heavy laden with sweets).  You can imagine Will’s reaction.

It went something like this….WHOA!  MOMMY!!! CANDY!!!

Most of it was wrapped so it went into Mommy’s stash :)

But there were some with jellybeans…which he shared with us.  Little did he know that we were planning on taking most of it away anyway.

The best thing in the basket was this package of rocket balloons.  Basically you pump em up and let em fly.  Since the living room is two stories, it was really fun to see them swirl all over the top of the ceiling.

This is Will’s version of putting on bunny ears.  and then thrashing them off.  It was like throwing except without hands.


His basket was really easy – a coloring book, a new dr. seuess book, forks (??), some snack cups, flipflops, some chalk, bubbles, a new Veggie Tales video, candy and a couple bathing suits.  I figure the kid needed some shorts and bathing suits work amazingly well for us because they dry faster, are light for the Georgia heat, and are appropriate enough to wear to the playground or the creek (Walmart had these cute ones and let me tell ya, Walmart rarely gets it right…but they did this year!).

Jeremy’s Man-ster basket was really fun to create too.  I figured he could use a little pick-me-up and who doesn’t love baskets full of goodies?!

So that’s it – our Easter in a nutshell – or an eggshell :)

How was yours?

p.s.  I had my first neo-natal appointment today…turns out that the Little Baby is measuring a little big…so even though I am 12 weeks 1 day – the baby was on average 13 weeks 1 day (some measurements even put me at 13w6d!)…so that’s pretty big.  Of course, nothing is set in stone because it’s hard to predict accurately at 12 weeks…but it’s nice to know that the kid is growing!



  1. Ali says

    I have a little boy, Jack that just turned 3 and I’d love a peek at the cute swim shorts you found at Wally World. I’d love a sneak peak! :) I think you dress Will so cute and I love when you share the sources of your cute and fun boy clothes! It’s hard to dress boys but, oh so fun!

    Where did you buy that cute Easter tie Will wore!?! Loved it!

    You might be further along than you thought! So fun you got to see baby! :)

    ~ Ali

  2. says

    So many comments about this post! First off – girl, I just finally posted my CHRISTMAS morning post today – That’s how behind I got! So you’re totally in the clear for Easter :) If you’re interested:

    I love Will’s little Easter tie. I made my boys Easter ties this year, fo’ FREE! (Using fabric leftover from his nursery).Very exciting, and I did it in one night in just a few hours (while I made my husband watch the first two episodes of Downton Abbey). :) http://www.barkingbaby.blogspot.com/2012/04/epic-easter-or-bursting-forth-in.html

    My mom is GG too! (She says it stands for Goddess Grandma). Swimsuits as shorts is brilliant – I live in AZ and that would work well here too. Sheezies is adorable. I love their little vernacular. Also brilliant? That commenter’s idea to plant Easter eggs that sprout lollipops!! So doing that next year! Your Easter baskets looked awesome. (I skipped Easter baskets this year). Fun post!

  3. Sarah says

    Random, but I felt compelled to share my fellow Easter-time birthday story. I was born on April 11; Easter happened to fall on both my 9th and 20th birthdays. I just assumed it would happen every decade or so until I looked it up once and learned they wouldn’t coincide until 2066… at the ripe old age of 82! Kinda crazy, right? Anyway, as tricky the scheduling may have been this year, you never know when the next chance is.

  4. Kay says

    Dying Easter eggs looked like so much fun! I’m glad even with your OCD you were willing to do it. My son is a couple months younger than Will and I was looking forward to dying eggs this year. I bought 2 dye packs on clearance last year and had them out for a month, but the weeks got away from me. Then, I went into labor on Wed and had our daughter a week early. My MIL came to help and had NO interest in dying eggs. Too messy for her taste. I really wasn’t feeling up to it, so no eggs for my little man. We did manage an Easter Egg hunt though!

  5. jae says

    Umm, nothing hotter than a guy on a sports bike!! I basically learned to ride a motorcycle just so I could ride behind hubby and stare at him. Not the best idea, since you need to really watch the road, but the alternative of driving the car behind him was just dumb :)

  6. Ashli says

    OMG, I’m a lurker more then a commenter, but I had to come back and comment on this . . . You made an incest joke and it was hilarious!!! hahaha
    I seriously spit up I laughed so hard. You’re awesome! That was way too funny!
    Lots of love

  7. Donna says

    A little late on the comment, but–
    1. What beautifully clear blue eyes GG has, just gleaming right out of that photo!
    2. Gee, couldn’t you have written a little more for this post?
    3. Glad you seem to be feeling better.


  8. says

    Your little boy is absolutely adorable!

    I always have to point out around this time of year that “dyeing” and “dying” are not the same thing. It’s a seasonal problem.

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